Alcaraz’s 50th Win and Medvedev’s Mastery in Cincinnati Showdown

Carlos Alcaraz from Spain secured the first set in his match against Australia's Jordan Thompson at the Western & Southern Open.

In the realm of professional tennis, reaching milestones and breaking records are pivotal. This year’s Western & Southern Open has seen its fair share of both, with Carlos Alcaraz achieving his 50th match win, while Daniil Medvedev asserted dominance over Lorenzo Musetti.

Carlos Alcaraz: The Young Prodigy’s Path to 50 Wins

At a young age, Carlos Alcaraz has become one of the game’s most notable figures. His achievement of securing 50 match wins this year is commendable, but the journey wasn’t without hurdles.

The Showdown with Thompson

The world watched as Alcaraz faced Jordan Thompson. The match’s progression was:

17-5 (Alcaraz)
24-6 (Thompson)
36-3 (Alcaraz)

But statistics barely touch the surface of the story.

Alcaraz’s start against the net-charging Australian wasn’t the strongest. The game was marked by multiple unforced errors, and a rain delay didn’t help. The initial two sets saw a relatively flat performance from Alcaraz, overshadowed by his 26 unforced errors in the first set.

However, a shift in momentum was palpable as the third set approached. Shortly before 12:30 a.m., Alcaraz’s vigor returned, much to the relief of his fans who had been anxious throughout the match.

“It wasn’t an easy match but I found my best level at the end,” Alcaraz said. “We were waiting around all day to play the match and then when you step on the court you have to start with the rain, so it wasn’t easy.”

Match Outcome

PlayerSets Won
Alcaraz Garcia K.2
Thompson J.1

Service Statistics

StatisticAlcaraz Garcia K.Thompson J.
Double Faults55
First Serve Percentage55%49%
Points Won on 1st Serve66% (31/47)60% (37/62)
Points Won on 2nd Serve64% (25/39)55% (35/64)
Break Points Saved57% (4/7)71% (12/17)

Reception Statistics

StatisticAlcaraz Garcia K.Thompson J.
Points Won on 1st Return40% (25/62)34% (16/47)
Points Won on 2nd Return45% (29/64)36% (14/39)
Break Points Converted29% (5/17)43% (3/7)

Point Play Statistics

StatisticAlcaraz Garcia K.Thompson J.
Unforced Errors1514
Points Won at the Net69% (18/26)55% (29/53)
Consecutive Points Won65
Points Won on Serve65% (56/86)57% (72/126)
Points Won on Return43% (54/126)35% (30/86)
Total Points Won52% (110/212)48% (102/212)

Game Play Statistics

StatisticAlcaraz Garcia K.Thompson J.
Consecutive Games Won33
Games Won on Serve80% (12/15)69% (11/16)
Games Won on Return31% (5/16)20% (3/15)
Total Games Won55% (17/31)45% (14/31)

The tables effectively present the match statistics in a comprehensive manner for both players.

The Coaching Perspective

Juan Carlos Ferrero, Alcaraz’s coach, has been pivotal in the young star’s growth. Ferrero’s presence this week aims at refining Alcaraz’s strategy against the likes of Novak Djokovic.

Medvedev Dominates Musetti Again in Cincinnati.

Daniil Medvedev: Asserting Dominance Over Musetti

Not to be overshadowed, the third-seeded Daniil Medvedev showcased his mastery over Lorenzo Musetti. This wasn’t their first showdown, and once again, Medvedev emerged triumphant.

Match Summary

Medvedev’s confidence on the Cincinnati courts was evident. His dominance over Musetti was showcased in their results:

16-3 (Medvedev)
26-2 (Medvedev)

Despite this assertive win, Medvedev acknowledges the challenges of adjusting to Cincinnati’s fast courts.

“I think it’s tough for anyone to be comfortable [quickly] here,” said Medvedev. “But then it comes to being the better in the tough conditions, and that’s what I managed to do today.”

Match Outcome

PlayerSets Won
Musetti L.0
Medvedev D.2

Service Statistics

StatisticMusetti L.Medvedev D.
Double Faults45
First Serve Percentage59%63%
Points Won on 1st Serve68% (23/34)82% (28/34)
Points Won on 2nd Serve21% (5/24)40% (8/20)
Break Points Saved50% (4/8)0% (0/1)

Reception Statistics

StatisticMusetti L.Medvedev D.
Points Won on 1st Return18% (6/34)32% (11/34)
Points Won on 2nd Return60% (12/20)79% (19/24)
Break Points Converted100% (1/1)50% (4/8)

Point Play Statistics

StatisticMusetti L.Medvedev D.
Unforced Errors1011
Points Won at the Net45% (5/11)78% (14/18)
Consecutive Points Won56
Points Won on Serve48% (28/58)67% (36/54)
Points Won on Return33% (18/54)52% (30/58)
Total Points Won41% (46/112)59% (66/112)

Game Play Statistics

StatisticMusetti L.Medvedev D.
Consecutive Games Won15
Games Won on Serve50% (4/8)89% (8/9)
Games Won on Return11% (1/9)50% (4/8)
Total Games Won29% (5/17)71% (12/17)

The tables present the match statistics in a clear and comprehensive format for both players.

Medvedev’s Milestones and Memories

Cincinnati holds a special place in Medvedev’s heart, having won his first Masters 1000 title there in 2019. His next challenge is against the 16th seed, Alexander Zverev.

  • 23 – ATP Masters 1000 wins by Medvedev this season.
  • 6 – Number of Masters 1000 titles won by Medvedev.

Upcoming Attractions

While Alcaraz and Medvedev stole the show, the tournament is far from over. Alcaraz is gearing up for a third-round duel, awaiting the victor between Frenchman Ugo Humbert and American Tommy Paul.

As the Western & Southern Open continues, all eyes will be on these titans, eagerly anticipating their next move on the court.

Tennis Expert Andrew Huggard
reviewed by: Andrew Huggard (Tennis Expert)

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