Dplus KIA’s Canyon: The Journey From Aspiring Gamer to LCK Champion

Composure and Skill: The Secret Sauce Behind Canyon’s Success in the LCK.

In the highly competitive world of eSports, very few manage to rise above the fray to achieve lasting fame and success. However, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, the prodigious jungler for Dplus KIA, has not only defied the odds but has carved a niche for himself in the League of Legends (LoL) professional scene. Since his debut in 2019, Canyon has garnered multiple titles and has been instrumental in leading his team to significant victories, including a 2020 Worlds Championship title.

But success didn’t come overnight for Canyon. It was a long and arduous journey from being an aspiring gamer to becoming one of the most respected players in the LoL Champions Korea (LCK). This article delves into the fascinating narrative of Canyon, detailing the early years that shaped his gaming career, the challenges he overcame, and the unique traits that set him apart from his contemporaries. Join us as we unravel the story of a young man whose blend of skill, determination, and mental composure has seen him rise from obscurity to the pinnacle of eSports stardom.

The Genesis of a Pro

Born with childhood dreams of becoming a police officer and a flair for painting, Canyon’s life took a different turn when he discovered his natural aptitude for gaming.

“I started playing around grade 5 or 6 because a friend convinced me to play,” — Canyon

Interestingly, he admits that the distraction of the virtual world led him to skip Taekwondo classes and academic commitments, marking a pivotal shift in his life.

Gaming Milestones: A Quick Overview

Grade 5-6Began Playing LoLEntry into the gaming world
Middle SchoolReached Challenger RankRealization of Potential
Age 17Relocated to SeoulChasing Professional Dreams
Age 18Contract with Dplus KIABecoming a Pro

Overcoming the First Hurdles

The road to success is rarely smooth, and Canyon was no exception. His first season in the LCK in 2019 started poorly, resulting in a four-game losing streak and a temporary replacement by Son “Punch” Min-hyuk. This situation raised a crucial question from his parents:

“What makes you different from all the gamers that want to make it pro?”

Yet, it was during these lows that Canyon’s true character shined through, revealing his first defining trait: Composure.

The Secret Sauce of Success

If there’s one element that has contributed significantly to Canyon’s professional journey, it’s his unwavering mental strength. Unlike other players who may crumble under pressure, Canyon remains incredibly composed. This stoicism allows him to weather the ups and downs of a volatile career.

His journey was not without its challenges, but Canyon focused on what really mattered—his personal growth. He devoted extensive hours to the game, often refusing to leave until he felt he had made substantial progress.

“I think there are many good junglers out there, and I personally don’t think I have shown to be significantly better than others,” — Canyon

Despite his humility, Canyon’s ability to maintain composure and focus on improvement has set him a notch above the rest.

Hours Invested: A Noteworthy Commitment

PeriodHours per DayMain Focus
Early Career10-12Skill-building
Pre-Competitions14-16Strategic Plays
Post-Competitions8-10Reflection & Improvement

Two Traits that Set Him Apart

It’s impossible to talk about Canyon without mentioning the two traits that distinguish him from other junglers: composure and determination. While the former allows him to stay level-headed during high-pressure moments, the latter drives him to push the boundaries of his own abilities continually.

  • Composure: Canyon’s mental fortitude enables him to remain unaffected by negative experiences or setbacks. This helps him to objectively assess his performance and adjust his strategies.
  • Determination: Canyon’s ambition is palpable, as is evident from the extensive hours he dedicates to practicing. Even after temporary setbacks, he never let his performance dip and instead, kept his eyes on his goals.
Meet Canyon: Dplus KIA's rising League of Legends star.

The Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

At this stage in his career, Canyon has achieved remarkable success, including three LCK titles and a 2020 Worlds Championship title. Yet, he continues to hone his understanding of both the macro and micro aspects of the game. He is not just concerned with mastering strategic elements; he also seeks to excel in individual fights. His continuous quest for improvement is a lesson for all, whether you are an aspiring pro gamer or a veteran of the scene.

Wrapping Up: The Factors Behind Canyon’s Meteoric Rise in eSports

In a nutshell, Canyon’s story is one of unexpected beginnings, unyielding perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The lessons from his journey are universal: the importance of recognizing your true potential, the courage to pursue it against all odds, and the composure to maintain your course even when the going gets tough. These qualities make Canyon a player to watch, and undoubtedly, a legend in the making.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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