Fusion Ready to Defend Their Crown in Women’s British League


The Women’s British League, Premier Division, is no stranger to exhilarating games, nail-biting finishes, and above all, the sheer passion of the sport. Last season, the courts witnessed Fusion clinching a close and memorable victory against Drumchapel Glasgow, stamping their authority in the league. As another season unfurls, Fusion prepares to hit the ground running, their eyes set on the title once more.

The Team Behind Fusion’s Success

What makes a team great? Is it the individual brilliance, the collective effort, or the perfect blend of experience and youth? Fusion seems to have found that ideal mix. The South London club has always prided itself on fostering talent, and this season is no different.

  • Tianer Yu: The newly eligible England player is currently ranked No. 7. Her addition to the team brings not only skill but also fresh energy.
  • Tiana Dennison: Holding the No. 19 spot, Dennison’s consistent performance will be crucial for Fusion.
  • Elena Todirca & Maria Engleson: These players might not be in the top 10, but their contribution is pivotal. Both bring unique strengths to the table.

Last season, the stats painted a clear picture: with Yu and Engelson flaunting a formidable 80% win rate, Fusion’s dominance was evident.

The Rise and Rise of Drumchapel

When recounting last season, it’s impossible not to mention Drumchapel Glasgow. The team posed the most substantial challenge to Fusion, pushing them to their limits.

  • Poon Yat: The linchpin of Drumchapel, she’s ranked No. 3. Yat’s gameplay, strategies, and leadership will be instrumental in navigating the team to victory.
  • Hannah Silcock: Another star player, she occupies the No. 11 spot. Representing Jersey, Silcock will look to leave an indomitable mark this season.

Jiaqi Meng’s absence will undoubtedly be felt. Meng, with her unbeaten 20-match run, nearly led Drumchapel to the title. The team needed a clean 6-0 win against Fusion in the final face-off but had to settle for a 4-2 result. This season presents a chance at redemption, an opportunity to rewrite history.

Potential Dark Horses: Ormesby and Others

Ormesby, with a mix of current and former England internationals, can’t be overlooked. Their lineup boasts names like Mollie Patterson, who recently showed her mettle at the European Championships, and Karina Le Fevre, a seasoned player with two Commonwealth Games experiences.

Their team also includes

  • Ella Pashley
  • Rebecca Savage

Colebridge, another team in contention, finished fourth last season. While they might not have senior players within the top-30, their secret weapon is Sara Williams, the No. 1 Veteran. Add to the mix Lara Whitton from Wales and an ensemble of budding English talents, and they’re a team that could spring a surprise.

Dun Laoire and Halton, though new to the Premier Division, are keen to establish themselves. Led by Mia O’Rahilly Egan and Scarlett Anders, these teams bring fresh strategies and unexpected challenges to the established order.


The Grand Event at a Glance

Venue: WV Active Aldersley, Wolverhampton

Total PlayersTotal TeamsKey Highlight
15538Fusion vs. Drumchapel rematch

To understand the league better, enthusiasts can download the detailed event programme, offering a deeper dive into the players, their profiles, and much more.

The Road Ahead

As the teams gear up, a whirlwind of strategies, practice sessions, and mental conditioning unfolds behind the scenes. Fusion, with their previous season’s triumph, wear the crown — but it’s a crown every other team is eyeing.

Fans from all over are prepping to support their favorite teams. The sounds of the bouncing ball, the swift movements, the sudden smashes, and the echoing applause are about to fill WV Active Aldersley.

Every match, every game, every set will pave the path to glory. As the teams converge on Wolverhampton, one question remains: Can Fusion defend their title and solidify their legacy, or will a new champion rise?

Join us on this journey, for the Women’s British League, Premier Division promises not just sports but stories that will be etched in the annals of table tennis history. The stage is set, the players are ready, the world waits with bated breath. The spectacle of women’s table tennis is about to unfold!

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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