NHL Weekly Round-Up: Key Events and Highlights

NHL Rewind Oilers make coaching change; Blues' Brayden Schenn

The Edmonton Oilers have decided to shake things up in their coaching staff amidst a challenging start to their season. Following a disappointing loss to the San Jose Sharks, the Oilers dismissed Jay Woodcroft as head coach. His replacement, Kris Knoblauch, is familiar to the team, particularly star player Connor McDavid, due to their time together with the Eerie Otters. This change reflects the team’s urgent need to turn their fortunes around in the ongoing season.

Connor Bedard’s Rising Stardom

In more uplifting news, rookie sensation Connor Bedard continues to amaze the NHL community with his rapidly developing skills. Recently, Bedard has demonstrated an exceptional ability in forechecking, reminiscent of the legendary Pavel Datsyuk. His knack for puck-stealing and creating scoring opportunities has been a highlight of the week, especially in the game against the Florida Panthers, where he showcased his newfound prowess.

Week’s Top Highlights

  • Goal of the Week: In a match against the Panthers, Connor Bedard executed a stunning play, stealing the puck and scoring a goal that left the audience in awe.
  • Robbery of the Week: Vegas Golden Knights’ Adin Hill performed an extraordinary skate blade save against the Sharks, showcasing his agility and skill as a goalie.

Oilers’ Coaching Change: A Detailed Look

  • Previous Coach: Jay Woodcroft
  • New Coach: Kris Knoblauch
  • Reason for Change: Oilers’ poor start to the season (3-9-1 record)
  • Knoblauch’s Background: Former coach of the Eerie Otters and the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack
  • Connection with McDavid: Coached McDavid at the Eerie Otters
  • Expectations: To revitalize the Oilers’ season and steer them back into playoff contention

Blues’ Remarkable Performance Against Avalanche

The St. Louis Blues stunned the Colorado Avalanche with a decisive 8-2 victory, marked by double hat tricks from Brayden Schenn and Pavel Buchnevich. This rare feat showcased the Blues’ offensive power and team synergy, with Robert Thomas providing crucial assists.

Oilers look to bounce back vs. Blues

Rangers’ Dramatic Comeback

The New York Rangers pulled off an incredible comeback against the Columbus Blue Jackets, turning a 3-2 deficit into a 4-3 shootout victory. The highlight was Alexis Lafreniere’s last-minute goal in regulation, followed by his winning shot in the shootout. This victory marks a significant moment in Rangers’ history, demonstrating their resilience and fighting spirit.

Upcoming Games to Watch

  • Coyotes at Stars (Nov. 14): A clash between the rising Coyotes and the formidable Stars.
  • Ducks at Avalanche (Nov. 15): The surprising Ducks face off against the struggling Avalanche.
  • Devils at Penguins (Nov. 16): The Penguins, bolstered by the acquisition of Erik Karlsson, take on the Hughes-less Devils.
  • Maple Leafs at Red Wings (Nov. 18): A crucial game for both teams, looking to climb the Atlantic division.
  • Kraken at Canucks (Nov. 19): A game contrasting the fiery Canucks against the struggling Kraken.

In-Depth Analysis: Oilers’ Coaching Change

The Oilers’ decision to replace Woodcroft with Knoblauch is a significant move, especially considering the team’s high expectations at the season’s start. Knoblauch’s history with McDavid during their time at the Eerie Otters could be crucial in rejuvenating the team’s performance. However, addressing the goaltending issues will be equally important for the Oilers to make a strong comeback this season.

Player Spotlights and Performances

  • Connor Bedard: His skill development and impact on the Blackhawks’ gameplay.
  • Adin Hill: His standout performance as a goalie for the Golden Knights.
  • Brayden Schenn & Pavel Buchnevich: Their remarkable achievement of scoring double hat tricks in a single game.

Reflections and Predictions

As the NHL season progresses, teams like the Oilers and the Rangers show the dynamic nature of the sport, with unexpected turns and thrilling performances. The coming week promises more excitement with several key matchups that could influence the season’s trajectory.

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reviewed by: Jeremy Karamen (Hockey Expert)

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