Tottenham’s Quick Trip to Australia After Premier League Finale

Tottenham's Quick Trip to Australia After Premier League Finale

Just hours following their conclusive 3-0 victory over Sheffield United in the final match of the Premier League season, Tottenham Hotspur embarked on a flight to Australia for a post-season friendly. Under the guidance of Ange Postecoglou, the team is set to face Newcastle at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)—a venue quite familiar to the Spurs head coach, as it’s located in his hometown.

This scheduled match has sparked controversy, drawing criticism from environmental groups concerned about climate change and stirring debate about the rigorous demands it imposes on players during an already packed fixture calendar.

Kieran Trippier, Newcastle’s defender, voiced his concerns on Thursday, labeling the long-distance friendly as “not ideal” especially in a tournament year. “I understand why the club are doing it. I’ve experienced similar tours with Tottenham and Atlético Madrid, but from what I’ve seen, in a tournament year it’s far from ideal,” Trippier explained.

Responding to Trippier’s remarks, Postecoglou pointed out a distinction between the circumstances of the two clubs. “Our situation is a bit different from Newcastle’s. They’ve had a season filled with European and Champions League commitments—it’s been a substantial year for them. For us, this trip is not only about gaining exposure but also about generating revenue,” Postecoglou stated.

Reflecting on Post-Season Commitments

“I certainly wouldn’t have allowed it to happen if we were in Europe this year and had a bigger game schedule. I probably would have said no to it.

“And I don’t think the club would have expected us to go. If we’re in Europe next year, I don’t think you’ll be seeing this happen.

“I don’t think it’s ideal. But I think each situation is unique. For us, on the back of our season, to play one more game two days after the end of the season, there is substance to it for us.”

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