Italian SuperLega Volleyball: Highlights from the Sixth Round of Matches

Kamil and Kamil power Sir and Trentino to important victories

In a thrilling weekend of volleyball, the Italian SuperLega’s sixth leg witnessed some exceptional performances, particularly from two players named Kamil. Kamil Rychlicki played a pivotal role in Itas Trentino Trento’s victory, while Kamil Semeniuk led Sir Susa Vim Perugia in a remarkable comeback. Both players showcased their skills in critical matches, contributing significantly to their teams’ successes.

Trentino Continues Unbeaten Run

Defending champions Trentino Trento secured another win, maintaining their perfect start to the season. They defeated Mint Vero Volley Monza in a challenging four-set match at home. The highlight of this encounter was the performance of Luxembourgish opposite Rychlicki, who not only spiked with a remarkable 72% success rate but also displayed flawless reception. His contribution of 23 points was crucial for Trentino, earning him the Most Valuable Player award. Alessandro Michieletto and Stephen Maar also made significant contributions, with Maar leading Monza with 16 points.

Rychlicki’s Reflections

Post-match, Rychlicki reflected on the importance of the victory, particularly given Monza’s strong form. He emphasized the team’s character and ability to maintain a high level in crucial moments, despite some inconsistencies. His insights offered a glimpse into the team’s mindset and determination.

Perugia’s Comeback Win

In another highlight match, Sir Susa Vim Perugia staged an impressive comeback against Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza. After losing the first two sets, Perugia rallied to win in a five-set thriller. Polish outside Kamil Semeniuk was instrumental in this victory, contributing significantly alongside teammates Jesus Herrera, Oleh Plotnytskyi, Sebastian Sole, and Flavio Gualberto. The match showcased the depth and resilience of the Perugia squad.

Sole’s Thoughts on the Match

Sebastian Sole, who earned the MVP award, acknowledged the team’s patience and quality in making a comeback. He stressed the importance of addressing small issues despite the win, reflecting a focus on continuous improvement.

Other Key Matches

Cucine Lube Civitanova and Valsa Group Modena faced off in another important clash, with Lube securing a shutout victory. Adis Lagumdzija and Aleksandar Nikolov led the way for Lube, while Uladzislau Davyskiba put up a strong fight for Modena. Lube’s libero Fabio Balaso, who was named MVP, highlighted the need for consistent performance and a strong mentality.

SuperLega, on Sunday top match in a sold-out BLM Group Arena

Gioiella Prisma Taranto’s Near Upset

Gioiella Prisma Taranto almost caused an upset against Cisterna Volley but ultimately fell short in a five-set match. Theo Faure’s performance was a standout for Cisterna, despite the team’s initial struggle.

Allianz Milan’s Success

Allianz Milan also notched a victory, overcoming Farmitalia Catania in a four-set match. Osniel Mergarejo and Ferre Reggers led Milan’s scoring efforts, while Paul Buchegger stood out for Catania with a remarkable 28-point haul.

Pallavolo Padova’s Victory

In the weekend’s opening match, Pallavolo Padova triumphed over Rana Verona, with Mathijs Desmet contributing a match-high 23 points for Padova. This win propelled Padova up the standings, creating a tight competition in the middle of the table.

Upcoming Matches and Standings

As the SuperLega action continues, the focus shifts to upcoming matches, including an advanced ninth-leg game between Sir and Padova, and the seventh-leg matches. The standings show Trentino leading the table, followed closely by Perugia and other contenders.

Summary of Standings

  • Trentino Trento: Unbeaten with a 6-0 record and 16 points.
  • Sir Susa Vim Perugia: Holding the second spot with a 5-1 record and 15 points.
  • Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza: In third place with a 4-2 record and 13 points.
  • Cucine Lube Civitanova: Improved to 4-2 and 11 points.
  • Valsa Group Modena: Standing at 3-3 with 7 points.


The sixth leg of the Italian SuperLega showcased the high level of competition and skill within the league. As teams continue to jostle for positions, the upcoming matches promise more excitement and top-class volleyball action.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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