WTT Contender Lima 2023: A Showcase of Skill and Passion

Shin Yubin focusing intently on the incoming ball.

Table tennis fans across the world turned their attention to Lima, where new champions emerged and legends returned to form in the WTT Contender Series.

Shin Yubin’s Sensational Performance

Shin Yubin, a prodigious talent in the realm of table tennis, showcased her exceptional prowess and determination, making WTT Contender Lima 2023 a tournament to remember.

Single’s Brilliance

The talented Shin Yubin made waves as she clinched the Women’s Singles title. At just 19, she has proven her mettle by overcoming formidable opponents. Yubin’s recent match against the seasoned World No.16 Bernadette Szocs was nothing short of electrifying. Despite Szocs’ vast experience, the young Yubin exhibited superior skill and determination.


This victory in Lima is just another feather in Shin’s cap, as she now boasts three WTT Contender titles in Women’s Singles, previously securing titles at Lagos 2023 and Nova Gorica in 2022.

Even though it was their maiden face-off, Yubin, standing at World No.9, had the edge over Szocs. This advantage was attributed to her recent exposure in final matches. On the other side of the net, Szocs had her own narrative. Her appearance in Lima marked her first international final since 2017. Plus, her recent gold medal at the 2023 European Games added a sheen to her impressive return to form.

The match commenced with Shin being somewhat tentative, letting the first game slip. However, the young prodigy soon recalibrated, adeptly handling Szocs’ renowned backhand. This shift in strategy saw Yubin dominating with aggressive forehand plays, particularly targeting Szocs’ wider forehand.

“After gaining the upper hand, Shin kept her composure, showcasing her characteristic unyielding spirit as she raced towards the title.”

Doubles Delight

Not stopping at singles, Yubin continued her triumphant spree in the Women’s Doubles. Teaming up with the formidable Jeon Jihee, they faced off against Kim Nayeong and Choi Hyojoo. It was a nail-biting contest that went down to the wire.


2023 appears to be the golden year for the pair, Shin and Jeon, as Lima marks their third WTT Contender title win, with previous victories in Lagos and Zagreb. The dynamic duo, currently the World No.1 Women’s Doubles team, is set to bolster their position in the upcoming ITTF World Rankings for Week 32.

Men’s Singles: A Battle of Generations

The Men’s Singles showcased a thrilling encounter between the seasoned Marcos Freitas and the young sensation, Kao Cheng-Jui. While Kao, at 18, turned heads by defeating reigning champion Dang Qiu, facing off against the experienced Freitas was a daunting challenge.

Marcos Freitas in action during the WTT Contender Lima 2023.

Freitas, on the other hand, was looking to revive his glory days. With the last international Men’s Singles title under his belt from 2014, he was hungry for another.

The match began with Kao displaying sheer aggression, giving him an early lead. But Freitas, with his years of expertise, soon deciphered Kao’s patterns, especially the younger player’s potent backhand. The veteran tactically extended rallies, capitalizing on decisive moments and eventually taking control of the game.


Freitas’ unique left-handed serve proved to be his ace, boasting a whopping 65% win rate during his service games.

“It’s my first WTT title so this will give me more motivation to keep practicing and win more.” – Marcos Freitas

With this victory, Freitas not only claimed his first WTT title but also ignited his passion to achieve even greater heights in the sport.

The Growth and Popularity of WTT Series

Table tennis, once considered a casual pastime, has evolved into a competitive global sport, and the WTT Contender Series is a testament to its rising popularity. Here’s a look into what makes this series a crowd-puller:

Global Platform

The WTT Series, spanning across various continents, gives players from different countries a chance to showcase their talent. From Asia to Africa to Europe, athletes get an unparalleled exposure.

Young Prodigies

The series has been a springboard for young talents like Shin Yubin and Kao Cheng-Jui. Their exceptional skills and determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring players.

Comeback Stories

Veterans like Marcos Freitas remind fans that with persistence and passion, one can overcome odds, making the series more than just a game.

Technological Advancements

The introduction of cutting-edge technology ensures accurate decision-making, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Engaging Audience

Beyond the game, the WTT Series focuses on fan engagement with interactive sessions, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

The WTT Contender Series has undeniably positioned table tennis on the global map, promising thrilling matches and unforgettable moments in the years to come.

WTT Contender Lima 2023 was an eventful tournament, witnessing rising stars like Shin Yubin make their mark while seasoned players like Marcos Freitas proved that experience is invaluable. The world of table tennis eagerly awaits the next chapter in these players’ journeys.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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