EMEA Masters’ Summer 2023 Overview: The Ascendancy of SuperLiga and the Landscape of LoL Leagues

Jules « Hantera » Bourgeois and Aegis were eliminated in the main round of the EMEA Masters.

As the summer of 2023 reached its zenith, an intense competitive wave washed over the League of Legends scene in Europe and the Middle East. The results were clear: SuperLiga stood tall, with Spanish flair and finesse. This article delves into the exhilarating dynamics of the EMEA Masters division and how different leagues fared during the season.

EMEA Masters: A Glimpse at the Top Contenders

The EMEA Masters division, an elite grouping in the League of Legends scene, comprises 13 esteemed national and regional leagues. Their diversity is evident in their varying viewership:

  • SuperLiga (Spain) – A behemoth with hundreds of thousands glued to their screens.
  • LFL (France) – An equally magnificent spectacle boasting impressive numbers.
  • Prime League – Serving fans from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Others – Including UK, Greece, Portugal, and the unified Balkans league, with viewership varying widely.

A crowning event, the EMEA Masters tournament, awaits the finest from these leagues, marking the zenith of the competitive calendar for national league participants.

Unpacking SuperLiga’s Summer Magic

A Look at the Players:

Spanish SuperLiga’s charm in the EMEA Masters is undeniable. Credit goes to the involvement of marquee clubs:

  • Academy Titans: Teams such as KOI, Team Heretics, and Fnatic grace the league. Their principal contingents are LEC stalwarts.
  • Star Power: With the likes of Rebels Gaming, under the aegis of football sensation David de Gea, and FC Barcelona’s esports team, the excitement never dwindles.

Key Metrics:

MetricsSuperLiga Summer 2023 Figures
Hours Watched3.8 Million
Average Viewers during Broadcasts28.6K
Peak Viewers160.8K

The allure of KOI Academy remained unmatched, with the team reigning supreme in terms of viewership. One cannot discuss SuperLiga’s surge without mentioning Ibai.

“The role of Ibai, a Spanish streaming icon and KOI’s co-owner, was monumental in defining SuperLiga’s summer narrative”

Surpassing even LVPes league’s official channel in viewership, Ibai’s charisma ensured even KOI.A’s least-watched match had numbers doubling those of the league’s grand final.

SL versus LFL: How significant is the audience disparity between these two leading ERLs.

The French LFL’s Summer Saga

The French LFL, akin to SuperLiga, basks in the participation of LEC academies like Vitality.Bee and Team BDS Academy. But the jewel in its crown is Karmine Corp, fostered by renowned streamer Kamet0.

A Numbers Game:

MetricsLFL Summer 2023 Figures
Hours WatchedJust over 5 Million
Average Viewers37.9K
Peak Viewers149.1K

Karmine Corp, with its die-hard fanbase, stood as the undisputed champion in viewership.

“Kamet0’s influence on the LFL is as colossal as Ibai’s on SuperLiga”

Although Karmine Corp’s success led them to the EMEA Masters, KOI Academy missed out.

Insights from Prime League Summer 2023

Serving the German-speaking regions of Europe, Prime League follows its EMEA peers in offering riveting action:

  • Participating Teams: Notables include SK Gaming Prime, Unicorns of Love SE, BIG, and FC Schalke 04.

Quantitative Highlights:

MetricsPrime League Summer 2023 Figures
Hours Watched1.2 Million
Average Viewers9.5K
Peak Viewers38.3K

The season’s most anticipated clash saw Eintracht Spandau take on NNO Prime. This match, fueled by the intrigue surrounding former pro-player Broeki’s association with both teams, garnered unprecedented viewership.

Despite the hype, NNO Prime’s poor performance culminated in a dip in league viewership come playoff time.

Beyond the Big Three: A Snapshot of Others

Leagues such as TCL Summer 2023 and Ultraliga Season 10 couldn’t match the viewership prowess of the top three. The discrepancies were substantial, with a 10-20 times difference in viewership metrics.

Year-on-year dynamics reveal a concerning trend: a decline in Peak Viewers across EMEA Masters leagues. Comparative data from 2022 and 2023 uncovers losses for SuperLiga (22%), LFL (29%), and Prime League (16%). Various reasons account for this, from team transitions in the SuperLiga to underperformances in LFL.

Coming Attractions

From August 14 to September 8, the crème de la crème of national leagues will vie for glory in the international EMEA Masters Summer 2023 championship, boasting a whopping prize pool of €150K.

The ebb and flow of viewership and competitive intensity mark the summer of 2023’s EMEA Masters landscape. As fans await the grand EMEA Masters championship, the tales of SuperLiga’s ascendancy, LFL’s sustained charm, and Prime League’s twists promise to keep the LoL community enthralled.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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