Ramla Ali: The Journey to Reclaiming Glory in Monte Carlo

Ramla Ali has only suffered one defeat since turning pro in 2020

The tale of Ramla Ali’s victory in Monte Carlo is not just a story about boxing, it’s about overcoming personal battles, fighting against the odds, and emerging triumphant. Her recent fight against Julissa Alejandra Guzman was much more than a contest for the WBA intercontinental title it was a demonstration of her indomitable spirit.

Pre-Fight Challenges: A Test of Resolve

Ali’s preparation for the rematch was anything but typical. Plagued by insomnia, she faced the dawn of her fight day with no sleep. Complicating matters further was the onset of her menstrual cycle a challenge many female athletes face but seldom discuss openly.

It was very emotional because I didn’t sleep last night, zero hours basically and then I started my period so I was double down on the energy levels.

Ali shared with the media, shedding light on the often-unspoken struggles of female athletes.

This candid admission from Ali before stepping into the ring underscored the often overlooked resilience required of women in sports.

Round-by-Round: The Fight Unfolds

The Early Rounds

Guzman came into the fight looking to capitalize on her previous victory over Ali. She started aggressively, targeting Ali’s body and head with powerful left hooks. However, Ali quickly adjusted, showcasing her elite boxing IQ by finding the right distance to land her jab effectively.

The Middle Rounds

As the fight progressed, the physical toll of the match began to manifest. Guzman’s potent right-hand uppercut in the sixth hinted at vulnerability, but Ali’s immediate recovery displayed the heart of a champion. By the seventh round, Ali’s strategic prowess shone through. She delivered calculated strikes, shifting the momentum firmly in her favor.

The Final Rounds

Ali’s finesse and agility became more pronounced in the last quarter of the fight. Even as Guzman pressed with a sense of urgency, Ali’s movement and counter-punching kept her at bay. Each round seemed a microcosm of Ali’s journey facing adversity, adapting, and overcoming.

After 10 rounds, all three judges scored the fight 96-94 in Ramla Ali's favour

The Judges’ Decision

After ten grueling rounds, the judges rendered their unanimous decision: 96-94, all in favor of Ali. The scorecards didn’t just reflect a numerical advantage—they narrated the story of a fighter who refused to succumb to the pressures both within and outside the ring.

The Emotional Victory

In victory, Ali displayed an overwhelming sense of relief and vindication. This win was more than just a notch in her belt, it was a reclaiming of her pride and a demonstration of her skills at the highest level.

I called for this rematch because I really wanted to prove something, that I’m the better boxer, and I feel like I did that tonight.

These words weren’t just about the sport, they spoke to anyone who has ever faced a setback, offering a universal message of hope and determination.

Inside the Fighter’s Mind

Strategy and Technique

Ali’s tactical approach to the fight was evident in her disciplined jab and movement. She used these skills not just to score points but also to disrupt Guzman’s rhythm. It’s this intelligent boxing that has often set Ali apart from her competitors.

Physical and Mental Fortitude

Despite the pre-fight adversities, Ali’s conditioning was impeccable. Even in moments of fatigue or when hit with a powerful shot, her resolve didn’t waver. This physical and mental stamina is a testament to her rigorous training and mental preparation.

What This Win Means

Ali’s victory is a beacon of inspiration for women in sports, especially in combat sports where the conversation around women’s health is still evolving. It’s a reminder of the unique challenges female athletes face and the extraordinary strength they possess to overcome them.

Looking Ahead: Ali’s Future in Boxing

With the WBA intercontinental title back under her name, Ali’s future looks bright. This win will undoubtedly elevate her status in the boxing world and has potentially set her on a path toward even more significant bouts and titles.

The Significance of Ali’s Triumph

This fight will be remembered not for the punches thrown but for the message it conveys about perseverance. Ali’s journey to reclaim the WBA intercontinental title is a source of motivation and a story worth telling for generations to come.

In Closing: A Fight Beyond the Ring

Ali’s win in Monte Carlo was a victory over a formidable opponent, but it was also a victory over the unseen battles athletes face. As we celebrate her achievement, we also recognize the larger narrative of resilience and determination that her journey represents.

In this extended account of Ramla Ali’s triumph, her words and deeds stand as powerful reminders of the spirit required to succeed not only in the squared circle but in all arenas of life.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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