USA and France Emerge Victorious in the U19 Volleyball World Championships 2023

USA stages dramatic turnaround to secure U19 world championship.

The U19 Volleyball World Championships 2023 witnessed intense competition, heart-stopping moments, and the emergence of new world champions in both girls’ and boys’ categories. Here’s a detailed look at the events that unfolded during the championships.

USA Girls: From Defeat to Triumph

The USA U19 girls’ team showcased remarkable resilience and determination. Their journey to the top was nothing short of sensational. Starting two sets down in the final against a formidable Türkiye side, they achieved a remarkable turnaround to clinch the championship.

The Championship Game

  • Scoreline: 3-2 (20-25, 23-25, 25-22, 25-16, 15-10)
  • Outcome: USA clinches their second title, having previously won in 2019.

Notable Players: Abigail Vander Wal and Türkiye’s Eylul Durgun stood out, each amassing a total of 19 points. Furthermore, Favor Anyanwu from the USA made significant contributions with five crucial kill blocks.

“We are fighters. Our coach constantly reminded us to stay true to ourselves, emphasizing that no one was better. Despite being 0-2 down against a team like Türkiye, we pulled through. The support and spirit my teammates showcased were beyond commendable. Volleyball, after all, is a game of emotions, passion, and celebration,” – USA’s outside hitter, Teraya Sigler.

The USA girls concluded their World Championship journey undefeated in nine matches. However, they were tested to their limits, with four of those matches stretching to the fifth set, including the title decider.

MATCH TEAM STATS: United States vs Türkiye

Match Result: United States 3 : 2 Türkiye

1st Set20-25
2nd Set23-25
3rd Set25-22
4th Set25-16
5th Set15-10

Team Performance Analysis

CategoryUnited StatesTürkiye
Opponent Error2630

Match Skills Overview

SkillUnited StatesTürkiye

Top Players Performance

PlayerPointsOpponent PlayerPoints
Vander Wal (19)19Durgun (1)19
Anyanwu (5)18Safronova (14)17

Other Notable Performances

Italy clinched the bronze after overcoming a tenacious Japanese side in a nail-biter, registering a 3-2 victory. The match had fans on the edge of their seats, and the sheer quality of volleyball displayed was a testament to the teams’ prowess.

France Boys: A Historic Achievement

The French U19 boys’ team etched their names in the annals of history by winning the nation’s maiden world championship title in volleyball. This accomplishment is monumental, considering it’s a first for either gender in any age category.

France Revels in Their Inaugural Volleyball World Championship Victory.

The Championship Game

  • Scoreline: 3-1 (25-22, 16-25, 25-18, 25-21)
  • Outcome: France’s historic first-ever world championship title in volleyball.

Notable Players: Mathis Henno, the French captain, delivered a stellar performance, bagging all six aces for his team in the finals. He was ably supported by teammates Joris Seddik and Adrien Roure.

“We’re ecstatic! This was undoubtedly one of the toughest games I’ve played. Our blocking and serving were on point, and we stuck to our game plan. The overwhelming emotions when that final point was scored, knowing we’ve made history, is indescribable. A massive shoutout to our supporters in France who stayed up to cheer us on,” – Adrien Roure.

MATCH TEAM STATS: France vs Iran

Match Result: France 3 : 1 Iran

1st Set25-22
2nd Set16-25
3rd Set25-18
4th Set25-21

Team Performance Analysis

Opponent Error2126

Match Skills Overview


Top Players Performance

PlayerPointsOpponent PlayerPoints

Other Notable Performances

Korea secured the third place after defeating the USA in a gripping four-set match. The final score read 3-1 in favor of Korea. Yun Seojin spearheaded the winners with 17 points, while the USA’s Sterling Foley emerged as the top scorer of the match.

Statistical Leaders & Standout Players

The championships showcased young talents who are likely to dominate the volleyball world in the future. Below is a tabulated list of top performers:

Top ScorerMiku AkimotoJapan
Best BlockerAurora PapacCroatia
Best ServerMerit Chinenyenwa AdigweItaly
Best DiggerRin NishikawaJapan
Best ReceiverSun WanyunChina

Additionally, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards went to:

  • Girls: Abigail Vander Wal (USA)
  • Boys: Mathis Henno (France)

Closing Remarks

The FIVB Volleyball U19 World Championships 2023, held in Osijek, Croatia, and Szeged, Hungary for girls, and San Juan, Argentina for boys, provided a platform for young talents to shine and demonstrate their capabilities. The tournament witnessed participation from numerous countries, making it a true global event. With such promising talents, the future of volleyball is indeed bright.

“The enthusiasm, skill, and sportsmanship these young players have showcased is exemplary. It’s a testament to the growth of volleyball worldwide,” – FIVB President, Ary Graça.

The world now awaits the next edition, hoping for yet another spectacle of top-tier volleyball action.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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