Johannah Galindo Secures Third Consecutive City Section Tennis Title

Marshall senior Johannah Galindo won her third City singles title with a 7-5, 6-2 victory over her younger sister Julianna.

The Final Showdown

  • Players: Johannah Galindo vs. Julianna Galindo
  • Venue: Birmingham High
  • Event: City Section Individual Tennis Tournament Finals

In an emotionally charged final at Birmingham High, Johannah Galindo, a senior at Marshall High, faced an all-too-familiar challenger: her younger sister, Julianna. The match marked the third consecutive year these siblings competed for the singles title, with Johannah once again emerging victorious.

Johannah’s Journey to the Top

  • Age: 17
  • USTA Rankings: No. 11 in California, No. 75 nationally
  • Record: Undefeated in City competition for three years
  • Early Introduction: Started playing at age 5
  • High School Challenges: Played No. 1 on the boys’ team during her freshman year due to the absence of a girls’ team

Johannah’s path to success has been nothing short of remarkable. Her introduction to tennis at a tender age by her father laid the foundation for a promising career. Despite the lack of a girls’ team in her freshman year, she showed her mettle by playing in the boys’ team and maintaining an undefeated streak.

Johannah’s Future Prospects

  • Next Step: Attending the University of Hawaii
  • Scholarship: Full-ride athletic scholarship
  • Early Graduation: Leaving Marshall High a semester early to join the University of Hawaii’s tennis program

Having signed a full-ride athletic scholarship with the University of Hawaii, Johannah plans to graduate early from Marshall High. This decision underscores her commitment to pursuing tennis at a higher level.

Julianna Galindo: Rising to the Challenge

  • Age: 16
  • Grade: Junior
  • Recent Achievement: Victory over Granada Hills’ No. 1, Saruyi Parandian, in the semifinals

Julianna’s journey in the tournament has been one of resilience and growth. Despite facing the daunting task of playing against her accomplished sister, she has consistently reached the finals and shown significant improvement in her game.

Granada Hills juniors Priscilla Grinner, left, and Georgia Brown won their second straight City doubles title Tuesday.

Looking Ahead to 2024

  • Ambitions: Aiming for the first-place finish next year
  • Development: Learning from matches against Johannah
  • Future Considerations: Possible reunion with Johannah at the University of Hawaii

As Julianna looks to her senior year, she sees it as a big opportunity to finally claim the top spot. The prospect of possibly joining her sister at the University of Hawaii adds an interesting twist to her future plans.

Doubles Dominance: Brown and Grinner’s Triumph

  • Players: Georgia Brown and Priscilla Grinner
  • Achievement: Second consecutive doubles title
  • Victory: Defeated Palisades’ Sashi Gancheva and Anne Kelly

Georgia Brown and Priscilla Grinner of Granada Hills continued their dominance in the doubles category, securing their second straight title with an impressive performance against their Palisades counterparts.

The Making of Champions

  • Start of Partnership: Began playing together in ninth grade
  • Record: Only one defeat since pairing up
  • Playing Style: Brown (deuce court), Grinner (ad court)

The pair’s journey since ninth grade has been marked by consistent victories and a growing synergy on the court. Their complementary styles and strategic gameplay have been key to their success.

Off-Court Bonding

  • Activities: Building Legos, visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain, and dining at favorite eateries
  • Team Dynamics: Strong friendship and mutual support

The bond between Brown and Grinner extends beyond the tennis court. Their shared interests and activities have helped forge a strong partnership that translates into an understanding and supportive dynamic during matches.

Future Aspirations

  • Goal: Aiming for a third consecutive title next year
  • Approach: Staying patient, positive, and adapting to opponents’ strategies

As they look forward to the next season, Brown and Grinner are focused on maintaining their winning streak and achieving a third consecutive title. Their approach of adapting to opponents’ play and supporting each other’s game is central to their strategy.


The City Section individual tennis tournament not only showcased the remarkable talent of these young athletes but also highlighted the compelling stories of sibling rivalry, perseverance, and partnership. As Johannah Galindo moves on to a new chapter in her tennis career, her sister Julianna eagerly awaits her chance to shine. Meanwhile, the formidable duo of Brown and Grinner have their sights set on continuing their dominance in doubles. The tournament was a testament to the spirit of competition and the depth of talent in high school tennis.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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