Zhilei Zhang’s Path to Glory: From Joe Joyce Rematch to a Possible Showdown with Tyson Fury

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Let’s talk boxing heavyweight boxing, to be precise, where each match can either catapult a fighter into stardom or dash their hopes in the blink of an eye. This weekend, the spotlight is on Zhilei Zhang, who’s set to lock horns with Joe Joyce in a high-stakes rematch in London. But there’s more on the line for Zhang than just a rematch win, this fight could pave the way for a colossal showdown with none other than Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion. So, let’s dissect what’s at play here.

Part I: The First Encounter Breaking Joyce’s Streak

In April, the boxing world was buzzing when Zhilei Zhang stopped Joe Joyce in the sixth round, shattering the latter’s unbeaten record. The win wasn’t just a feather in Zhang’s cap, it was more like a golden ticket that had him brushing elbows with the possibility of a world title fight against Tyson Fury.

But then, the record scratched. Joyce activated the rematch clause in their contract, effectively putting the brakes on Zhang’s potential title shot.

I was a little bit disappointed because I was very, very close to making that Tyson Fury fight happen, right before Joe activated the rematch clause.

Inside the Rematch Clause

  • Activated by: Joe Joyce
  • Impact: Stops immediate talks for a Tyson Fury vs Zhilei Zhang bout.
  • Zhang’s Reaction: Disappointment but commitment to honor the contract.

Part II: The Bigger Picture What a Victory Means for Zhang

Beyond the rematch lies a treasure trove of opportunities for Zhilei Zhang. His co-manager, Terry Lane, expressed lofty ambitions for the Chinese heavyweight fighter, ambitions that could become a reality with another win over Joyce.

If Zhilei wins, as we expect him to again, Fury is our first target.

The Heavyweight Elite Post-Rematch (If Zhang Wins)

Tyson FuryWBC Heavyweight Champion
Oleksandr UsykWBA, WBO, IBF Champion
Zhilei ZhangAspiring Heavyweight Elite
boxing match

The Road Not Taken

Had the rematch clause not been activated, the heavy hitters in the heavyweight division today could have looked different. Zhang might have had his long-awaited shot at Fury and perhaps altered the trajectory of the division.

Part III: Strategy Capitalizing on Weaknesses

The sixth-round stoppage in the previous fight was no accident. Zhang managed to cause significant swelling around Joyce’s right eye, which became a key factor in the match’s outcome.

That exposed that weakness. So I would be a fool if I don’t continue exploiting that.

Part IV: Looking Back at Zhang’s Career Milestones

Let’s not forget that Zhilei Zhang is no stranger to the big leagues. An Olympic silver medalist himself, he crossed gloves with Anthony Joshua at the 2012 Games, only to fall short. However, with the current career momentum, a rematch with Joshua in the professional ring is another appetizing prospect for Zhang.

Zhilei Zhang’s Career Highlights

  • Olympic Silver Medalist
  • Defeated Joe Joyce
  • Potential Tyson Fury Challenger
  • Interested in Anthony Joshua Rematch

Part V: The What-Ifs and Maybes

Even before Joyce, there was chatter about Zhang potentially facing Anthony Joshua. Although those talks fizzled out, Zhang believes the door is still ajar. “Actually, the option has always been there because right before the first fight with Joe Joyce we touched [on] that with their team. They refused. But I think the option’s still there,” he mused.

Conclusion: Saturday Night Will Write History

So here we are, on the cusp of a fight that carries enormous weight for Zhilei Zhang. Victory could open doors he’s only knocked on so far.

This division is just a constant game of ‘musical chairs.

Saturday night at The AO Arena will not just be a fight, it will be a fulcrum on which destinies teeter. Zhilei Zhang has the chance to not just defeat Joe Joyce again but to potentially rewrite the future narrative of the heavyweight boxing scene. It’s more than a rematch, it’s a pivot towards a series of events that could be groundbreaking. We’ll all be watching. Will you?

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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