Bravo’s Night to Shine: The Boxing Spectacle at Caribe Royale Orlando

Nestor Bravo and Medera in their prime before the fight night.

The evening at Caribe Royale Orlando wasn’t just another boxing event; it was a testament to the spirit of the sport, its fighters, and the fans that adore it. As the lights dimmed and the buzz of anticipation grew louder, everyone knew they were about to witness something truly special. Nestor Bravo, the pride of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, was set to take center stage in a duel that would define not just his career but also set the tone for the future of boxing in the region.

Bravo’s tenacity, skill, and unparalleled drive were well known, but on this fateful night, he was facing Will ‘Ill Will’ Medera, a formidable opponent with a reputation of his own. As the two titans locked eyes, there was more at stake than just the WBA Continental Americas title. It was a battle for pride, legacy, and the chance to etch their names in the annals of boxing history. The atmosphere was electric, and as the first punch was thrown, the Caribe Royale Orlando transformed into a battleground of determination, sweat, and glory.

Main Event Overview

Promoters Amaury Piedra from Boxlab Promotions teamed up with Most Valuable Prospects ll to present an unforgettable main event. This grand clash was not just any fight; it was a test of resilience and tactical skill.

Nestor Bravo vs. Will ‘Ill Will’ Medera

In the spotlight stood WBO NABO Super Lightweight champion, Nestor Bravo, against the formidable Will ‘Ill Will’ Medera. The prize? The WBA Continental Americas title.

Nestor Bravo22-0 (15)140 lbs
Will Medera17-3-3 (10)139 ¾ lbs

Round Highlights:

  • In the climactic moments of the initial round, Bravo displayed his prowess, stunning Madera with a swift right, soon followed by a left jab, hitting Madera squarely on the chin.
  • Bravo maintained his momentum, outstripping Madera in both offense and defense during rounds four to seven.
  • The eighth round witnessed an equal exchange of punches, but Bravo’s precision edged him ahead.
  • Bravo demonstrated superior agility and strategy, overshadowing Madera’s efforts in the penultimate round.
  • The final round of the battle brought with it heightened tension. Madera showcased his best, yet Bravo’s consistency deemed him the victor of the round.

“In the world of boxing, it’s not just about landing punches; it’s about strategy, agility, and heart.” – Referee Frank Santore, Jr.

The scorecards bore testament to Bravo’s exceptional performance. He won with scores of 96-94 (twice) and a commanding 99-91.

Nestor Bravo delivering a powerful left punch.

Other Noteworthy Clashes

Beyond the headline-grabbing duel of Bravo and Medera, the Caribe Royale Orlando event showcased a series of bouts that demonstrated the depth and diversity of talent in the boxing world.

Welterweight Showdown: Damian Les Caillie vs. Hugo Noriega

Miami Beach’s pride, Damian Les Caillie, faced off against Cuban prodigy, Hugo Noriega. The vacant Continental Americas title awaited the victor.


  • Caillie, showcasing impeccable skill and endurance, took an early lead by outclassing Noriega in the initial rounds.
  • By the ninth round, Caillie’s powerful jabs had become a significant threat to Noriega.
  • The final round saw Caillie consistently landing more punches than his opponent.

The referees’ cards painted a clear picture: Scores of 96-93 and 97-92 (twice) in favor of Caillie.

The Duel of the Elijahs: Flores vs. Williams

Elijah Flores and Elijah ‘The Bully’ Williams gave the audience a show worth their ticket. Both fighters displayed skill, but only one could emerge victorious.

Key Moments:

  • Williams began strong, overshadowing Flores in the initial three rounds.
  • However, the tides turned from the fourth round onward, with Williams only slightly ahead.
  • Their contest culminated in a majority decision in favor of Flores with scores of 58-56 (twice) and a draw at 57-57.

The Rise of Crystal Rosado

Crystal Rosado faced Tarrethia Dixon in what would be a short yet intense bout. Within two rounds, Rosado emerged victorious, marking a promising start to her career.

“It’s not the duration but the impact of a punch that counts.” – Referee Alicia Collins

Julian Smith vs. Julio Rosa: A Thrilling Exchange

Julian ‘The Quiet Storm’ Smith and Julio ‘La Pantra’ Rosa gave a nail-biting performance. Their bout was a roller-coaster, with both fighters showing exceptional skill and determination.

Fight Breakdown:

  • Smith initiated the first solid punch, rattling Rosa.
  • The subsequent rounds witnessed a back-and-forth, with both fighters almost evenly matched.
  • In the concluding round, Smith managed to hold a slight edge, securing his victory.

The Giant Killer Strikes

18-year-old Lorenzo Medina, known as “The Giant Killer,” displayed why he holds such a moniker. Medina conquered Antonio “El Bravo” Torres in a match that lasted just three rounds.

Pinnacle Moments:

  • Medina skillfully countered a right from Torres, sending him to the ground in the first round.
  • The third round saw Medina overpower Torres, leading to a match stoppage by Referee Alicia Collins.

Quick Knockouts and Fierce Battles

The event also witnessed quick knockouts, like Alexander Rios’s victory over Javier Ailla in merely the first round. On the other hand, Antraveous Ingram and Orlenis Licea’s match was a saga of knockdowns and recoveries.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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