Hamad Medjedovic’s Impressive Rise in the Next Gen ATP Finals

Medjedovic Moves Top Of Group

Hamad Medjedovic, a rising star in tennis, recently showcased his skill and resilience at the Next Gen ATP Finals presented by NEOM. Following his initial success in a grueling five-set match, Medjedovic continued his winning streak against the second seed, Luca Van Assche. The Serbian player demonstrated remarkable tenacity, winning 4-2, 2-4, 4-3(7), 4-1. He impressively saved three set points in a critical third-set tie-break, turning the game in his favor from a 1/5 deficit. His ability to save three break points while serving for the match, ending it with two unreturned serves, further highlights his composure under pressure.

The Significance of the Tie-Break

Medjedovic, currently ranked World No. 110, recognized the tie-break as a pivotal moment in the match. His focus on crucial points and consistent powerful shots were key to his success, especially in the tie-break.

Leading the Red Group

With this victory, Medjedovic now leads the Red Group with a 2-0 record. His current form and record place him in a favorable position for qualifying for the semi-finals, although his advancement is not yet confirmed.

Medjedovic’s Strategy and Performance

The 20-year-old Serbian player praised his backhand, which was particularly effective in the match. He confidently engaged in backhand rallies and also displayed strength in his forehand shots. His impressive tally of 29 winners, including 13 aces, speaks volumes about his powerful play style.

Medjedovic aims to maintain his unbeaten record in the group stage as he prepares to face Abdullah Shelbayh. Meanwhile, Van Assche, with a 1-1 record in Jeddah, is set to play against the American Alex Michelsen in the upcoming group play.

Exploring Hamad Medjedovic’s Journey in Tennis

  • Youth Success: Medjedovic showed promise early in his career, excelling in junior tournaments.
  • Professional Transition: His transition to professional tennis was marked by determination and rapid improvement.

Strengths and Playing Style

  • Powerful Serve: Medjedovic’s serve is a key weapon, often putting his opponents on the defensive.
  • Aggressive Baseline Play: His play style is characterized by aggressive shots from the baseline, keeping his opponents on their toes.
Van Assche Victory

Challenges and Growth

  • Adapting to Different Surfaces: Medjedovic has worked on adapting his game to various court surfaces, a crucial aspect of modern tennis.
  • Mental Fortitude: His ability to stay focused during high-pressure situations, like tie-breaks, highlights his mental strength.

Future Prospects

  • Potential for Top Rankings: Medjedovic’s current trajectory suggests a future among the top ranks in tennis.
  • Role Model: His journey can inspire young players, especially from Serbia, showcasing the possibilities in the world of tennis.


Hamad Medjedovic’s recent performance at the Next Gen ATP Finals is a testament to his growing prowess in the sport. His determination, powerful gameplay, and mental strength are qualities that set him apart as a rising star in tennis. With his eyes set on future victories and a potential spot in the top rankings, Medjedovic is a player to watch in the coming years. His journey not only marks his personal achievements but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring tennis players globally.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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