NHL Legend Andrew Ladd Hangs Up His Skates: A Look Back at an Illustrious 16-Year Career

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Two-time Stanley Cup winner Andrew Ladd announces his retirement from the NHL, marking the end of an era. We take a nostalgic look at his achievements, stats, and what made him a living legend.

Farewell to a Legend: Andrew Ladd Retires

Hey NHL fans, get your tissues ready! Andrew Ladd, the man, the myth, the legend, has just announced that he’s closing the chapter on his NHL career. After 16 incredible seasons, the 37-year-old forward officially bid adieu to the game that he not only loved but lived. For those who have been sleeping under a rock, let me remind you, this guy is a two-time Stanley Cup champion and served as a captain for the Winnipeg Jets.

The Writing on the Wall: Injuries and The Last Season

Ladd didn’t suit up for the Arizona Coyotes last year due to a lingering injury that had him on the long-term injured reserve list. His last active stint on the ice was during the 2021-22 season, where he managed to score seven goals and had five assists in 51 games for the Coyotes. It was clear that injuries were catching up, but oh boy, what a ride it had been up to that point.

The Milestones: A Look Back at Stats and Trophies

Ladd’s career stats aren’t just numbers; they’re a narrative. In 1,001 NHL games, he scored 256 goals and dished out 294 assists, accumulating a whopping 550 points.

Andrew Ladd’s Career Stats

NHL Games1,001
Stanley Cups2
Playoff Games65
Playoff Goals9
Playoff Points18

And let’s not forget, he’s also a two-time Stanley Cup winner, clinching his first in 2006 with the Carolina Hurricanes and adding a second to his cabinet in 2013 with the Chicago Blackhawks. But stats can’t capture the leader he was on and off the ice.

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The Man Behind the Stats

In his heartfelt social media post, Ladd poured out his gratitude to, well, everyone who had been a part of his journey. 

As I reflect on the journey, the 1,001 games, the two Stanley Cups, the opportunity to captain a Canadian city, what I’m most grateful for is the people.

From his parents to his siblings, from his grandfather to his teammates, medical staff, GMs, and fans Andrew was grateful for them all. The mention of his parents, in particular, showed a man who knew where he came from, who credited his “core values” to the people who raised him.

He also gave a shoutout to the fans, describing them as “the fuel of our game.” Whether it was the first game back in Winnipeg, the anthem at the Madhouse in Chicago, or the entire Game 7 standing ovation in Carolina, Ladd emphasized the role fans played in creating those electrifying moments.

What’s Next for Ladd?

While it’s always sad to see legends leave the arena, it’s also a moment to reflect on what they’ve brought to the game. Andrew Ladd brought grit, leadership, and unmeasurable dedication.

As Ladd himself put it:

The time has come for my next chapter. When I was a kid, I never thought I had a chance to make a living playing hockey.

Well, he did more than just make a living; he became a legend, a leader, and an inspiration for countless young players dreaming of the big league.

Here’s wishing Andrew Ladd all the best as he steps into this new phase of his life. You’ll be missed, Captain!

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reviewed by: Jeremy Karamen (Hockey Expert)

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