All the Draft Picks the Yankees Have Successfully Signed

The Draft Picks the Yankees Have Successfully Signed

The New York Yankees have made significant moves during the 2023 MLB Draft to strengthen their roster for the future. Led by Damon Oppenheimer, the Yankees’ vice president of domestic amateur scouting, the team carefully selected players they believe have the potential to make a substantial impact in the league. From high school standouts to collegiate stars, let’s take a closer look at the Yankees’ draft picks and their potential contributions to the team.

The Draft and Signing Process

The deadline for clubs to finalize deals with their drafted players is set for 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT on Tuesday, July 25. Players who have exhausted their collegiate eligibility can sign at any time until one week before the next year’s Draft. Furthermore, Draft-and-follow picks, selected after the 10th round, who attend a two-year college after the Draft, have the opportunity to sign with their selecting teams for up to $250,000 until a week prior to the following year’s Draft. It’s essential for the Yankees to secure agreements with their selections to ensure the future of their roster.

Top Yankees Draft Picks

1 (26): George Lombard Jr., SS, Gulliver Prep (FL) — $3,300,000 (Pick value $3,065,000)

George Lombard Jr. stands out as one of the Yankees’ most promising draft choices. Damon Oppenheimer praises Lombard Jr.’s work ethic, stating, “He doesn’t take any pitches off,” which bodes well for his development. Adding to Lombard Jr.’s potential, his background comes with a strong athletic pedigree, as his father is an ex-Major League player, and his mother excelled as an elite soccer player and gymnast. Oppenheimer believes these attributes make Lombard Jr. a special prospect with a bright future in the organization.

3 (97): Kyle Carr, LHP, Palomar College — $692,000 (Pick value $692,000)

Kyle Carr’s left-handed pitching has caught the attention of the Yankees. With impressive fastball velocity ranging from 92 to 96 mph, Carr has the ability to throw strikes consistently. Oppenheimer highlights Carr’s easy slider and compares him to the legendary Tom Glavine in his delivery. Carr’s relaxed and effortless style of play adds excitement to his potential impact in the Yankees’ rotation.

4 (129): Roc Riggio, 2B, Oklahoma State — (Pick value $506,800)

Roc Riggio, a talented second baseman from Oklahoma State, holds immense promise. While he has not yet agreed to terms with the team, his skills and potential are intriguing. The Yankees are likely eager to sign him to further bolster their infield options.

Other Notable Yankees Draft Picks

The Yankees’ selections from Round 6 to Round 20 have also shown significant potential. Here’s a list of some of the promising players and their projected contributions to the team.

6 (192): Cade Smith, RHP, Mississippi State — (Pick value $285,400)

Cade Smith has already agreed to terms with the Yankees, according to his social media post on July 15. Smith’s performance at Mississippi State has been commendable, and his 5.23 ERA in 10 games (nine starts) this past season shows glimpses of his talent. As he refines his skills, Smith could become a vital asset in the Yankees’ pitching staff.

7 (222): Kiko Romero, 1B, Arizona — $197,500 (Pick value $224,700)

Kiko Romero, a powerful left-handed-hitting slugger from Arizona, has the potential to become a run-scoring machine for the Yankees. In the previous season, Romero set a school record with 89 RBIs and displayed a remarkable batting average of .345. With his strength and consistency, Romero could be a formidable force in the team’s batting lineup.

8 (252): Nicholas Judice, RHP, University of Louisiana (Monroe) — (Pick value $188,000)

Nicholas Judice’s agreement with the Yankees brings a talented two-pitch (fastball, slider) reliever into their bullpen mix. Known for his deceptive pitching style, Judice’s combination of stuff and velocity could make him a valuable asset for the team.

9 (282): Jared Wegner, OF, Arkansas — (Pick value $173,100)

Jared Wegner’s signing with the Yankees offers depth and versatility to the team’s outfield. His impressive .313/.457/.674 slash line, 15 homers, and 51 RBIs during the previous season with Arkansas showcase his potential to contribute significantly to the Yankees’ offense.

10 (312): Brian Hendry, RHP, Oklahoma State — (Pick value $164,400)

Another talented pitcher from Oklahoma State, Brian Hendry, brings his skills to the Yankees’ organization. With a fastball that can reach impressive speeds, Hendry’s ability to control the mound and deliver under pressure makes him a valuable asset in the team’s pitching rotation.

11 (342): Josh Grosz, RHP, East Carolina

Josh Grosz’s agreement with the Yankees opens the door to a promising player-development project. As he refines his skills, Grosz has the potential to fill a No. 4 or No. 5 spot in the Yankees’ big league rotation.

12 (372): Brady Rose, LHP, Dallas Baptist — $150,000

Brady Rose, a senior from Dallas Baptist, could become an excellent addition to the Yankees’ pitching roster. With impressive statistics from the past season, Rose’s abilities on the mound could provide critical support to the team.

13 (402): Josh Tiedemann, TWP, Hamilton High (AZ)

Josh Tiedemann’s agreement with the Yankees adds depth to the team’s talent pool. As he continues his development, Tiedemann’s skills could be honed to contribute positively to the organization.

14 (432): Danny Flatt, RHP, P27 Academy (SC)

Danny Flatt’s signing with the Yankees offers the team a prospect with untapped potential. With the right guidance and training, Flatt could become a valuable asset in the Yankees’ future plans.

15 (462): Tomas Frick, C, North Carolina

Tomas Frick’s agreement with the Yankees brings a talented catcher to the organization. As he hones his skills behind the plate, Frick could become a reliable force in the Yankees’ defensive lineup.

16 (492): Andrew Landry, RHP, Southeastern Louisiana

Andrew Landry’s agreement with the Yankees adds depth to the team’s pitching staff. As he continues to develop his talents, Landry could become a valuable asset for the organization.

17 (522): Wilson Rodriguez, OF, Academia Presbiteriana High (PR)

Wilson Rodriguez’s signing with the Yankees offers the team an outfield prospect with exciting potential. As he develops his skills, Rodriguez could be a key player in the Yankees’ future outfield lineup.

18 (552): Coby Morales, OF, Washington

Coby Morales’s agreement with the Yankees presents an outfield prospect with potential upside. As he continues to improve his game, Morales could become a valuable contributor to the team’s offense.

19 (582): Cade Austin, RHP, South Carolina

Cade Austin’s agreement with the Yankees provides the team with a pitcher who has the potential to make a significant impact. With hard work and dedication, Austin could become a formidable presence on the mound.

20 (612): Bryce Warrecker, RHP, Cal Poly

Bryce Warrecker’s agreement with the Yankees adds depth to the team’s pitching options. As he progresses through the ranks, Warrecker’s talents could be honed to contribute positively to the organization.

Bonus Pools and Pick Values

To understand the Yankees’ strategy in the Draft better, it’s essential to comprehend how bonus pools and pick values work. Each pick in the first 10 rounds comes with an assigned value, and the total value of all the club’s selections in these rounds represents the amount they can spend without incurring penalties. If a player taken in the top 10 rounds chooses not to sign with the team, the value of that pick gets subtracted from the club’s bonus pool. Clubs often spend less than the assigned value for top selections to allocate more funds for later picks, providing them with financial flexibility.

The New York Yankees’ MLB Rank and Total Bonus Pool

As one of the most iconic and successful teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) history, the New York Yankees continually strive to maintain their competitive edge. One crucial aspect of building a strong and thriving team is through the annual MLB Draft. The 2023 MLB Draft proved to be a significant opportunity for the Yankees to replenish their farm system and secure promising talent for the future.

  • Yankees’ MLB Rank

The MLB rank of 29 places the Yankees in the upper echelons of the league. With 30 teams competing for baseball supremacy, being ranked in the top 30 demonstrates the Yankees’ consistent ability to field competitive teams and maintain a high level of performance. Their impressive track record, storied history, and unwavering commitment to excellence have solidified their position as perennial contenders.

  • Total Bonus Pool

The total bonus pool allocated for the 2023 MLB Draft is a crucial financial aspect that significantly impacts a team’s ability to acquire top talent. The Yankees’ total bonus pool for this year’s Draft is an impressive $5,299,400. This pool is a fixed amount established by MLB, based on the team’s draft position and the assigned slot values for each pick in the first 10 rounds.

Final Thoughts

The Yankees’ 2023 MLB Draft has brought in a wealth of promising talent that could shape the team’s future success. From powerful hitters to impressive pitchers, the organization has diligently scouted and selected players who possess the potential to become significant assets on and off the field. As these prospects develop and grow within the Yankees’ system, the team’s future looks bright, and fans can look forward to witnessing the emergence of the next generation of baseball stars.

Yankees 2023 Draft Picks and Agreements

Round (Pick)PlayerPositionCollege/SchoolSigning StatusAgreement Date
1 (26)George Lombard Jr.SSGulliver Prep (FL)Agreed to termsJuly 18
3 (97)Kyle CarrLHPPalomar CollegeAgreed to termsJuly 18
4 (129)Roc Riggio2BOklahoma StateHas not agreedJuly 18
6 (192)Cade SmithRHPMississippi StateAgreed to termsJuly 15
7 (222)Kiko Romero1BArizonaAgreed to termsJuly 18
8 (252)Nicholas JudiceRHPUniversity of LouisianaAgreed to termsJuly 18
9 (282)Jared WegnerOFArkansasAgreed to termsJuly 18
10 (312)Brian HendryRHPOklahoma StateAgreed to termsJuly 18
11 (342)Josh GroszRHPEast CarolinaAgreed to termsJuly 18
12 (372)Brady RoseLHPDallas BaptistAgreed to termsJuly 15
13 (402)Josh TiedemannTWPHamilton High (AZ)Agreed to termsJuly 18
14 (432)Danny FlattRHPP27 Academy (SC)Agreed to termsJuly 18
15 (462)Tomas FrickCNorth CarolinaAgreed to termsJuly 18
16 (492)Andrew LandryRHPSoutheastern LouisianaAgreed to termsJuly 18
17 (522)Wilson RodriguezOFAcademia Presbiteriana PRAgreed to termsJuly 18
18 (552)Coby MoralesOFWashingtonAgreed to termsJuly 18
19 (582)Cade AustinRHPSouth CarolinaAgreed to termsJuly 18
20 (612)Bryce WarreckerRHPCal PolyAgreed to termsJuly 18

To further emphasize the team’s excitement and commitment to their newly drafted players, Yankees’ manager, Aaron Boone, shared his thoughts on the recent additions to the roster. He expressed:

We are thrilled with the talent and potential that these young players bring to our organization. The 2023 Draft has presented us with a unique opportunity to bolster our roster for the future, and we believe that these players have what it takes to contribute significantly to the success of the New York Yankees.

With Aaron Boone’s endorsement, the Yankees’ draft picks can rest assured that the organization has faith in their abilities and will provide them with the support and guidance needed to reach their full potential. As these players begin their journey through the ranks of the Yankees’ farm system, the anticipation among fans and coaching staff alike is palpable, eagerly awaiting the day these prospects step onto the iconic Yankee Stadium field and make their mark in the storied franchise’s history.

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