EuroVolleyW 2023 Recap: Finland’s Thrilling Victory and Italy’s Dominance

Team Italy's synchronized block in action.

The world of volleyball witnessed a whirlwind of emotions, tactical masterclasses, and athletic brilliance at EuroVolleyW 2023. As the dust settles on some of the tournament’s most riveting encounters, two narratives stand out starkly against the backdrop: Finland’s heart-stopping victory that left fans on the edge of their seats, and Italy’s unwavering dominance that resonated through the arenas. This recap delves deep into the tales of these two teams, their unforgettable matches, and the stories that made headlines. Strap in for a roller-coaster recap of volleyball action that promises to relive the adrenaline and passion of EuroVolleyW 2023.

A Battle to Remember: Finland vs. Estonia

On an electrifying night at the UNIBET Arena, volleyball enthusiasts witnessed a game that will be talked about for ages. Finland and Estonia, two neighboring countries, went head to head in a match filled with suspense, skill, and unexpected outcomes.

Record-Breaking Attendance

The UNIBET Arena was buzzing with energy, thanks to:

  • Nearly 4,000 spectators, setting an all-time attendance record for women’s sports in Estonia.
  • Fans from both countries, including those who crossed borders from Finland.
  • The presence of notable figures such as Estonia’s Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas.

Interestingly, both national teams have similar musical scores for their anthems, only differing in lyrics, which further accentuated the match’s atmosphere.

Game Highlights

First Set: Estonia showcased their prowess by sealing the set with a 25-21 score, capitalizing on Finland’s service error.

Second Set: Finland bounced back, taking the lead at 13-7. Estonia tried to catch up, but the margin was too wide, concluding the set at 25-20 in favor of Finland.

Third Set: The crowd’s energy seemed to fuel Estonia’s gameplay. With both teams neck-and-neck, it was an ace by Estonia’s Kätriin Põld that marked a turning point, taking the score to 24-23. The set concluded with the home team’s victory thanks to Liis Kiviloo.

Fourth Set: Despite Estonia’s persistent efforts, Finland managed to secure a lead and subsequently the set at 25-20.

Tiebreak: Finland’s top scorer, Suvi Kokkonen, emerged as the match’s hero, finalizing the game at 15-13, ensuring Finland’s spot in the forthcoming rounds.

Spain’s Struggle and Slovakia’s Victory

Spain, known for their fast-paced gameplay, seemed to grapple, likely due to the mental exhaustion post their 2-3 defeat against France.


Despite Spain’s valiant efforts, Slovakia dominated most of the match, enhancing their win-loss record to 2-1. A key moment was Lucia Varela’s back-to-back aces, hinting at a possible Spanish comeback, but Slovakia regained their momentum to clinch the victory.

As the intensity of the EuroVolleyW 2023 heats up, Group D presents a fascinating mix of victories, upsets, and unexpected turns. Here’s a snapshot of the current standings for the women’s teams in this group, giving insights into their performance so far.

RankTeamMatches PlayedWinsLossesSets RatioPointsRecent Form

Italy Continues Their Reign in Pool B

Clash of The Titans: Italy vs. Bulgaria

The Arena di Monza witnessed a match between Italy and Bulgaria, both previously undefeated in Pool B.

Match Overview

  • Audience Impact: The venue was filled to the brim, mirroring the crowd’s energy during Italy’s game against Switzerland. It’s noteworthy that the audiences played a significant role throughout EuroVolley 2023.
  • Game Performance: Italy displayed an impeccable game, possibly their best since the tournament’s inception. The scores for the respective sets were:

Bulgaria put forth a commendable fight, but Italy’s attacking force seemed unstoppable.

“Never say never in Volleyball, but Italian girls are showing their strength, improving their performances set by set, confirming themselves as the top favorite for the gold.” This sentiment echoes the dominant performance by Italy, positioning them as strong contenders for the championship title.

EuroVolley 2023: Due to an injury, Egonu will not face Bulgaria.

Pool B Standings

In EuroVolleyW 2023, Group B showcases a blend of intense competition and outstanding performances. As teams battle it out for supremacy, let’s delve into the current standings to gauge how each squad is faring.

RankTeamMatches PlayedWinsLossesSets RatioPointsRecent Form
3Bosnia & Herzegovina3217:74W-L-W
  • Italy: Leading the charts with three wins and no losses.
  • Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina: Holding their ground with two wins and a single loss.
  • Romania and Switzerland: One win and two losses each.
  • Croatia: Yet to mark a win, with three losses.

Despite Italy’s unparalleled performance, it’s imperative they maintain their momentum in the subsequent matches, ensuring their top position in Pool B.

In conclusion, EuroVolleyW 2023 is shaping up to be an unforgettable tournament, with each match offering moments of sheer brilliance, unyielding team spirit, and nail-biting finishes. As teams gear up for the upcoming matches, fans worldwide are glued to their screens, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this volleyball saga.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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