The Thrilling Journey to Supercoppa Glory for Perugia

MVP Ben Tara leads Perugia's comeback to defend Supercoppa titl

In an extraordinary display of resilience and sportsmanship, Sir Susa Vim Perugia clawed back from the brink to reclaim the Del Monte Supercoppa Italiana title, overcoming Cucine Lube Civitanova in a riveting finale.

The event, which took place on a vibrant Wednesday in Biella, saw the Block Devils facing a daunting challenge. Civitanova, a formidable adversary, initially dominated the final match, securing the first two sets and putting Perugia’s championship hopes in jeopardy.

The Turnaround

However, the tide turned when Tunisian sensation Wassim Ben Tara stepped up, igniting the spark for a stunning reversal. His remarkable 21-point haul became the centerpiece of Perugia’s strategic fightback. With 15 kills, five aces, and a block, Ben Tara’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, playing a pivotal role in swinging the momentum in favor of the Block Devils.

Perugia’s roster shone brightly, with three players breaking the 20-point barrier. Wilfredo Leon, the team’s stalwart captain, matched Ben Tara’s point-for-point, amassing 18 kills, two aces, and a block. Kamil Semeniuk, the dynamic Polish outside hitter, complemented the scoring spree with 20 kills.

The Climactic Finish

In an edge-of-your-seat finale, the match culminated in a 3-2 victory (22-25, 23-25, 25-21, 34-32, 15-12) for Perugia, to the delight of the 5,000 fans in attendance. This victory wasn’t just a testament to the team’s skill but also their unyielding spirit and mental fortitude.

Voice of the Champions

In the aftermath of this epic showdown, Ben Tara shared his euphoria, reflecting on the significance of the victory and his gratitude towards teammate Simone Giannelli for his support. This moment marked not only a personal milestone for Ben Tara but also a triumph of teamwork and perseverance.

Giannelli himself, Perugia’s strategic setter, underscored the challenge of securing a trophy in Italy, given the high level of competition. He expressed immense pride in the team’s comeback and emphasized the importance of staying focused, a mindset that ultimately led to their hard-fought victory.

Perugia players pose with the Supercoppa trophy

Dominance in the Decade

Perugia’s victory in the Supercoppa Italiana is a continuation of their dominant streak over the past ten years. They’ve clinched five titles out of the last seven tournaments, showcasing their consistent excellence in Italian volleyball. This victory also marks the team’s first under the guidance of their new head coach, Angelo Lorenzetti.

Reflections from the Court

Flavio Gualberto, Perugia’s Brazilian middle blocker, acknowledged Civitanova’s formidable play and revealed the team’s psychological approach to turning the game around. Securing the Supercoppa early in the season sets a positive tone for the team’s ambitions in the upcoming months.

Massimo Colaci, the team’s seasoned libero, holds the unique distinction of being part of all five of Perugia’s Supercoppa victories, embodying the spirit and heritage of the team.

Road to Nine National Titles

Perugia’s accolades extend beyond the Supercoppa, with the team having won the Italian Cup three times and topping the SuperLega rankings, reinforcing their status as reigning world champions.

Looking Ahead: SuperLega Showdown

As the dust settles on the Supercoppa battle, the rivalry between Civitanova and Perugia is set to reignite in the SuperLega Credem Banca. With their next encounter scheduled in Civitanova Marche, fans eagerly anticipate another chapter in this gripping volleyball saga.

A Table of Triumph

To visualize Perugia’s journey, let’s encapsulate their path to victory:

12225Civitanova Win
22325Civitanova Win
32521Perugia Win
43432Perugia Win
51512Perugia Win

This table represents more than scores, it’s a testament to a team’s ability to face adversity, rally from behind, and emerge victorious.

Final Thoughts

The journey of Sir Susa Vim Perugia in the Supercoppa Italiana was more than a tournament, it was a narrative of tenacity, teamwork, and the unquenchable thirst for victory. As they prepare for the next challenge, they carry not just the hopes of their fans but the pride of a tradition they’ve built over the years a legacy of not just playing the game, but transforming it.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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