Chloe Primerano: A Rising Star in Hockey to Keep Your Eyes On

Chloe Primerano

Sixteen-year-old Chloe Primerano is making hockey history. She might not have hit the ice in a pre-season game with the Vancouver Giants, but make no mistake, this young athlete is turning heads in the hockey world. She is the first female ever to be drafted to a CHL team, and she’s just getting started.

This was her second training camp with the Giants, and she’s already proven she’s here to stay. The camp concluded with the annual Legends Cup Game where Chloe displayed her skills in no uncertain terms. She scored a goal and made an assist, contributing to Team Howe’s crushing 14-2 victory over Team Quinn.

The Skill Set: What Makes Her Stand Out?

Chloe’s style is that of a puck-moving defender. Who does she look up to? None other than the likes of Quinn Hughes and Duncan Keith. In a sport that traditionally leans heavily male, Chloe is breaking barriers and stigmas with her exceptional skill set and passion for the game. Her recent performance at the training camp made it abundantly clear she’s got what it takes to be a professional.

NCAA Plans and Eligibility

Already looking ahead, Chloe has set her sights on playing NCAA hockey in a couple of years. Here’s the thing: NCAA considers Canadian major junior as a professional league, but women can maintain their eligibility even if they play for men’s pro teams, as long as they aren’t paid beyond necessary expenses. This means Chloe could realistically continue to blaze trails in men’s hockey while keeping her NCAA dreams alive.

Women in CHL: A Short List, But Growing

Chloe’s not alone in making history. Other young women like Eve Gascon and Rhyah Stewart have also stepped onto CHL ice, further indicating a slow but definite change in the landscape of the sport.

future of hockey

The Rink Hockey Academy: A Fertile Ground for Talent

Last season, Chloe played at the Rink Hockey Academy in Kelowna, where she dominated. Not just among girls, but across the board. She led her team in goals and points, and her team crushed it too winning 27 out of 30 regular-season games.

Chloe’s Last Season Stats at RHA Kelowna

Goals Scored20
Regular Season27 wins out of 30
Goal Differential+127

Balancing School, Sports, and Stardom

Don’t forget, Chloe’s still a student. She’s currently in Grade 11, juggling her educational commitments with her burgeoning hockey career. Last season, her team took the CSSHL U18 Female Prep Western Championship with a narrow 4-3 overtime win, where Chloe had three primary assists, including the one that led to the sudden-death winner.

Chloe’s profile got a significant boost this summer when she signed on with powerhouse sports and entertainment agency CAA, which recently opened a women’s hockey division.

We want the best hockey players.

Chloe’s name is one you’ll want to remember. She’s expected to represent Canada in the 2024 women’s world U-18 tournament, which should be an unmissable event for any hockey fan.

Closing Thoughts

Chloe Primerano is not just knocking at the door of becoming the first women’s skater to suit up for a CHL game, she’s practically breaking it down. Her commitment, skills, and pioneering spirit make her a player to watch in the years to come.

I think I’m feeling a little bit more comfortable knowing what’s going on and knowing the ins and outs a little bit more.

As she continues to raise her game and break new ground, Chloe Primerano is definitely a name you’ll be hearing a lot more in the future. Keep an eye out, she’s just getting started.

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reviewed by: Jeremy Karamen (Hockey Expert)

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