Warzone’s Grand Spectacle: World Series 2023 Finals

The World Series of Warzone

The World Series of Warzone (WSOW) 2023 Global Finals set new standards this year, not only in terms of prize pool but also viewership. The tournament concluded in London on September 16 and was, without a doubt, a monumental success for the Warzone esports scene.

Setting The Stage

Held at London’s grand Copper Box Arena, the event boasted the largest prize pool in Warzone esports history – a whopping $500K. The stakes were high, and the energy was palpable. The tournament saw 50 teams from various regions, including Latin America, Australia, APAC, MENA, and the standard powerhouses, NA and EU.

Record-Breaking Viewership Numbers

Viewership Highlights

  • Peak Viewers: 382.4K
  • Average Viewers: 299.2K
  • Total Hours Watched: 1.7 Million
  • Broadcasted Channels: 200+

This edition of WSOW was not just any other esports event. It shattered the previous viewership records for a Warzone esports event, amassing over 382K peak viewers. Interestingly, these numbers exclude the traditionally popular streamer showmatches.

For context, Warzone, a game mode in the acclaimed Call of Duty series, has always garnered significant attention. Typically, you wouldn’t see professional players from CDL teams in such tournaments. Instead, Warzone opens its arena to a blend of talent, from content creators to teams assembled specifically for such tournaments.


The Rise of the World Series

Since its inception in 2022, the World Series of Warzone gained immediate traction among viewers. But the 2023 Global Finals elevated the series to new heights. Not only did fans have the luxury of witnessing an international LAN final, but the competition also expanded to include teams from regions outside the traditional NA and EU territories.

The tournament format comprised six grueling rounds where teams fought for points based on their kills and round placements. The American powerhouse, Team Biffle, claimed the championship title, with Team Hisoka and Team Almond, both North American representatives, finishing in the Top 3.

Championship Overview

  • Champion: Team Biffle (North America)
  • 1st Runner-Up: Team Hisoka (North America)
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Team Almond (North America)

The Role of Streaming Giants

The tournament was predominantly streamed on official Call of Duty channels. But the community wasn’t just a mere spectator. Over 200 community-caster channels, including renowned streamers like scump, Swagg, Loud Coringa, and Aydan, also broadcasted the event. Many of these popular content creators donned dual hats – competing while also providing real-time event coverage.

The tournament’s massive reach can largely be credited to Activision’s direct involvement. Despite the impressive 382.4K Peak Viewers, the WSOW 2023 Global Finals only trailed behind the Twitch Rivals show tournament, which is majorly dominated by top-tier streamers.

Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Kick hosted the event’s streaming. Interestingly, the cumulative viewership was not just due to a few major channels. While six channels crossed the 10,000 concurrent viewers mark, over 60 channels attracted more than 1,000 viewers at their peak. This fragmented viewership across smaller channels played a crucial role in achieving the final numbers.

Top Co-Streamer

Mexican streamer DeusAmirr emerged as a standout co-streamer. Leading his team to the 4th position in the final rankings, he achieved a personal peak viewership of 21.4K, with 70.2K Hours Watched. This performance also placed him 7th in the overall best player ranking based on scored points.

Concluding Thoughts

The WSoW 2023 was a testament to Warzone’s growing influence in esports. The tournament not only set new benchmarks for future events but also promised an even more exciting future for Warzone esports. Stay tuned, as we’ll be diving deeper into the series’ dynamics in our upcoming articles.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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