Usyk’s Skill and Craft: An Unbeatable Formula in the Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Usyk: A Masterclass in Boxing Skill.

The boxing world is one that is ever-changing, a carousel of talents rising and falling in what seems to be a never-ending cycle. However, some fighters manage to defy this notion. One such individual is the Ukrainian boxing prodigy Oleksandr Usyk. Holding a spot in the top three of the pound-for-pound rankings, Usyk’s career has been as illustrious as it has been dramatic. This article aims to dive into the various facets of his career, skills, and what makes him a modern-day boxing legend.

From Near-Defeat to Triumph: The Daniel Dubois Fight

Before we dive into his illustrious history, let’s examine his recent mandatory title defense against Daniel Dubois, an encounter that nearly ended in disaster. A fifth-round body shot delivered to the belt line had floored Usyk, but the referee Luis Pabon quickly ruled it a low blow. The 36-year-old Usyk, who was writhing in pain, was able to rebound after his lengthy recovery period and deliver an impressive ninth-round TKO defeat to Dubois.

“Unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk knows that experience all too well after nearly seeing his mandatory title defense against Daniel Dubois end in disaster when a fifth-round body shot delivered to the belt line floored and badly hurt Usyk.”

The Dubois fight was an illustration of why Usyk’s heavyweight experience is unlike any other. He remains skilled yet vulnerable, daring yet careful. But what are the qualities that set him apart?

The Qualities That Make Usyk Unique

When discussing elite athletes, it’s easy to lump them into general categories based on their physical abilities or tactical intelligence. What sets Oleksandr Usyk apart, however, is a unique blend of attributes that transcend conventional categories, making him an enigma in the boxing world.

1. Technical Skill

The term “technical skill” might sound clichéd when discussing boxers, but for Usyk, it holds particular weight. As a former Olympic gold medalist, he brings a level of expertise and finesse that often appears to be several steps ahead of his opponents.

2. Tactical Brilliance

Usyk’s extremely high boxing IQ allows him to read fights better than almost anyone else in the division. He’s not just fighting; he’s playing 4D chess with his opponents.

3. Physical Fitness and Speed

For a heavyweight, Usyk has remarkable speed. His quick feet enable him to move in and out of dangerous zones with ease, often catching his opponents off guard.

4. Daring Attitude

Usyk has a smaller frame compared to some heavyweights, but he is not afraid to take risks, which is notably seen in his fight against Derek Chisora in 2020.

The Career Milestones

Let’s take a look at some of the key moments in Usyk’s career:

YearMilestone EventResult
2012Olympic Gold MedalWon
2016Wins Cruiserweight TitleWon
2018Becomes Undisputed ChampionSuccessful
2020Move to Heavyweight DivisionTransitioned
2021Fights Daniel DuboisWon via TKO

The Controversies and Challenges

No career is without its share of controversy. Usyk’s choice of opponents and tactical approach has often been called into question. For instance, his decision not to fight WBC titleholder Tyson Fury, despite the latter’s willingness to face former UFC champion Francis Ngannou, has been a topic of much debate.

“And the only fighter with the combination of size and skill to match him is likely WBC titleholder and defending lineal king Tyson Fury, who chose instead to fight former UFC champion Francis Ngannou.”

This issue brings up an important facet of Usyk’s career: his apparent reluctance to face Tyson Fury. While this could be viewed as a calculated move, it is one that certainly draws criticism and clouds Usyk’s otherwise sparkling career.

Oleksandr Usyk's boxing genius, unpacked.

A Legend in the Making?

Oleksandr Usyk remains one of the most technically brilliant heavyweights the division has ever seen. His combination of skill, tactical brilliance, and daring make him a must-watch in the modern era of boxing.

While his career has had its ups and downs, and there remains some controversy over his choice of opponents, there is no denying the sheer level of talent he brings into the ring. His pound-for-pound ranking is not just a number but a testament to the level of excellence he has maintained throughout his career. With many more years of boxing left in him, it remains to be seen where Usyk will ultimately find himself in the annals of boxing history. But one thing is for sure: he is already a modern-day legend.

Current Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Here are the top 10 boxers in the latest Pound-for-Pound rankings:

RankBoxerDivisionRecordPrevious Ranking
1Terence CrawfordUndisputed welterweight champion39-0, 29 KOsNo. 1
2Naoya InoueUnified junior featherweight22-0, 20 KOsNo. 2
3Oleksandr UsykUnified heavyweight champion19-0, 13 KOsNo. 3
4Dmitry BivolWBA light heavyweight champion21-0, 11 KOsNo. 4
5Devin HaneyUndisputed lightweight champion30-0, 15 KOsNo. 5
6Canelo AlvarezUndisputed super middleweight59-2-2, 38 KOsNo. 6
7Errol Spence Jr.Welterweight28-1, 22 KOsNo. 7
8Tyson FuryWBC heavyweight champion33-0-1, 25 KOsNo. 8
9Gervonta DavisSecondary lightweight titleholder29-0, 27 KOsNo. 9
10Shakur StevensonLightweight20-0, 10 KOsNo. 10
Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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