Brooke Mosher: A Versatile Pillar for Illinois, Commanding the Court as Setter


Brooke Mosher, a shining sophomore with Illinois, marked her freshman season with exemplary prowess, emerging as the team’s second leading scorer. This year, she’s steering the Fighting Illini through the challenging tides of the Big Ten women’s volleyball conference, not as the striking scorer but as the pivotal setter, orchestrating the team’s offensive symphony.

Shifting Roles: A Natural Transition

Brooke’s journey back to the setter position feels like a homecoming. Before embarking on her collegiate journey, she honed her skills extensively in this role. However, her initial tenure with Illinois saw her stepping into the shoes of an outside hitter, adapting to the team’s needs amidst injuries. Despite being a newcomer, she excelled, securing a spot in the Big Ten All-Freshman Team.

Her experience as a setter imbues her with confidence, a sense of familiarity enveloping her as she returns to her roots.

I’ve played setter for the majority of my life and I think that gives me more confidence.

For Brooke, embracing versatility and leadership was a natural progression, each position she played, enriching her perspective and enhancing her adaptability.

Brooke’s Impact: A Blend of Skill and Leadership

Her transition back to setter has been commendable, with 441 assists in the first 12 matches, showcasing her precision and impeccable timing. Beyond her tangible contributions, her innate ability to synchronize with her hitters and escalate her leadership qualities have made her an invaluable asset to the team.

Senior outside hitter Raina Terry acknowledges Brooke’s multifaceted impact, stating:

No matter what position she was in, she’s done a great job… I’ve definitely noticed her talking a lot more in the gym, and she’s getting pretty fiery and getting after it.
Ball vs Maryland

Highlights of Brooke’s Performance

  • Double-Doubles: Achieved on six occasions for assists and digs.
  • Season-High Performance: Contributed 46 assists and 17 digs against Michigan State, marking their first Big Ten victory of the season.
  • Leadership: Stepping up communication and coordination, evolving as a pivotal figure in the team’s strategy and execution.

Upcoming Challenges

Brooke and her team are gearing up for more intense confrontations in the Big Ten, facing Penn State and Iowa in the upcoming home matches. The duel against Iowa is especially anticipated, available for streaming for VBTV subscribers worldwide, allowing fans to witness the thrilling encounter.


Brooke Mosher’s journey is a testament to her resilience and versatility. Her adaptability to various roles and her commitment to her team’s needs have underscored her value to Illinois. Returning to her cherished setter position, she not only brings technical prowess but also a revitalized leadership spirit, enhancing team synergy and strategic execution.

Brooke’s evolution reflects her unwavering passion and dedication, embodying the spirit of a true athlete. As she continues to navigate through the season, her presence will undoubtedly be a beacon of inspiration and a driving force for the Fighting Illini in their pursuit of volleyball excellence.


Brooke’s shift back to her preferred setter position is not just a role reversal but a journey back to her essence, where her passion and skills align in harmony. As she navigates through this season, her multifaceted contributions will continue to be a catalyst for the Fighting Illini’s endeavors in the Big Ten women’s volleyball conference. With her at the helm, commanding the court, the team is poised to traverse through challenges, elevating their game to new heights.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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