Connor Bedard agrees to an entry-level contract with the Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have made a significant move by signing 18-year-old Connor Bedard to an entry-level contract. The team starts a new chapter with the signing of this contract, one of the most keenly anticipated young talents in hockey.

Connor Bedard has signed a three-year entry-level deal with the Chicago Blackhawks, the team has announced. A highly touted prospect noted for his offensive skills, particularly his outstanding shooting ability, Bedard was selected first overall in the 2023 NHL Draught. This signing represents a crucial step in the team’s rebuilding process and sets the stage for Bedard’s highly anticipated debut with the Blackhawks.

Biography of Connor Bedard

To fully understand the rise of Connor Bedard, it is essential to explore his biography. Born and raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Bedard displayed exceptional hockey skills from an early age. He rose to the top of the prospect rankings thanks to his commitment to the game and inherent talent. Bedard’s exceptional offensive abilities, particularly his shooting prowess, have drawn comparisons to NHL superstars. Let’s delve deeper into his biography using tables and lists to highlight key milestones and achievements.

10Junior Hockey DebutJoined the West Vancouver Warriors Minor Hockey Association
13WHL ExceptionalGranted exceptional player status, allowing him to play in the WHL
15WHL Debutwith the Regina Pats, he made his Western Hockey League debut.
17Draft ProspectRanked as the top prospect for the 2023 NHL Draft
18Entry-Level Signingjoining the Chicago Blackhawks, he signed a rookie contract.

The family of young and promising athlete Connor Bedard

Connor Bedard, the rising hockey star, owes much of his success and determination to his strong family support system. The son of Tom and Melanie Bedard, Connor was born on July 17, 2005, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He grew up with a sister named Madison. His mother, Melanie, has been a pillar of strength throughout his hockey career, while his father, Tom Bedard, works in the logging sector.

From a young age, Connor Bedard showed an unwavering passion and determination to become a hockey star. The Bedard family played a crucial role in nurturing his talent and providing the necessary encouragement and resources to fuel his dreams. Melanie, Connor’s mom, has been particularly instrumental in supporting his aspirations. Father wasn’t out of the picture, as Connor Bedard himself said:

“I had a net. I’d go out with my dad and shoot pucks all the time. Then, when I got older, my shot got a bit harder, I started to break a few windows.”

This quote reflects Connor Bedard’s excitement and gratitude for being selected as the first overall pick by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2023 NHL Draft. As a young and promising talent, Bedard acknowledges the significance of joining an Original Six franchise with a storied sports legacy in the city of Chicago. The quote highlights his anticipation for the journey ahead as he begins his NHL career with the Blackhawks.

Connor’s family has supported him and celebrated his victories throughout his hockey career. Melanie, Tom, and Madison have been his biggest supporters, attending his games and providing emotional support during both victories and challenges. Despite the chaos of draft week and the excitement surrounding his selection in the NHL Draft, the Bedard family looks forward to spending quiet time together, cherishing moments as a family. These moments of togetherness help ground Connor and remind him of the values instilled in him by his family.

As Connor Bedard continues to rise in the hockey world, his family’s role remains vital in shaping his character and guiding his development both on and off the ice. He is motivated to excel even further in his hockey career by the love and support he receives from his parents and sister. The Bedard family’s unwavering commitment to each other and Connor’s dreams is a testament to the profound influence of family in nurturing the talent of a young and promising athlete like Connor Bedard.

Аthletic accomplishments of young athlete Connor Bedard:

  • 2021-22 WHL Season: Became the first 16-year-old to score 50 goals in a single WHL season.
  • 2022-23 WHL Season: Tallied an impressive 143 points (71 goals and 72 assists), leading the WHL by 36 points in scoring.
  • 2023 WHL Playoffs: Notched 10 goals and 10 assists in just seven playoff games.
  • 2022 World Junior Championship: Contributed significantly to Team Canada’s gold-medal run, scoring four goals and adding four assists.
  • 2023 World Junior Championship: Set a Canadian record with 23 points and was named tournament MVP, guiding Team Canada to another gold medal.

Comparisons of Bedard to NHL superstars

The skill of Bedard has led to comparisons to some of the greatest NHL players, including Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. Many view him as a generational talent, similar to the impact Crosby and McDavid had upon their entry into the game, because of his offensive prowess, hockey intelligence, and scoring prowess. Bedard’s ability to make an immediate impact and potentially shape the future of the Blackhawks has generated significant excitement and anticipation among fans and hockey enthusiasts alike.

Contract details

The coveted 18-year-old forward Connor Bedard has agreed to a thrilling three-year entry-level contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. The deal has a salary cap hit of $950,000, the maximum permitted by current NHL rules, and is scheduled to last through the 2025–2026 NHL season.

While the cap hit is already impressive for a young player like Bedard, his contract also includes performance bonuses that could significantly increase his earnings. In total, Bedard’s contract can be worth up to an astounding $13.35 million over the three-year span, with the potential to earn up to $4.45 million per season. Let’s examine the details of his contract in more detail:

  • Signing Bonus: $95,000
  • Base Salary: $855,000
  • Performance Bonus (Type “A”): Up to $1 million for achieving specific performance categories like 20 goals, 35 assists, 60 points, and more.
  • Performance Bonus (Type “B”): The bigger bonus worth up to $2.5 million if Bedard accomplishes milestones like finishing in the top 10 among NHL forwards in goals, assists, points, or points-per-game, or winning prestigious trophies like the Hart, Selke, Richard, or Conn Smythe.

Explanation of entry-level contract terms

For young players joining the NHL, an entry-level contract is the norm. The contract’s length varies according on the player’s age, with players Bedard’s age typically signing deals for three years. The maximum salary cap hit allocable to a player signing an entry-level deal is $950,000.

Possibility of performance bonuses

Bedard’s entry-level contract includes the potential for performance bonuses, which could significantly increase his earnings. These bonuses are based on reaching specific milestones and criteria set by the NHL. Becoming one of the top six Blackhawks forwards in terms of ice time per game is one of Bedard’s bonuses. Other more difficult goals include attaining a certain point total or ranking among the top 10 NHL forwards in other statistical categories.

Specific information about bonus categories and criteria

The performance bonus categories in Bedard’s contract encompass various aspects of his game and statistical achievements. For example, to earn Type A bonuses, Bedard must meet specific criteria such as scoring 20 goals, recording 35 assists, accumulating 60 points, being among the top six forwards in ice time, or achieving a minimum of 0.73 points per game. Type B bonuses are more challenging and include requirements like being in the top 10 NHL forwards in goals, assists, points, or points-per-game, as well as potential awards and All-Star selections.

Analysis of signing Bedard to a contract for the Chicago Blackhawks organization

The signing of Connor Bedard marks a significant and exciting step for the Chicago Blackhawks organization. As the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, Bedard is considered a potential generational talent, drawing comparisons to elite players like Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. Kyle Davidson, the team’s general manager, showed tremendous excitement about Bedard’s ability to be a key player in the future of the organisation and emphasised his conviction that Bedard’s talent and abilities will make a substantial contribution to the Blackhawks’ success. And as Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson said personally:

“Signing Connor is a huge step in building a new foundation for our organization. We’re excited to see him grow and play a large role in pushing our team forward for many years to come.”

One of the most significant impacts of Bedard’s signing is on the Blackhawks’ forward depth. The team had a lack of NHL roster forwards under contract beyond the 2023-24 season, making the addition of a talented player like Bedard a crucial move in building a complete set of forward lines from scratch. With a blank slate and ample cap space at their disposal, the Blackhawks are poised to become a formidable force in the league, particularly with the potential Bedard brings to the table.

Bedard’s presence in the Blackhawks’ prospect pool is already making waves, as evidenced by their improved organizational prospect rankings, rising to fifth in the league. With a strong 2022 draft class and Bedard’s addition, the team’s prospect pool has undergone a significant transformation, creating a more balanced and promising lineup for the future. Bedard’s arrival is expected to propel the Blackhawks to the top of most analysts’ rankings of NHL prospects collections.

The impact of Bedard’s signing extends beyond the ice, as it has brought a surge in season-ticket sales and excitement among Blackhawks fans. With Bedard expected to take on a key role as the team’s No. 1 center, the Blackhawks’ hopes of returning to contending status are on the rise. The organization’s on-ice rebuild is still a work in progress, but with a player of Bedard’s caliber, they have a significant piece in the puzzle that can potentially lead them back to championship contention.

The Chicago Blackhawks team’s prospects and developmental outlook

While Bedard’s signing is a significant step forward for the Chicago Blackhawks, it is important to assess the overall prospects and developmental outlook of the team. The Blackhawks are currently in a rebuilding phase, focusing on developing young talent and reshaping their roster. Bedard’s arrival adds to the team’s potential for future success, but it will require continued efforts to build a competitive team around him.


In conclusion, Connor Bedard’s entry-level contract signing with the Chicago Blackhawks represents a pivotal moment for the team and its fans. Bedard’s exceptional talent, combined with the potential for performance bonuses, creates an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement for his upcoming debut. As the Blackhawks continue their rebuilding process, Bedard’s arrival signals a promising future and the potential for the team’s resurgence. The impact of Bedard’s skills and contributions on the team’s success remains to be seen, but the anticipation surrounding his debut speaks volumes about his potential influence on the Chicago Blackhawks’ future endeavors.

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