Abel Sanchez Speaks Out: The Pros and Cons of Canelo’s Potential Fights


Renowned boxing trainer Abel Sanchez has always been a voice of reason in the boxing industry. Recently, he weighed in on the potential matchups for Canelo Alvarez with Terence Crawford and Dmitry Bivol, stating his concerns and views on each of the fights.

Canelo’s Dilemma

Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed super middleweight champion, is at the pinnacle of his career. However, with the crown comes the challenge of choosing the right opponents. And right now, there are murmurs about two prospective contenders – Terence Crawford and Dmitry Bivol. But do these matches make sense? Abel Sanchez seems to think otherwise.

Potential Matchup: Canelo vs. Crawford

Sanchez highlighted some significant factors against this potential fight. Crawford, despite being a commendable boxer with a sterling track record, competes in the welterweight division, which is significantly lower than Canelo’s division.

Key Points to Consider

  • Weight Disparity: Crawford is a welterweight, and Canelo is a super middleweight. This significant weight difference might not offer a leveled ground for both fighters.
  • Previous Performances: Canelo’s last bout against Jermell Charlo, a 154-pounder, raised questions. Critics argued that Canelo took on an opponent from a much lower weight class, and the same criticism might emerge if he fights Crawford.

He’s [Canelo] got nothing to gain by doing that. We’re going to have more detractors after that one. Crawford is a great fighter, Crawford looked great in his last fight.

Sanchez implies that a Canelo-Crawford showdown might not be beneficial for either boxer in the long run, especially Canelo, considering the potential backlash from fans and pundits.


Potential Matchup: Canelo vs. Bivol

Now, the story is different with Dmitry Bivol. Bivol is a name that resonates with strength in the boxing community. The WBA light heavyweight champion, with an undefeated record, has previously dominated Canelo. Sanchez feels that a rematch might not be the wisest choice for the Mexican superstar.

Factors at Play

  • Size Matters: Bivol has a physical advantage. If he drops down to 168 and rehydrates, he might still be overwhelming for Canelo.
  • Past Performance: Their previous encounter saw Bivol take the upper hand. A rematch could be risky for Canelo, especially if he doesn’t adapt to Bivol’s tactics.

Now, Canelo going up to fight Bivol again is a bad idea. He has nothing to gain.

In the boxing world, sometimes it’s not about the fighter’s capability but the matchups. Bivol’s style and size might be too much for Canelo, considering their previous bout. Sanchez suggests that while Bivol might benefit from a fight against Canelo, the latter has more to lose, especially in terms of reputation and legacy.

Crawford’s Path to Canelo?

While the idea of Canelo and Crawford clashing in the ring excites fans, Sanchez believes Crawford needs to prove himself further in the higher weight classes. A potential route? Facing and defeating Jermell Charlo.

Steps for Crawford

  1. Take on Jermell at 154.
  2. Dominate the fight.
  3. Move up the 168-lb ladder gradually.

Beating Jermell would certainly be a statement. However, it would still be a leap from Jermell to Canelo. But if Crawford manages to impress against Jermell, the talks about him facing Canelo might gain more traction.

In Conclusion

In the boxing universe, every fight holds significance. For a boxer of Canelo’s stature, the choice of the opponent is crucial not just for the present but also for his legacy. While the fans might be eager to see him square off against big names like Crawford and Bivol, it’s essential to weigh in on all the factors before the final bell rings. And as Sanchez rightly points out, sometimes it’s about the broader picture rather than the immediate thrill.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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