Andy Cruz Makes Successful Pro Debut with Victory Over Burgos

Andy Cruz, widely recognized as one of Cuba’s greatest amateur boxers, made an impactful entrance into the world of professional boxing. Despite being a first-timer, Cruz took on the challenge of a ten-round bout, a rarity for debut fights. The fight served as a minor title clash against Juan Carlos Burgos, a former world champion, adding further significance to Cruz’s pro debut.

Throughout the bout, Cruz displayed his mastery of boxing techniques and a disciplined approach that defined Cuba’s amateur program. His hit-and-don’t-get-hit style, honed through his amateur career, earned him Olympic gold and three world titles. Cruz’s skills and dominance were evident as he outboxed and outclassed Burgos, securing a unanimous decision victory.

Cruz’s performance showcased his poise, elusiveness, lateral movement, stamina, and offensive and defensive skills. He expertly utilized his jab, right hand, and inside game to land effective punches and evade his opponent’s attacks. Despite Burgos’ resilience, Cruz’s control and dominance were evident throughout the entire ten rounds.

Biography and trophies of the famous sportsman Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn is a prominent sportsman and boxing promoter who has made significant contributions to the world of boxing. Born on June 8, 1979, in London, England, Eddie Hearn is the chairman of Matchroom Sport and Professional Darts Corporation.

Hearn’s career in boxing promotion began with his father, Barry Hearn, who founded Matchroom Sport. After completing his education at Havering Sixth Form College, Hearn joined the sports management industry and worked on promoting golfers. He later ventured into online poker promotion with Matchroom, which gained worldwide attention through broadcasts on channels such as Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky Sports.

Eddie Hearn’s rise in the boxing world came when he met British boxer Audley Harrison at a poker game. He helped Harrison rebuild his career and secured a fight with heavyweight champion David Haye for the WBA title, marking the growth of Matchroom Boxing.

Hearn’s success continued as he signed an exclusive televised boxing deal with UK broadcaster Sky Sports in 2015. This long-term agreement allowed Hearn to showcase up to 20 boxing shows annually for six years.

Throughout his career, Eddie Hearn has promoted numerous world champions and organized some of the most significant boxing events in recent times. He has worked with renowned fighters like Canelo Álvarez, Katie Taylor, Anthony Joshua, and Alycia Baumgardner, among others. Hearn’s events have drawn massive crowds, including the Carl Froch vs. George Groves rematch in 2014 and the Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko fight in 2017, both held at Wembley Stadium with attendance figures of 80,000 and 90,000, respectively.

As Eddie Hearn once said:

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in boxing and organize unforgettable events that captivate audiences around the world. It’s an honor to promote these incredible athletes and witness the impact they have on the sport.”

With his expertise and dedication, Hearn continues to contribute to the growth and excitement of professional boxing, solidifying his position as one of the most influential figures in the industry.

In addition to his achievements in boxing promotion, Hearn has made strategic partnerships to expand the reach of the sport. He secured a groundbreaking $1 billion boxing deal with streaming service DAZN in 2018, allowing Matchroom Boxing shows to be streamed exclusively in the United States.

Eddie Hearn has not been without controversy in his career. He faced criticism for promoting a professional boxing match between YouTube personalities KSI and Logan Paul in 2019, which was viewed by some as a departure from traditional boxing values. Нis decision to stage the Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua rematch in Saudi Arabia drew criticism due to the country’s human rights record. Hearn defended the decision, emphasizing his role in providing the best opportunities for his fighters.

Despite the ups and downs, Eddie Hearn’s impact on boxing cannot be denied. He has demonstrated his ability to create compelling matchups, organize major events, and bring boxing to a global audience. As a prominent figure in the sport, Eddie Hearn continues to shape the future of boxing through his innovative approach and dedication to promoting the sport he loves.

Andy Cruz’s life journey and awards

Andy Cruz, born on August 12, 1995, in Matanzas, Cuba, is a Cuban professional boxer. He gained prominence through his remarkable amateur career, which started in Cuba’s renowned boxing program. Cruz’s exceptional skills and mastery of the hit-and-don’t-get-hit style led to an impressive amateur record of 140 wins and 9 losses.

As an amateur boxer, Cruz achieved significant milestones, including winning the Olympic gold medal in the lightweight category at the Tokyo 2020 Games. He also secured three amateur world championships and notably defeated Keyshawn Davis, a notable rival, four times, including their Olympic gold medal match.

After his successful amateur career, Andy Cruz made his professional debut as a boxer on July 15, 2023, signing a deal with Matchroom Boxing. In his debut bout, Cruz faced former two-time world championship challenger Juan Carlos Burgos and emerged victorious with a unanimous decision. This unusual introduction to the professional boxing world showcased Cruz’s determination to face formidable opponents and seek challenges in his career.

Andy Cruz’s professional boxing journey is just beginning, and fans and boxing enthusiasts eagerly await his future matches and achievements in the lightweight division. With his impressive skills and decorated amateur background, Cruz is poised to make his mark in the professional boxing scene.

Eddie Hearn vs Andy Cruz upcoming prospect statistics

Here is a comprehensive table with stats on Eddie Hearn and Andy Cruz:

StatisticEddie HearnAndy Cruz
Notable FightersCanelo Álvarez, Katie Taylor, Anthony Joshua, Alycia Baumgardner
Notable AchievementsOrganized fights with massive attendance figures (80,000 and 90,000)Olympic gold medalist, three-time amateur world champion
Major VenuesWembley Stadium (Carl Froch vs. George Groves rematch, Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko fight)
RecognitionWell-known promoter in the boxing industryHighly regarded as the best Cuban amateur boxer of his generation
Future PlansContinues to promote high-profile boxing events and work with top fightersExpected to have a promising professional career and compete for world titles

Please note that Eddie Hearn is primarily a boxing promoter and not an active professional boxer, so his fight statistics are not applicable. Andy Cruz, on the other hand, has an illustrious amateur career and is set to make his professional debut under the promotional guidance of Eddie Hearn.

Familiarize yourself with the information about Eddie Hearn’s fights:

Eddie Hearn is a prominent figure in the world of boxing, known for his role as the chief of Matchroom Boxing. His involvement in various fights and events has made a significant impact on the sport. Let’s explore some intriguing aspects related to Eddie Hearn’s fights:

  • Memorable Fights of 2022:

In 2022, Eddie Hearn orchestrated numerous fights that captivated boxing fans worldwide. From blockbuster events to thrilling matchups, Hearn played a pivotal role in delivering a rollercoaster year for boxing enthusiasts. One notable fight that took place was the long-awaited showdown between British fighters Amir Khan and Kell Brook. Despite critics believing the fight happened too late in their careers, Brook emerged victorious with a sixth-round knockout.

  • Defamation Lawsuit Against Jake Paul:

Eddie Hearn filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against popular YouTube star turned boxer, Jake Paul. The lawsuit came after Paul accused Matchroom Boxing of fixing fights by allegedly paying off a judge. Hearn’s legal action emphasizes the importance of separating opinion from defamatory claims and seeks damages for the false accusations made against Matchroom Boxing and himself.

  • Criticism of Post-Fight Flashing Incident:

During a Kingpyn Boxing event, model Daniella Hemsley, after winning a unanimous decision, bared it all on camera, which drew criticism from boxing personalities, including Eddie Hearn. Hearn expressed his disappointment with the incident, deeming it disrespectful to the sport and the efforts made to earn respect based on merit and hard work. He emphasized the need to distance such actions from professional boxing, despite their entertainment value.

  • Eddie Hearn’s Concerns about Celebrity Boxing:

Eddie Hearn has voiced his concerns about the rise of celebrity boxing events. He questions the direction the sport is taking and the increasing involvement of influencers in boxing matches. Hearn believes that the attention given to celebrity fights could overshadow the achievements of professional boxers and the sport’s credibility.

These are just a few intriguing aspects related to Eddie Hearn’s fights. His contributions to boxing, including organizing significant bouts, addressing defamation, and expressing concerns about the direction of the sport, showcase his involvement in shaping the landscape of professional boxing.

All of Eddie Hearn’s one-liners:

Andy Cruz, a highly talented Cuban boxer, has made a notable entrance into the world of professional boxing. Here is some complete information about Andy Cruz’s fights:

  • Unusual Pro Debut:

Andy Cruz’s professional debut took place in Detroit at the Masonic Temple. In an atypical fashion, Cruz fought a 10-round bout instead of the usual four or six rounds expected for a debut fight. He faced Juan Carlos Burgos, a former world champion, for a minor title. Despite it being his first professional fight, Cruz displayed his dominance, winning via a lopsided unanimous decision with scores of 100-90, 100-90, and 98-92. This impressive victory showcased Cruz’s skill and adaptability as he transitioned from his successful amateur career to the professional ranks.

  • Eddie Hearn’s Remarks:

Promoter Eddie Hearn has expressed his admiration for Andy Cruz, emphasizing the boxer’s exceptional talent and potential. Hearn believes that Cruz is a special athlete and recognizes the skills he possesses. Hearn envisions moving Cruz swiftly but strategically through the ranks, ensuring he is matched with quality opponents to aid in his development. The plan is for Cruz to have several more fights before pursuing a world title.

  • Proving Himself in the Lightweight Division:

As a lightweight boxer, Andy Cruz competes in a division teeming with big-fight possibilities. Hearn has expressed his confidence in Cruz’s abilities and believes he is ready to face top 15 contenders in the division. This strategy aligns with the goal of fast-tracking Cruz’s career while ensuring he is prepared for each challenge he encounters. The ultimate aim is for Cruz to contend for a world title and fulfill his immense potential.

  • Impressive Skill Set and Defensive Prowess:

Andy Cruz’s pro debut showcased his impressive defensive skills, quick hands, reflexes, and adaptability in the ring. Despite facing an experienced opponent, Cruz demonstrated his slick defensive maneuvers, showcased his speed, and exhibited his ability to fight both at a distance and up close. His performance indicated that he possesses the necessary tools and technique to thrive in the professional boxing arena.

  • Bright Future and Potential Fights:

Andy Cruz’s debut win is just the beginning of what many anticipate will be a remarkable career. With his extensive amateur background and natural talent, Cruz has the potential to make a significant impact in the lightweight division. Future fights could include matchups against top contenders, such as Keyshawn Davis, who Cruz has defeated multiple times in the amateur ranks. Eddie Hearn is optimistic about Cruz’s future and sees the youngster as a special talent with tremendous possibilities ahead.

Andy Cruz’s pro debut, with its unconventional length and impressive performance, has marked the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey in professional boxing. As he continues to showcase his skills and progress through the ranks, boxing fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his rise in the lightweight division.


Andy Cruz’s successful professional debut against Juan Carlos Burgos marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his boxing career. With his extensive amateur experience and remarkable achievements, Cruz has already made a name for himself in the sport. His victory over a seasoned opponent in his pro debut demonstrates his potential to achieve great things in the future. As he progresses in his professional career, fans and boxing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his next challenges and successes.

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