Borje Salming: Celebrating a Trailblazer in the NHL with a Heartfelt Docuseries


The legendary Borje Salming, a revered figure in the NHL and a Toronto Maple Leafs icon, continues to be celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to hockey, especially for European players. A year after his passing due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), his story and legacy have been immortalized in a docuseries titled ‘Borje: The Journey of a Legend’, which premiered in Stockholm.

Salming’s Enduring Legacy

  • A Toronto Legend: For those growing up in Toronto during the 70s and 80s, Salming was an unavoidable presence. His impact transcended team loyalties, earning respect across the NHL for his skill, endurance, and resilience.
  • Penalty Minutes and Toughness: Salming was renowned for his toughness, epitomized by a season where he clocked 192 penalty minutes. His style of play was a testament to his grit and determination on the ice.

Remembering Salming: One Year On

  • Battling ALS: Salming’s brave fight against ALS, a devastating motor neuron disease, ended with his passing at the age of 71, just weeks after he attended a Leafs game in November 2022.
  • His Final Public Appearance: His journey from Sweden to Canada for the game, despite his health challenges, underscored his dedication and love for the sport and the Leafs.

The Making of ‘Borje: The Journey of a Legend’

  • Behind the Scenes: Amir Chamdin, a Swedish director, was the driving force behind the docuseries, which premiered recently in Stockholm.
  • Star-Studded Premiere: The event was attended by numerous hockey luminaries, including Swedish players and Salming’s former teammates from various NHL teams.

The Docuseries: A Tribute to a Pioneer

  • Focus on Early Life: The series emphasizes Salming’s rise from humble beginnings in northern Sweden, rather than his final days.
  • Filming in Canada: Chamdin captured the profound admiration Canadians hold for Salming, highlighting his significant impact in the country.

Salming’s Impact on European Players in the NHL

  • Breaking Barriers: Salming was a trailblazer who faced and overcame significant challenges and prejudices as a European player in the NHL.
  • Inspiring Future Generations: His career paved the way for other Swedish greats like Nicklas Lidstrom and Peter Forsberg, revolutionizing the role of European players in the league.
Tiger Williams, Rick Vaive and Borje Salming

Salming’s Statistical Legacy

  • Impressive Career Stats: Over 1,148 regular-season games, Salming tallied 637 assists and 787 points.
  • More Than Just Numbers: His influence extended beyond statistics, impacting the NHL’s cultural and talent diversity.

Honoring Salming’s Memory

  • Tribute by the Maple Leafs: The Leafs honored Salming by wearing a “Borje” patch on their jerseys last season, recognizing his profound impact on the team and the league.
  • A Lasting Impression: Salming’s dignity and perseverance against biases for North American athletes in the NHL left an indelible mark on the sport.

The Legacy of European Talent in the NHL

  • Envisioning an NHL Without Salming: Salming’s courage opened doors for European talent, contributing to the league’s rich diversity and high-caliber play.
  • A Debt of Gratitude: Many Swedish NHL stars acknowledge the path Salming forged, allowing them to showcase their talents on the world stage.

Salming’s Series: A Window to His World

  • Availability in Canada: The docuseries is accessible in Canada through Viaplay.
  • Anticipation in North America: While the air date in North America is uncertain, Toronto’s pride in Salming as the city’s adopted son remains robust.

Conclusion: Salming’s Timeless Influence

A year after his passing, Borje Salming continues to be remembered and celebrated as more than just a Maple Leaf or an NHL player, he was a human being who transcended the sport. His journey from a small town in Sweden to becoming an NHL legend is a story of courage, determination, and breaking down barriers. ‘Borje: The Journey of a Legend’ is not just a series about a hockey player, it’s a tribute to a man who changed the game forever, both on and off the ice. Salming’s legacy is not confined to the records he set or the games he played, it lies in the path he carved for future generations and the respect he earned from fans and players alike. As an icon, his influence and memory will continue to inspire and live on in the hearts of hockey enthusiasts around the world.

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reviewed by: Jeremy Karamen (Hockey Expert)

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