Why the Winnipeg Jets Made the Right Call with Scheifele and Hellebuyck

Mark Scheifele

In the competitive world of NHL team management, every decision can tip the scales between rising to the top or just getting by. Recently, the Winnipeg Jets made headlines with their commitment to Mark Scheifele and Connor Hellebuyck. What’s behind the Jets’ decision to invest heavily in these two players? Let’s take a closer look.

A Press Conference to Remember

Rarely does a general manager feel the need to bring out their phone during an official press briefing. However, the Winnipeg Jets’ Kevin Cheveldayoff couldn’t resist. As Mark Scheifele reminisced about his first NHL game and his entry-level contract signing, Cheveldayoff revealed a photo from that very day. A day that felt like destiny aligning itself once again with the announcement of Scheifele’s and superstar goalie Hellebuyck’s seven-year, $59.5-million contracts.

Despite this heartwarming moment, the Jets’ commitment to their core players hasn’t been without its critics. The team’s single playoff round victory since their commendable run in the 2017-18 season has raised eyebrows. Many feel that the team is stuck in the NHL’s dreaded “middle ground” – not quite championship contenders but also not exactly in the lottery pick realm.

A Unique Approach for a Unique Team

However, what many don’t realize is that Winnipeg operates under a unique set of constraints and challenges. Being seen as not the most attractive destination for many players due to its challenging climate and specific culture, the Jets have had to strategize differently.

Advantages of Retaining Core Players

  • Familiarity: Players like Kyle Connor, Josh Morrissey, and Nikolaj Ehlers have stuck around, proving the team’s cohesive environment.
  • Commitment: Both Scheifele and Hellebuyck have shown their loyalty by committing long-term to the team more than once.
  • Challenges Overcome: Despite challenges with players like Jacob Trouba and PL Dubois, the team continues to rally.

With these core players, Winnipeg doesn’t just pay them for their talent. They are also investing in their dedication to the team’s vision, even if that means a slight “Winnipeg premium” for their contracts.

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The Power Duo: Hellebuyck and Scheifele

Negotiations initially started with goalie Hellebuyck, but it soon became evident that ensuring Scheifele was on board was crucial. As one of the league’s top goalkeepers, Hellebuyck’s confidence in the team’s strategy was paramount. And Scheifele’s consistent scoring over the years made him indispensable.

Beyond the Contracts: The Business Perspective

The Jets, like all sports franchises, have a business side. With the Canada Life Centre needing more consistent audience numbers, taking a chance on a complete rebuild, especially after the challenges brought by COVID-19, isn’t just risky – it’s impractical.

Risks of a Total Rebuild

  • Unpredictable Outcomes: No guarantee the new core will outperform the current one.
  • Commitment Concerns: Uncertainty regarding long-term player retention.
  • Perception: A total rebuild might further deter prospective talent.

On the other hand, having known performers like Scheifele and Hellebuyck provides stability, both on and off the ice.

The Metrics of Success

Rick Bowness, the Jets’ coach, underscored the importance of star players, emphasizing the roles of goalies, goal-scorers, and key centermen.

Player Metrics by Byron BaderWinnipeg Jets’ Stars
Forward with 0.7 points/gameMark Scheifele, Nikolaj Ehlers, Kyle Connor (Superstar)
Defenseman with 0.45 points/gameJosh Morrissey, Neal Pionk

With six star players, including Hellebuyck’s consistent goaltending prowess, the Jets are statistically primed for success.

A Winning Perception

In the end, perception matters. Winning attracts both talent and loyalty. With Hellebuyck’s impressive goalie record and Scheifele’s remarkable offensive skills, the Jets are poised to change their narrative and solidify their position as a formidable NHL team.

And as the sands of time shift, and the landscape of the NHL evolves, the Winnipeg Jets, with their stars and committed players, are ready to rise. Today, it’s about celebrating the union of Scheifele and Hellebuyck with the Jets. Tomorrow, the team looks forward to building upon their strengths and striving for the pinnacle of success.

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reviewed by: Jeremy Karamen (Hockey Expert)

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