WTT Youth Star Contender Vila Nova de Gaia 2023: A Prelude to the ITTF World Youth Championships

Annett Kaufmann recently made her WTT Champions debut in Frankfurt.

The WTT Youth Star Contender Vila Nova de Gaia 2023 is gearing up to be an electrifying event in the world of table tennis. Kicking off on Wednesday, 15 November, at the Pavilhao Desportivo Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia, this tournament is a precursor to the highly anticipated ITTF World Youth Championships 2023 in Nova Gorica.

A Crucial Pre-Championship Test

  • Event Significance: A key opportunity for young players to make their mark
  • Preparation: Serving as a vital warm-up for the ITTF World Youth Championships
  • Top Contenders: The top two U19 Boys’ Singles competitors are also high-ranking in Nova Gorica

This tournament in Portugal is not just another competition, it’s a battleground for young talents to showcase their skills and prepare for the upcoming global championships.

Spotlight on Prominent Players

  • Eduard Ionescu: Seeking to Reclaim His Magic
  • Previous Wins: U19 titles at WTT Youth Contender Doha and WTT Youth Star Contender Tunis
  • Current Challenge: Finding his winning form again on the WTT Youth Series stage

Eduard Ionescu, leading the pack in Vila Nova de Gaia, has had an impressive start to the season. However, he’s looking to bounce back to his earlier form as he steps into this important tournament.

Kao Cheng-Jui: Aiming for Redemption

  • Last Year’s Performance: Runner-up at WTT Youth Star Contender Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Motivation: Overcoming last year’s defeat and capturing the title

Kao Cheng-Jui returns with a strong determination to improve upon his previous performance. Having narrowly missed the title last year, he is focused on turning the tables this time.

Rising Stars: Simon Belik and Nicholas Lum

  • Simon Belik’s Achievement: First WTT Youth Star Contender title in Lima
  • Nicholas Lum’s Recent Feat: Debut at the WTT Champions stage in Frankfurt

Both Simon Belik and Nicholas Lum enter the competition with optimism. Belik’s recent victory and Lum’s experience on the WTT Champions stage set them up as strong contenders.

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U19 Girls’ Singles: A Display of Emerging Talent

  • Elena Zaharia: Setting Sights on More Glory
  • Recent Victory: WTT Youth Contender Doha title
  • Aspiration: Cementing her position as a top competitor for the upcoming ITTF World Youth Championships

Elena Zaharia, leading the U19 Girls’ Singles draw, is focused on adding another title to her name. Her performance in Vila Nova de Gaia will be crucial in her pursuit of success at the World Youth Championships.

Annett Kaufmann: From WTT Champions Debut to Aspiring Champion

  • Initial Appearance: WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023
  • Past Triumphs: Titles at WTT Youth Star Contender Tunis and WTT Feeder Düsseldorf

Annett Kaufmann, like Nicholas Lum, is another rising star who recently debuted at the WTT Champions. She’s eyeing success in both Vila Nova de Gaia and Nova Gorica.

Sally Moyland and Giulia Takahashi: Names to Watch

  • Sally Moyland’s Background: Strong performances at WTT Youth Contender Charleston and Puerto Princesa
  • Giulia Takahashi’s Recent Wins: U19 titles in Asunción and Rosario

Sally Moyland and Giulia Takahashi are also among the ones to watch. Moyland’s impressive outings and Takahashi’s recent wins mark them as formidable competitors.

Follow the Event Action

Stay Connected with the Tournament

  • Draws: Detailed information about player matchups
  • Results and Schedule: Up-to-date information on tournament progress
  • Player List: Comprehensive list of participants
  • Live Streaming: Watch the matches on WTT’s YouTube Channel

For table tennis enthusiasts and followers of these rising stars, the event offers various ways to stay updated and connected with the action.


The WTT Youth Star Contender Vila Nova de Gaia 2023 is more than just a tournament, it’s a platform for the next generation of table tennis stars to shine and gear up for the world stage. With top-ranked entries and promising talents, the event is set to be a showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. As these young athletes compete in Portugal, they not only aim for immediate victory but also set their sights on the larger goal – triumph at the ITTF World Youth Championships. This week in Vila Nova de Gaia could very well set the tone for the battles to come, making it a must-watch for fans of the sport.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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