The Game Changer: Joe Joyce’s Future After the Shock from Zhilei Zhang

Joyce Parker

Man, boxing never fails to surprise us! Last Saturday was another testament to that fact. Many, including yours truly, had placed their bets on Joe Joyce shining in the ring. But as fate had it, the WBO interim heavyweight champ, Zhilei Zhang, delivered a stunner. Now, the boxing world’s buzzing with talks about what’s next for both these warriors.

That Unexpected Turn in the Boxing Ring

Honestly, who saw that coming? Joe Joyce, with all his might and history, was the favorite for many. But boxing is as unpredictable as rain in the desert. Zhilei Zhang packed a punch and sealed his victory in the third round, leaving many mouths wide open in disbelief.

Now, when it comes to predicting the future, Frank Warren, the big shot in boxing promotion, had his two cents to share. He candidly remarked:

Maybe it’s time for Joyce to hang up his gloves. But then again, who knows? That’s up to him.

With Joe’s #7 spot in the WBO now hanging in the balance, everyone’s guessing what he might do next.

Where Does Joe Joyce Go from Here?

All this retirement talk aside, Joe’s still got the fire in him, or at least I believe so. If he’s aiming for a comeback, the ring has no shortage of contenders. Here’s a quick look at who he might face next:

Joe Joyce’s Possible Dance Partners in the Ring

  • Carlos Takam: A powerhouse. Facing Takam would be no walk in the park for Joyce.
  • Martin Bakole: Lately, this guy’s been on fire. A bout with him would definitely be something.
  • Luis Ortiz: The old warhorse. Ortiz could make for a hell of a match.
  • Frazer Clarke: The new kid on the block. This would be quite unpredictable.
  • Dillian Whyte, Dereck Chisora, Andy Ruiz Jr: Each of them is a challenge in his own right. Joyce would have his hands full.
Zhang KOs Joyce

Counting the Benjamins

Let’s talk money. With a whopping $4 million to his name, Joe’s not exactly waiting for his next paycheck. As Eddie Hearn, the bigwig of boxing promotion, puts it, “Joe’s pocketed a neat sum in his six years.” However, the recent setback might just affect those paychecks unless he bounces back big time.

Diving Deep into Joyce’s Style

Joe’s got a style that’s uniquely his, something that’s garnered both applause and eyebrows. After the dust settled from the Zhang fight, Ade Oladipo had something interesting to note, saying

Joe’s got his own groove.

Opinions are divided, with some feeling Joyce channels the great George Foreman vibes, while others think this style might be his Achilles’ heel. With the Zhang match throwing a spanner in the works, these debates have only heated up.

Enter Zhilei Zhang: The Rising Star

While we’re all busy guessing Joyce’s next move, let’s not forget the man of the hour – Zhilei Zhang. His win is not just about that night; it’s a big signal of his potential to rule the roost.

After his win, Zhang’s eyes are set on the big fish – Tyson Fury. But many, like Ade, think it’s a long shot: 

I don’t see Fury taking him on.

Zhang’s rise is indeed fascinating. With his killer combination of raw power and strategy, he’s clearly someone to watch out for.

The Road Ahead for Our Boxing Stars

It’s all in the air right now. Joyce might make a comeback or take a break. Zhang, with his newfound fame, might just aim for the stars. But if there’s one thing I know about boxing, it’s that it’s full of surprises. And as fans, we’ll be right here, waiting and watching.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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