Kacper Piwowar and Parrmis Ahsani: A Journey from Dedication to Distinction


The world of sports is one of exhilaration, filled with stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Every once in a while, athletes emerge, their narratives echoing resilience, aspiration, and raw talent. Among such stories, this 2022/23 season, are the tales of two promising athletes – Kacper Piwowar and Parrmis Ahsani, both recipients of the coveted Mike Watts Achievement Awards.

A Snapshot: The Mike Watts Achievement Awards

This award isn’t just a recognition, it’s an emblem of sheer dedication, signifying a sportsperson’s journey, their growth, and their unyielding spirit. Named after Mike Watts, a stalwart in the realm of sports, this award epitomizes the spirit of achievement.

Kacper Piwowar: From Underdog to Top Cadet

Kacper, a prodigious talent from the GB Start squad, began the season with whispers of promise. His rise from being 136th in the Junior list to clinching the 51st spot is a narrative worth telling and retelling.

Kacper’s Seasonal Highlights

  • Starting Position (Junior List): 136
  • Season-end Ranking: 51
  • Total Points Amassed: 451
  • Current Standing in Cadet: 2

But beyond these figures, it’s the unseen hours, the silent moments of reflection, the harsh training routines, the moments of doubts, the comebacks, the joy of every triumph, and the lessons from every setback that have sculpted his journey. As he now holds the title of the second-ranked Cadet, the horizon ahead is filled with more promises and potentials.

Parrmis Ahsani: The Saga of an Athletic Maestro

In the parallel universe of sportswomen, Parrmis Ahsani has crafted her saga. Every game she played showcased her passion, leaving an indelible mark both on the court and in the hearts of those who watched.

Parrmis’s Season at a Glance

  • Total Points Garnered: 296
  • Final Season Ranking: 39

It’s not just about these points or ranks. It’s the fervor, the undying love for the sport, the adrenaline rush every time she stepped on the court, and the insatiable drive to always push the envelope a bit further.


The Mike Watts Legacy: More than Just an Award

Mike Watts wasn’t just an individual, he was an institution in himself. From serving as the ETTA Events Manager to holding the esteemed position of Vice-President of ETTA, his roles were multifarious.

Mike Watts’ Notable Contributions

  • ETTA Events Manager
  • Vice-President of ETTA
  • Director for the World Championships, Manchester, 1997
  • International Umpire
  • National Referee

But these roles barely scratch the surface of his immense contributions. He was a mentor, a guiding star, and above all, a visionary who shaped countless careers.

Behind the Curtains: How Recipients are Chosen

The Mike Watts Achievement Award isn’t handed out lightly. The selection process, rigorous in its approach, ensures only those who have shown exemplary growth receive this honor.

Selection Criteria

  • Only England-eligible boys and girls who show exceptional growth in Junior rankings are considered.
  • Evaluation period runs from August 1 to July 31 annually.
  • Top 5 Juniors and Cadets are intentionally left out to shine a spotlight on emerging talents.

This meticulous approach guarantees that the award stays true to its legacy and genuinely champions potential.

Looking Ahead: Bright Horizons for Kacper and Parrmis

With the accolade added to their portfolios, both Kacper and Parrmis stand at the cusp of even grander narratives. Their present accomplishments are not just a reflection of their past endeavors but a beacon illuminating their future pathways.

For Kacper, the sky’s the limit. Holding his current rank, he’s on the radar of many, with enthusiasts keenly awaiting his next move. Similarly, Parrmis, with her trajectory, has set the stage. Currently ranked 39th, she’s expected to climb the ladder, making every game a spectacle in itself.

Concluding Notes: An Ode to Dedication and Legacy

The Mike Watts Achievement Awards for the 2022/23 season is more than a mere ceremony. It’s a celebration – of dreams, of hard-fought journeys, of legacies like that of Mike Watts, and of the spirit of sports that intertwines all these tales. In Kacper Piwowar and Parrmis Ahsani, we see not just two award winners, but the epitome of what sports stand for – aspiration, perseverance, and the undying spirit of a champion. Their tales today set the stage for many such narratives that the future holds.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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