Antalya Set to Make Waves in Table Tennis with its First-Ever WTT Contender Event


Picture this: beautiful beaches, the azure Mediterranean Sea, and top-tier table tennis action. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, come this October, it’s about to become reality. Antalya, Turkiye’s resort city that’s all about sun, sea, and history, will now be the playground for world-class table tennis, as it becomes the newest host city for a WTT Contender Series event. Mark your calendars for October 16-22, 2023, and get ready to be dazzled!

Why Antalya is the Perfect Host

For those who might not be familiar, Antalya is no ordinary coastal city. Known for its stunning Turquoise Coast and rich historical landmarks, the city serves as the entry point to Turkiye’s southern Mediterranean region. The event is about to add another feather to its cap by hosting the first WTT Series event in Turkiye ever.

Chapter Two: The Technicals – What’s at Stake?

Prize Money and Points

Prize MoneyUSD 75,000
Ranking Points400 ITTF Points

Who Will Be There?

Expect to see some of the biggest names in table tennis. Local heroes will be defending their turf against international superstars. With such a high-stake event, the atmosphere is bound to be electric!

What’s At Stake?

Let’s talk numbers for a second. We’re looking at a cool USD 75,000 in prize money and, if you’re eyeing those world rankings, a hefty 400 ITTF World Ranking points are up for grabs. No wonder, this makes Antalya the eleventh WTT Contender event of the jam-packed 2023 season.

Words from the Organizers

Dr. Celal Tufekci, Senior Advisor to the Turkish Table Tennis Federation, couldn’t contain his excitement. 

We are thrilled to host this groundbreaking event. This is more than just a tournament, it’s an incredible chance to showcase our beautiful city of Antalya and to provide a golden opportunity for our local talents to compete with global stars.

Turkiye’s Role in Global Table Tennis

Don’t underestimate Turkiye’s love for table tennis. The nation serves as a crucial bridge between Europe’s historic ties to the sport and Asia, the powerhouse of table tennis. This Antalya event only solidifies this crucial role that Turkiye plays on the global stage.

Other Cities in the Limelight

And let’s not forget, Antalya is joining an elite list of cities including Lanzhou, Muscat, Frankfurt, Taiyuan, and Nagoya, all of which will be hosting WTT Series events in what remains of this thrilling 2023 season.

Upcoming WTT Series 2023 Schedule

  • WTT Star Contender Lanzhou: 2-8 October
  • WTT Contender Muscat: 8-14 October
  • WTT Contender Antalya: 16-22 October
  • WTT Champions Frankfurt: 29 October – 5 November
  • WTT Contender Taiyuan: 6-12 November
  • WTT Finals Men: Week of 4 December
  • WTT Finals Women Nagoya: 15-17 December

We are super pumped about this. Heading to Antalya means more than just another WTT Series event. As the race for the WTT Finals intensifies, we know fans are going to be in for a treat both in Antalya and globally.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, folks! Antalya is not just going to be about beach holidays this October,  it’s going to be a table tennis haven. Pack your bags, book your tickets, and get ready for a sporting event that promises to be as dazzling as the Mediterranean sun! If you can’t make it to Antalya, keep your eyes glued to the screen, because this is going to be a spectacle you won’t want to miss.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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