EMEA Valorant league behind as Asia-Pacific Valorant Challengers double the accumulated watch time

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Esports Charts has compiled comprehensive viewership data for all national and regional Valorant Challengers 2023 Split 2 leagues. These leagues demonstrate similar ratios of official broadcasts and community casting, akin to the major affiliate leagues within the discipline.

In 2023, Riot Games undertook a complete reconstruction of the Valorant esports scene by establishing three affiliate leagues: EMEA, Americas, and Pacific. Each league consists of 10 teams representing their respective regions, competing for prestigious titles in the world championships. To foster the growth of tier-2 competition, Riot Games introduced Valorant Challengers leagues, separate championships where local teams from various countries and regions compete. Examples include Japan, South Korea, Brazil, France, and others. The strongest teams from Valorant Challengers leagues then have the opportunity to represent their countries in an international Ascension promotion tournament, with a chance to qualify for the aforementioned affiliate leagues.

EMEA Valorant league

Every team has secured their spot in the LPL Summer 2023 playoffs.The Valorant EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) league is a prominent and highly competitive division within the Valorant esports scene. As part of Riot Games’ efforts to develop and showcase regional talent, the EMEA league features top-tier teams from various countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The EMEA league comprises ten teams that compete in a rigorous tournament format, vying for the chance to claim the coveted title and represent their region on the global stage. These teams consist of skilled players who display exceptional gameplay, strategic prowess, and teamwork.

Throughout the season, the EMEA league showcases intense matches and fierce rivalries, captivating fans and spectators alike. The teams exhibit a wide range of playstyles and innovative strategies, making each game a thrilling and unpredictable experience.

In addition to the competitive aspect, the EMEA league serves as a platform for talented players to showcase their skills and potentially catch the attention of professional organizations. The league offers valuable exposure and opportunities for aspiring players to make their mark in the Valorant esports scene.

Viewership for the EMEA league has been significant, with passionate fans tuning in to support their favorite teams and players. The matches attract a dedicated and engaged audience, creating an electric atmosphere as viewers cheer on their chosen squads.

With each season, the EMEA league continues to grow and evolve, contributing to the overall development and popularity of Valorant esports. The league acts as a stepping stone for teams to qualify for international competitions and showcase their prowess against other regions, further cementing their reputation as formidable competitors.

As Valorant esports gains more recognition and support, the EMEA league stands at the forefront, showcasing the region’s talent and contributing to the ever-expanding global esports landscape.

EMEA Prize Pool

Place$ USD

EMEA Format

Regular Season:

  • The Regular Season features a total of 10 teams.
  • The teams compete in a Single Round Robin format.
  • All matches in the Regular Season are Best-of-Three (Bo3) matches.
  • The top 6 teams from the Regular Season advance to the Playoffs.
  • The top 2 teams secure a spot in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.
  • The teams ranked 3rd to 6th advance to the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals.


  • The Playoffs consist of 6 teams.
  • The Playoffs follow a Double-Elimination bracket format.
  • All matches in the Playoffs, except for the Lower Final and Grand Final, are Bo3 matches.
  • The Lower Final and Grand Final matches are Best-of-Five (Bo5) matches.
  • The top 4 teams from the Playoffs will qualify for the Masters tournament.

Americas Valorant league

The Americas Valorant league is a prestigious and highly competitive division within the Valorant esports ecosystem. Organized by Riot Games, this league brings together top-tier teams from North America, Latin America, and Brazil to compete for supremacy and represent their region on the global stage.

Comprising ten skilled teams, the Americas Valorant league showcases the best talent from the Americas region. These teams feature highly skilled players who possess exceptional aim, game sense, and teamwork, creating intense and thrilling matches for viewers and fans.

The league follows a rigorous tournament format, with teams battling it out in strategic gameplay and showcasing their unique playstyles. The competition is fierce, with rivalries forming and storylines unfolding throughout the season, adding to the excitement and drama.

Viewership for the Americas Valorant league has been significant, with dedicated fans and passionate esports enthusiasts eagerly tuning in to witness the thrilling matches and support their favorite teams. The league provides an engaging viewing experience, with professional production and commentary enhancing the overall spectacle.

Additionally, the Americas Valorant league serves as a platform for talented players to make a name for themselves in the Valorant esports scene. Aspiring professionals have the opportunity to showcase their skills and catch the attention of organizations, opening doors to potential future opportunities.

The league’s success and popularity contribute to the growth and development of Valorant esports in the Americas region. It acts as a stepping stone for teams to qualify for international tournaments, allowing them to compete against top teams from around the world and solidify their reputation as formidable competitors.

As the Americas Valorant league continues to evolve and gain momentum, it strengthens the overall esports landscape, showcasing the region’s talent and passion for the game. With each season, fans can expect intense matches, rivalries, and the emergence of new stars, further fueling the excitement surrounding Valorant esports in the Americas.

Pacific Valorant league

The Pacific Valorant league is a prominent and highly competitive division within the Valorant esports scene. Organized by Riot Games, this league brings together top-level teams from the Asia-Pacific region to showcase their skills and compete for supremacy on the Valorant stage.

Featuring teams from countries such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more, the Pacific Valorant league serves as a platform for players and organizations to demonstrate their talent and represent their respective regions with pride.

The league consists of ten skilled teams, each comprised of exceptional players known for their precise aim, strategic prowess, and teamwork. These teams engage in intense battles, employing a variety of playstyles and innovative strategies to outmaneuver their opponents and secure victory.

The Pacific Valorant league follows a competitive format, with teams vying for top placements through a series of matches and tournaments. The league’s structure not only fosters exciting and thrilling gameplay but also allows players and teams to gain valuable experience and refine their strategies.

With a passionate and dedicated fanbase, the Pacific Valorant league attracts a significant viewership. Esports enthusiasts and Valorant fans from across the region eagerly tune in to witness the intense matches, support their favorite teams, and cheer for their local heroes.

The league’s success has helped elevate Valorant’s popularity in the Asia-Pacific region, drawing attention to the region’s vibrant esports scene and showcasing the immense talent within its borders. It provides a platform for up-and-coming players to make a name for themselves and potentially secure future opportunities in the competitive gaming industry.

As the Pacific Valorant league continues to grow, it contributes to the overall development and expansion of Valorant esports worldwide. The league’s exciting matches, rivalries, and emerging stars capture the imagination of fans, generating a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm for the future of Valorant in the Asia-Pacific region.


Valorant Challengers in the Pacific division have outperformed the Americas and EMEA divisions in terms of total Hours Watched. Notably, the Pacific division was the only division where official broadcasts garnered more viewership than community casters in terms of total watch time.

Valorant Challengers leagues

The Valorant Challengers leagues in the Pacific division accumulated a total of 9.9 million Hours Watched. This figure encompasses national leagues in countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, and more, including both official broadcasts and community casters. The Americas division, comprising leagues from Brazil, North America, and Latin America, secured the second position with 7.3 million Hours Watched. The EMEA division, encompassing European leagues, accumulated just under 4.4 million HW.

Regarding the ratios of official broadcasts and community casting, each league exhibited diverse viewership preferences. On average, official broadcasts dominated in the Pacific countries, while the Americas and EMEA divisions saw a clear shift towards community streamers. Interestingly, viewership trends align with the higher division, Valorant Champions Tour 2023 partner leagues.

Half of the Top 10 most-watched regional leagues in Valorant Challengers originate from the Pacific Division. It is worth noting that the leader in the rankings accumulated 6.5 million Hours Watched, and only five out of the 25 leagues crossed the one million HW mark.

Notable competitions within the divisions include the Thai national league surpassing the combined viewership of the leagues in Indonesia and Vietnam, as well as the French league being seven times more popular than the Spanish league. Tarik, whose channel is the most-watched among all VCT Challengers broadcasts, ranked among the Top 5 English-language community streamers in Valorant Challengers leagues. Additionally, a streamer from France emerged as the leader in Peak Viewers among all channels.

In terms of official broadcasts, the Top 5 most popular Valorant Challengers channels include three from the Pacific League, while the Americas and EMEA divisions each have one representative at the top, with one channel on Twitch and the other on YouTube Gaming.

Overall, the statistics for Valorant Challengers highlight the prominence of the Pacific region and its distinctive characteristics compared to the EMEA and Americas divisions. The viewing culture in Southeast Asia suggests a preference for official broadcasts among local viewers, while in America and Europe, community casters gather the largest audiences.

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