Anthony Joshua vs. Zhilei Zhang: A Boxing Spectacle on the Horizon?

Anthony Joshua vs. Zhilei Zhang

While many boxing enthusiasts saw Joe Joyce’s defeat as unexpected, Zhilei Zhang was confident all along. Joyce, with his Olympic silver medalist tag, always adopted a not-so-elegant style but undeniably remained effective in the ring. Yet Zhang had his own convictions. Before their rematch, he gestured towards his fist in a face-off with Joyce, hinting that his left would be the decider. To the surprise of many, it was his right that sealed the day for him.

In a dramatic turn of events, Zhang, with a record of 26-1-1 and 21 KOs, now finds himself being eyed by boxing giants like Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. While the chances of him going against these stalwarts are slim, he’s not without intriguing prospects.

The Match Everyone’s Talking About

Zhang has long expressed his desire to face the former unified champion, Anthony Joshua. Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s esteemed promoter, has also shown a soft corner for Zhang. Following Zhang’s newfound success, Hearn is not just toying with the idea of a Joshua-Zhang face-off, but he’s even considering hosting it in Zhang’s backyard.

We’ve always considered him for Anthony Joshua. It’s a massive fight in China.

The euphoria of his triumph over Joyce was palpable, with Zhang visibly overjoyed. This might just be the stepping stone to the most significant bout of his life.

Hearn’s Game Plan

However, before Zhang and his legion of fans start planning the party, Hearn has larger visions. He’s been trying to orchestrate a much-anticipated fight: Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder. This clash has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, but Hearn has consistently faced obstacles in making it a reality. The initially proposed timeline of December or January now seems to be a distant dream.

So, if the showdown with Wilder is pushed to February or March, Hearn has indicated a willingness to schedule another fight for Joshua by year-end. As you might have guessed, Zhang is at the forefront of that discussion.

I think realistically, if the Wilder fight now is gonna happen in February or March, we got to make a decision if we fight in December. Would that be against Zhilei Zhang? For sure, if there was a big fight to be made in China, Joshua would have no problem taking that fight.
Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin

Key Takeaways

  • Zhilei Zhang’s Rise: From predicting a win against Joyce using his left hand to surprising everyone with his right, Zhang’s journey is nothing short of cinematic.
  • The Prospects Ahead: While matches with Fury or Usyk seem less probable, a showdown with Joshua, backed by Hearn, looks more likely.
  • Hearn’s Dilemma: As Joshua’s promoter, Hearn has the task of choosing between a much-awaited clash with Wilder or capitalizing on Zhang’s current momentum.

In conclusion, the world of boxing is rife with uncertainties, strategies, and last-minute changes. While Zhang’s recent victory has placed him firmly in the spotlight, what the future holds for him remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain though: if Hearn’s plans materialize, boxing fans are in for a treat.

Boxing Expert Curt Delroy
reviewed by: Curt Delroy (Boxing Expert)

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