Champions to Underdogs: Predicting 2023 World Series Outcomes

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As the aroma of freshly cut grass fills the stadiums and the crack of bats becomes the season’s anthem, the 2023 MLB World Series is shaping up to be an unpredictable roller coaster. This year, both reigning champions and surprising underdogs are displaying a thirst for victory, making the playoffs not just a game of skills, but also a test of tenacity and ambition. From the Braves’ meteoric rise to the unexpected shifts in the dynamics of traditional powerhouses, the upcoming matchups promise nail-biting tension, strategy, and raw athletic prowess.

On the cusp of the Fall Classic, speculations are rife, and the air is thick with anticipation. Can the Braves maintain their dominance and seize the title? Or will an underdog team rise from the shadows, defying all odds and predictions? Past seasons have taught us that in baseball, anything can happen. As we gear up for the World Series, it’s worth delving deep into the strengths, weaknesses, and potentials of each contender. Join us as we embark on this analytical journey, tracing the arcs of every team from their current form to their potential World Series outcomes.

The Top Seed: Clear Front-runner

Braves: An undisputed leader since mid-May, the Braves boast some of the best superstar position players in the game. Ronald Acuña Jr., their MVP frontrunner, is testament to their prowess. Their batting lineup stands as one of the mightiest in baseball history. And, as the playoffs near, their rotation and bullpen are expected to be top-notch.

“When was the last time the favorites won the World Series in a full season? I believe that would be the 2018 Red Sox.”

While their dominance is undeniable, history has shown that being the top seed doesn’t guarantee a win. So, while the Braves might seem like the natural choice for champions, betting against the entire field might not be a bad idea.

The Formidable Forces: Teams to Watch Out For


  • Season Summary: Despite showing vulnerability, they stand alone at first place as of September 4th. Key players like Jose Altuve have been outstanding, maintaining their MVP status.
  • Key Strength: Their dominant postseason rotation and a strong supporting cast that’s coming into form.


  • Season Summary: They’ve exhibited a spell where 24 out of 28 games were victories. Players like Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts have showcased MVP-worthy performances.
  • Key Concern: They seemed overshadowed by the Braves in their recent four-game series.

Both teams, despite their challenges, have the potential and have shown glimpses of what they can achieve in the postseason.

Orioles players in action during a 2023 game.

The Dark Horses: Potential Upsets in the Making

OriolesA well-rounded offense and a trajectory towards 100 wins.Concerns about the rotation and bullpen, especially post-Félix Bautista injury.
RaysImmense position-player talent.Injuries and Franco’s suspension have taken a toll.
PhilliesStrong player base and previous performance reaching Game 6 of the World Series.Depth issues; over-reliance on top performers.
MarinersPotent top 3 rotation players.Bullpen depth concerns after Paul Sewald’s absence.

Remember, the unexpected often occurs in baseball:

“The team with the worst record in the playoffs won it all.”

The Underdogs: Slim Chances but Not Impossible

Twins: Possess enough talent for a deep run with key starting pitchers and a power-packed bullpen.

Brewers: A rotation capable of overshadowing others in the playoffs. However, the offense remains a concern.

Rangers: A roller-coaster season but have shown their potential in the past.

Blue Jays: Their rotation is a force to be reckoned with if they get their top players in form.

Cubs: Post-June performance has been remarkable, standing toe-to-toe with the likes of the Braves and Dodgers.

On The Brink: Hoping for a Miracle

These teams might seem distant from the trophy but, in sports, you never know:

  • Reds: Promising rookies; the right foundation is being set.
  • Diamondbacks: Their recent record isn’t favorable, but turnaround chances remain.
  • Red Sox: Multiple factors need to align for them to pose a challenge.
  • Marlins & Giants: Both teams have shown sparks but lack consistency.

Looking to the Future: Focus on 2024

Certain teams are almost out of the race, but they’ll be gearing up for the next year. The Yankees, Padres, Pirates, Guardians, and Mets fall into this ‘miracle range’, while others like Tigers, White Sox, Royals, Angels, Athletics, Nationals, Cardinals, and Rockies are setting their sights on a better 2024.

In conclusion, while some teams like the Braves stand tall, baseball’s unpredictable nature ensures an exhilarating journey ahead. Whether you’re a seasoned follower or a new fan, the 2023 World Series promises to be a spectacle worth witnessing.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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