A Farewell to Brandon Crawford: Giants’ Shortstop Expresses Gratitude to Loyal Fans


In a poignant moment at Sunday’s game against the Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants celebrated the enduring legacy of their veteran shortstop, Brandon Crawford. His career with the Giants has spanned 13 years, punctuated with multiple World Series victories. The emotional send-off underscored Crawford’s deep bond with the Giants’ fanbase, hinting at a potential departure or even retirement.

Crawford’s Message to the Crowd

After the match, Crawford stepped out from the clubhouse to share heartfelt words with the attendees. While he hasn’t officially declared his retirement, speculations are rife given his contract’s conclusion. 

From the grand slam in Milwaukee to the World Series triumphs to today, your unwavering support has been my strength. My family and I are eternally grateful. You all are unparalleled. My heartfelt thanks.

A Journey from Fan to Legend

Crawford’s journey with the Giants is a narrative of dreams actualized. Before gracing the grounds of UCLA and subsequently being selected by the Giants in the fourth round of the 2008 draft, he was an ardent Giants fan. Crawford and his family even invested in a commemorative brick outside what is now called Oracle Park. For him, donning the Giants’ jersey was more than just a game it was a childhood fantasy realized. The zenith of this dream? Winning the World Series in 2012 and replicating that success in 2014.

Brandon Crawford’s Illustrious Career: A Snapshot

Awards & Recognitions

  • Three-time All-Star.
  • Four-time Gold Glove recipient.
  • Winner of the prestigious Silver Slugger award.
  • Received MVP votes in two separate seasons, even ranking fourth in 2021.

Career Statistics

  • Games: 1,653 regular-season appearances.
  • Batting Average: .250/.319/.396.
  • Hits: 1,392 with 290 doubles, 44 triples.
  • Home Runs: 146.
  • RBI: 744.
  • Runs: 669.
  • Playoff Appearances: Played in 43 playoff matches.

Noteworthy Moments

  • Stellar performance in the 2014 World Series with a batting average of .304.
  • Unforgettable grand slam in the wild-card game during the same season.
  • His debut MLB hit? Yet another grand slam!

Legacy Beyond Numbers

While statistics encapsulate Crawford’s on-field prowess, they don’t entirely capture his influence. He has etched his name in the annals of Giants’ history, not just through his offensive contributions but with his remarkable defense at third base. And even with four Gold Gloves to his name, many opine he hasn’t received the full recognition he deserves for his defensive mastery.

A Final Tribute

For the Giants’ community, bidding goodbye to Crawford is akin to parting with an era. While jersey No. 35 may see different players in the future, Crawford’s impact, both on and off the field, will reverberate through the Oracle Park’s corridors for years to come. It’s a sentiment echoed by countless fans who, on that day, seemed ready to bid adieu to a genuine Giants’ legend.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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