Exciting Developments in Dota 2: The 2023-2024 Roster Shuffle Tracker

Dota 2 Roster Shuffle 2023-2024

As the dust settles on The International 2023 (TI12), the Dota 2 community is witnessing a major shake-up in team rosters. With some teams striving to recreate last season’s magic and others looking to completely revamp, the Dota 2 roster shuffle for 2023 is in full swing. Let’s dive into the key transfers and rumors swirling around as the new season approaches.

Gaimin Gladiators: Staying Consistent

The Gaimin Gladiators, after an impressive second-place finish at TI12 and dominating all three Majors, have decided to keep their successful lineup. The roster, confirmed by Seleri’s recent tweet, remains unchanged, showcasing confidence in their ability to deliver another strong performance.


  • dyrachyo
  • Quinn
  • Ace
  • tOfu
  • Seleri

Tundra Esports: Seeking New Directions

Post-TI12, Tundra Esports is undergoing significant changes. Nine’s departure following a less-than-ideal performance has opened up discussions about potential new members. There’s excitement around the possible addition of Topson in the offlane, along with veterans Cr1t and Fly. However, the team is facing the challenge of rebuilding almost the entire roster.

Current Roster Situation:

  • skiter: Moved to Team Falcons
  • Topson: Potentially switching to offlane
  • 33: Joined Team Liquid
  • Nine: On a break
  • Sneyking: Moved to Team Falcons

Nouns: A Fresh Start

Nouns, the North American team known for their underdog journey up to TI12, have decided to disband their Dota 2 division. This leaves them in search of new talent to build a team capable of carrying the legacy forward.

LGD Gaming: A Surprising Departure

LGD Gaming, a powerhouse in the Chinese Dota scene, faces a significant change with Ame not returning to the active roster. The departure of midlaner Nothingtosay adds to the surprise, prompting a complete roster announcement.

New Roster:

  • shiro
  • Emo
  • niu
  • Pyw
  • y`

Team Secret: Climbing Back to the Top

Team Secret, a veteran team in the Dota world, is looking to reclaim its glory. With Clement “Puppey” Ivanov still leading, the team is making strides, having qualified for ESL One Kuala Lumpur. Their newly formed roster shows promise for a strong comeback.


  • Crystallis
  • MidOne
  • BOOM
  • yamich
  • Puppey

Team Liquid: Strategic Moves

Team Liquid, after a season that fell short of expectations, is gearing up with a major roster overhaul. With zai taking a break, the team has welcomed 33 as their new offlane player, potentially refreshing their dynamic.


  • miCKe
  • Nisha
  • 33
  • Boxi
  • Insania

Team Spirit: Unchanged and Ready

Team Spirit, the champions of TI12, are keeping their winning formula unchanged. The unchanged roster is a testament to their confidence and the team’s cohesiveness.


  • Yatoro
  • Larl
  • Collapse
  • Mira
  • Miposhka

Talon Esports: A New Chapter

Talon Esports, having shown their potential at TI12, are now rebuilding their roster. The departure of the entire team means they are on the lookout for new talent to represent them in the upcoming season.

OG: Rebuilding and Revamping

OG, after a challenging year, is undergoing significant changes. With the departure of Taiga and Chuvash, the team is introducing new players and shuffling roles to regain synergy and competitive edge.

New Roster:

  • Yuragi
  • BZM
  • Wisper
  • Ari
  • Ceb (Captain)

Team Falcons: The New Super Group

Team Falcons, a newly formed Saudi Arabian team, is making headlines with its all-star lineup. Comprising renowned players, they are poised to become a formidable force in the Dota 2 scene.


  • skiter
  • Malr1ne
  • ATF
  • Cr1t
  • Sneyking

Bleed Esports: The Rising SEA Powerhouse

Bleed Esports, a relatively new team, is making waves with their star-studded roster. After their success in 2023, they are aiming to up their game in the upcoming season.


  • JaCkky
  • Kordan
  • Masaros
  • DJ
  • Taiga

Azure Ray: Major Changes Ahead

Azure Ray, a successful new team in the Chinese scene, is undergoing a major roster overhaul. With the departure of key players, they are looking to rebuild and reach new heights.

New Roster:

  • Lou
  • XM
  • Xxs
  • XinQ
  • 天命

Conclusion: A Season of Anticipation

The 2023-24 Dota 2 season is shaping up to be exceptionally exciting, with teams reimagining their strategies and rosters. With the transfer window still open, the community eagerly awaits further updates and confirmations. The evolving landscape promises to bring new dynamics and fierce competition, making the upcoming season one to watch closely.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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