Benavidez Highlights Morrell as a Major Threat in the 168-Lb Division


The world of boxing never fails to present its drama and unpredictability, and recently, the spotlight has turned towards David Benavidez and David Morrell Jr. The super middleweight division is getting more intriguing with each passing day.

Benavidez’s Recognition of Morrell’s Prowess

David Benavidez, often referred to as ‘The Mexican Monster’, has been quite vocal about the potential threats in the super middleweight category. He recently expressed his views about David Morrell Jr., the WBA ‘regular’ super middleweight champion. According to Benavidez, Morrell is the one to watch out for. He sees him as the biggest challenge to the undisputed 168-lb championship, a title that is currently held by the formidable Canelo.

Morrell’s impressive record stands at 9 wins with 8 KOs, while Benavidez boasts of 27 victories with 23 KOs. Both these fighters have their eyes set on Canelo’s title, and the possible face-off between Morrell and Benavidez is already drawing considerable attention.

However, there are concerns about Benavidez’s ability to stay in the 168-lb category. Critics believe that Morrell, given his power-packed performance, would have an advantage against Benavidez, who seems to enjoy absorbing punches.

Benavidez’s Current Standing and Upcoming Challenges

Next in line for Benavidez is a showdown with Demetrius Andrade. This bout is crucial as Benavidez will be defending his WBC mandatory spot. Scheduled for November 25th, the event will be showcased at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas and will be available on Showtime PPV.

Critical Points to Note

  • Match Date: November 25th
  • Venue: Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas
  • Opponent: Demetrius Andrade
  • Title at Stake: WBC mandatory spot

In a recent interaction with Brian Custer’s YouTube channel, when asked about the threats to the super middleweight championship, Benavidez promptly named David Morrell. The catch? Benavidez excluded himself from the list, underscoring the confidence he has in his own abilities.


The Strategy for Victory

For Morrell to secure a win against Benavidez, he might need to adapt his fighting style. Drawing inspiration from Caleb Plant’s initial strategy might be beneficial. Plant relied on keeping his distance and launching rapid, voluminous punches.

However, Morrell traditionally isn’t known for throwing a multitude of punches. If he can capitalize on staying out of Benavidez’s range and strategically placing his hits, it could lead to a decisive win.

Benavidez’s Career and Weight Concerns

Last March, the boxing community raised eyebrows when Benavidez appeared to be extremely drained during a weigh-in. The drastic weight loss made him unrecognizable, and it amplified speculations about his sustainability in the super middleweight division. When asked about his future and where he sees himself winning a title, Benavidez confidently asserted that he plans to triumph in both the 168 and 175 categories.

Benavidez’s Take on Other Boxers

Benavidez, a true fan of the sport, is not hesitant in admitting his admiration for other fighters. When asked about his favorite boxers to watch, he named a list of prominent figures:

  • Ryan Garcia
  • Gervonta Davis
  • Boots Ennis
  • Rolly
  • Usyk

He further elaborated on his top three pound-for-pound fighters, naming Naoya Inoue, Terence Crawford, and Oleksandr Usyk. Interestingly, he admitted being taken by surprise at Crawford’s performance against Errol Spence, considering he knows both fighters personally.

Final Words: The Big Dream

As the conversation drew to a close, Custer inquired about Benavidez’s upcoming fight against Demetrius Andrade. Benavidez confidently stated that he’s aiming for a stoppage. His exact words? “I’m going to go out there and stop Demetrius Andrade.”

In the world of boxing, words, punches, and strategies often merge to present an unpredictable yet thrilling spectacle. As fans, all we can do is wait for the bell to ring and watch the magic unfold in the ring.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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