NHL’s Early Surprises: Five Players Shaking Up Expectations

Jesperi Kotkaniemi

As the NHL season hits the ten-game mark, a pivotal checkpoint for initial assessments, it’s time to look at players who are outpacing expectations. These aren’t your usual headline-grabbers, but rather individuals who are delivering performances that catch us off guard, offering much to talk about in fan circles and sports columns alike. Let’s dive into a narrative about these unexpected contributors and their early-season exploits.

Unexpected Rise: The NHL’s Early Standouts

Every new NHL season brings its share of surprises, but the 2023-24 campaign has seen some particularly unexpected players make waves in the early going. From comebacks to breakthroughs, these athletes are commanding attention and reshaping our preconceived notions with their on-ice excellence. Here are five who have delivered some of the most unexpectedly strong starts.

Sean Monahan’s Resurgence

Montreal Canadiens center Sean Monahan is rewriting his recent history. Following a slump plagued by injuries, Monahan is sparking memories of his heyday. With a fresh start in Montreal, his output has surged to a near point-per-game pace, an incredible uptick given his 116 points over the last four seasons.

Monahan by the Numbers

  • Points in the Last Season: 116 in 210 games
  • Current Season Points: 10 in 11 games
  • Average Ice Time: 18:53 minutes per game

Monahan’s resurgence isn’t just a fluke, it’s a testimonial to his enduring skill set, which could make him a hot commodity at the trade deadline. His current performance is not just boosting the Canadiens but also reigniting his career’s trajectory.

Brock Boeser: Regaining Elite Status

Brock Boeser of the Vancouver Canucks is another name on this list of early surprises. He burst onto the scene with a formidable goal-scoring prowess, only to see his performance dip in recent years. But this season, he’s flipped the narrative, blazing through the league’s defenses with an astonishing eight goals in the first ten games.

Boeser’s Comeback Trail

  • Early Career 5-on-5 Goals/60 Minutes: 1.01
  • Last Season’s 5-on-5 Goals/60 Minutes: 0.63
  • Current Season Goals: 8 in 10 games

This rejuvenation has seen Boeser climb the rankings, as he confidently wields his ‘brocket’ of a shot to regain his elite scorer status. His resurgence has been a much-needed lift for the Canucks and a resounding answer to any lingering trade rumors.

Brock Boeser

Travis Sanheim: Philadelphia’s Defensive Pillar

Travis Sanheim’s situation with the Philadelphia Flyers exemplifies the rocky path of professional sports. After a difficult season that had many questioning his lucrative extension, Sanheim has returned with a vengeance, now seen as a cornerstone of Philadelphia’s defense.

Sanheim’s Stat Sheet

  • Previous Points High: 35 points
  • Current Season Points: 10 in 12 games
  • Ice Time per Game: 25:46 minutes

Sanheim’s current form has not only assuaged fears about his contract but also highlighted his indispensable role in the Flyers’ lineup. His significant ice time and strong performance metrics, like his 53.8% Corsi-for, are testament to his impact on the game.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi: Carolina’s Emerging Star

Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s trajectory with the Carolina Hurricanes has been on an upward swing since his controversial offer sheet signing. His progression has culminated in an explosive start to the current season, leading the Hurricanes in scoring and establishing himself as a top-six center on a contending team.

Kotkaniemi’s Key Stats

  • Last Season Points: 43
  • Current Season Points: 12 in 12 games
  • 5-on-5 Expected Goals For/60 Minutes: 3.34

His increased willingness to take shots and create scoring opportunities has been instrumental in his success. The Hurricanes’ gamble on Kotkaniemi is paying off handsomely, and his contract is looking increasingly like a bargain.

Pavel Mintyukov: Anaheim’s Rookie Revelation

Lastly, we turn our eyes to the Anaheim Ducks’ Pavel Mintyukov. While always considered a promising talent, his immediate impact as a rookie has surpassed expectations. Mintyukov has not only shown offensive flair but also a maturity in play that belies his years.

Mintyukov’s Rookie Rise

  • Points: 7 in 10 games
  • Average Ice Time: 19:15 minutes per game
  • 5-on-5 Expected Goals-For Percentage: 51.52%

Mintyukov’s debut has not just been about points, it’s the composure and completeness of his game that’s really turning heads. His early claim for Calder Trophy consideration is well-earned and signals great potential for the Ducks’ defensive future.

These five players have each brought something special to the season’s early days, reshaping the narrative around their careers and their teams’ prospects. As the season unfolds, they will be players to watch, not just for their stats, but for the stories they’re crafting on the ice. The NHL is always full of surprises, and this year is no exception. These athletes are proof that in the world of hockey, expectations are just the starting line.

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reviewed by: Jeremy Karamen (Hockey Expert)

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