Venue ITTF European Para Table Tennis Championships 2023

European Para Table Tennis Championships 2023

Sheffield is all set to host the highly anticipated ITTF European Para Table Tennis Championships 2023 this September. The British athletes are ready to give their best to secure their places for the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Tickets are now on sale, offering an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to watch the thrilling competition live.

Event Details

The ITTF European Para Table Tennis Championships 2023 will be held in Sheffield from the 4th to the 9th of September.

Pricing and Discounts

Ticket prices begin at £12 for a full-day ticket, providing a budget-friendly option for fans. Groups will be thrilled to know that there’s a substantial discount of 30 per cent available for bulk purchases of 10 or more tickets. Moreover, carers and children aged five and under (when accompanied by an adult) are eligible for free entry.

Excitement and Stakes

An impressive 22 slots for the 2024 Paralympics in Paris are up for grabs at the event. It marks only the second occasion that Britain’s best Para table tennis players will compete on home soil since London 2012.

Last year’s successful Commonwealth Games in Birmingham saw remarkable performances from Jack Hunter-Spivey and Joshua Stacey, who won gold in their respective categories.

The Venue and Competitors

The six-day tournament will take place at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. A total of 267 players from 35 countries will be competing in singles and doubles competitions across 11 classes. These include five for wheelchair athletes (C1-C5), five for standing athletes (C6-C10), and one for athletes with an intellectual impairment who meet sport-specific criteria for Para table tennis.

A Major Tournament with Extra Significance

The European Championships are one of the premier events in the Para table tennis calendar. This year’s competition carries additional significance as the victors of the men’s and women’s singles classes will secure qualification for the 2024 Paralympic Games. Moreover, players can also earn world ranking points, contributing to their qualification for Paris.

Performance of the GB Team

The GB team, coming off its best-ever performance at the world championships in Spain last year, looks promising. The team earned an impressive 10 medals at the championship, including three golds. This stellar performance followed a seven-medal win at the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, which comprised two silver and five bronze.

World champion and 2016 Paralympic champion, Will Bayley, expressed his excitement about the event,

“It is amazing to have a major tournament like the Europeans at home. Since I started playing in 2006, I’ve only played in an international tournament twice in the UK so it’s going to be really special to have the British public supporting us in a home Europeans.”

An Opportunity to Witness World Class Action

Aside from last year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the last international Para table tennis event to be held in the UK was the London 2012 Paralympic Games, 11 years ago. The European Championships in Sheffield will offer a valuable opportunity for sports enthusiasts to witness world-class action live and in person.

Partners and Suppliers

The European Para Table Tennis Championships, an ITTF event, is backed by the National Lottery and Sheffield City Council. It will be delivered in partnership with several entities including UK Sport, British Para Table Tennis, and Table Tennis England.

Key event suppliers include Butterfly, Neon Flooring, 729 – Table Tennis Balls, and the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sheffield.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness history being made. Book your tickets today and get ready for a world-class Para table tennis event!

Para Table Tennis: A Game of Skill, Precision, and Agility

Para table tennis is a sport that’s as challenging as it is exciting. The game demands an exceptional level of skill, precision, and agility, making it thrilling to both play and watch. It’s played by individuals with different types of disabilities, both standing and wheelchair classes.

Para Table Tennis participants

Here’s a list of things that make Para table tennis unique:

  • Categories of Players: The sport comprises 11 classes, five for wheelchair athletes (C1-C5), five for standing athletes (C6-C10), and one for athletes with an intellectual impairment.
  • High Level of Skill: The game demands an intense level of skill, precision, and concentration. Players have to anticipate their opponent’s moves and react swiftly.
  • Rules: Para table tennis follows the basic rules of table tennis but with modifications for wheelchair users, such as the rule that the ball must leave the table on the side lines for service, and that the receiver must strike the ball after it has bounced and before it has crossed the end line or the side lines.
  • Equipment: The equipment used in Para table tennis is standardised. The rackets are typically red on one side and black on the other. The ball is made of plastic, is white or orange, and has a matte finish.
  • Global Participation: Para table tennis has a global following, with players hailing from all corners of the world. It is played in the Paralympics and other major international sporting events.
  • Benefits: Beyond the thrill of competition, playing Para table tennis has numerous benefits. It enhances hand-eye coordination, improves reflexes, and stimulates mental agility. Plus, it’s a great way to socialize and make new friends.

This September, the ITTF European Para Table Tennis Championships 2023 in Sheffield will give fans a chance to witness this exciting sport in action. With tickets now on sale, you can secure your spot to see the British athletes compete against top-tier talent from around the world.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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