Adam Azim’s Ascent in Boxing: Defending the European Title and Eyeing Future Glory

Adam Azim

Adam Azim, the newly crowned European super-lightweight champion, is gearing up to defend his title before making the leap to the world stage. Azim clinched the championship last month in Wolverhampton, showcasing a skillful performance to defeat Franck Petitjean in less than 10 rounds. With plans to return to the ring early in 2024, Azim faces a mandatory challenge from Denmark’s Enock Poulsen, the previous European super-lightweight champion.

Evaluating Azim’s Upcoming Challenger

Azim respects Poulsen’s capabilities as a skillful fighter but believes Poulsen lacks the punching power he possesses. Azim’s confidence is high, as he feels his victory over Petitjean was more decisive than Poulsen’s, indicating the level he believes he’s reached in the sport.

Azim’s Analysis of Poulsen

  • Fighting Style: Considers Poulsen more of a ‘hit and move’ type fighter.
  • Previous Bout: Acknowledges Poulsen’s earlier win against Petitjean but highlights his own more dominant victory.

The Road Ahead for Azim

Still only 21 years old, Azim carries the responsibility of defending his title. He anticipates 2024 to be a crucial year in his career. Despite his achievements, Azim believes there’s room for improvement and is confident that his true potential will unfold with time. He aspires to stay active, defend his title, and eventually fight in his hometown of Slough.

Future Matchups and Ambitions

Azim’s goal isn’t just to defend his title, he’s also eyeing bigger fights, including bouts against Harlem Eubank and Keyshawn Davis. Eubank, unbeaten in 19 professional fights, is currently focused on a fight against Conor Benn, but Azim sees a future clash with him. Regarding Davis, who has engaged in social media exchanges with Azim, the Briton feels confident in his speed and power being too much for the American.

Potential Opponents for Azim

  • Harlem Eubank: Unbeaten in 19 pro fights, possible future opponent.
  • Keyshawn Davis: Ongoing verbal rivalry, potential clash anticipated.
Adam Azim eyes Harlem Eubank and future stadium fights

Azim’s Dream: Stadium Fights and Global Ambitions

Azim envisions fighting in iconic stadiums, both in the UK and the US. He dreams of boxing at Anfield, famous for its electric atmosphere, and hopes to sell out stadiums regularly. Azim believes that with big names and the right matchups, these dream fights can become a reality.

Conclusion: Azim’s Journey Continues

At just 21 years old, Adam Azim stands as the European champion with a bright future ahead. His journey in 2024 will be pivotal, not just in defending his title but in setting the stage for higher challenges. Azim’s combination of ambition, confidence, and talent positions him as a boxer to watch in the coming years, both in the UK and on the global stage. As he continues to grow and develop in the sport, the boxing world eagerly anticipates his next moves and potential matchups that could define his career.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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