Jake Paul’s Weight Increase Ahead of Mike Tyson Match

Jake Paul's Weight Increase Ahead of Mike Tyson Match

Jake Paul has increased his weight to a substantial 230lb while preparing for a boxing match against the legendary Mike Tyson. The social media-turned-boxer will face Tyson, often referred to as ‘Iron Mike’, in a highly anticipated bout at the 80,000-seat AT&T Stadium in Texas on July 20. The match, set to be broadcast live on Netflix, features a significant age difference of over 30 years between the two fighters. Despite Tyson’s admission that the match might remain an exhibition, both fighters are eager for it to receive official professional status.

Previously weighing just under 200lb in his last two matches—both won by knockouts—Paul has gained considerable mass, according to his trainer Shane Mosley. Mosley asserts that Paul maintains his speed, despite being 50lb heavier than before.

Upcoming Tyson vs. Paul Match: Insights and Strategy

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are scheduled to fight on July 20, as reported by Netflix. “I just saw Jake yesterday, he’s 230 pounds,” Mosley commented on his YouTube channel. “He’s significantly larger now, yet he feels as quick as he was at 185 pounds and remains youthful. He appeared to adapt well to the new weight, indicating that Mike Tyson will need to engage closely. Tyson’s strength is in his ability to bob and weave to close the distance.”

Tyson’s last professional bout was nearly two decades ago, ending when he retired after five rounds against Kevin McBridge. Four years ago, the 57-year-old lasted eight rounds in an unscored exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr., who has cautioned Paul about the risks of close combat with ‘Iron Mike’.

“Jake isn’t planning to fight up close, and he can’t afford to keep his distance since Mike will quickly close the gap. I realized that despite my efforts, I couldn’t maintain distance from him, and I know I’m better at it than Jake,” Mosley observed.

“He understands that keeping distance won’t be feasible; he’s hoping that additional muscle will help him to counteract Mike’s advances and fend him off,” he added. “Mike has bulked up enough to grapple with Jake and push him back immediately. Jake struggles more when moving backward than he does when advancing.

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