New Chapter or a Roll of the Dice? The Inside Scoop on Everton’s Takeover by 777 Partners


Hey folks, if you’re a football fan particularly of the Premier League then you’re in for a real treat with this latest news. Everton, the club we’ve all known to have ups and downs, is set for a monumental shift. We’re talking takeover, and not just by any random investor, but by 777 Partners. A big move like this is bound to stir the pot, so let’s dive in and break down what this could mean for everyone from the club and players to us, the fans.

Meet the New Boss: What’s 777 Partners’ Deal?

First, let’s set the stage by talking about the new kids on the block: 777 Partners. These guys aren’t new to the football investment game. They’ve got stakes in several clubs, such as Sevilla, Genoa, Hertha Berlin, and even Standard Liege.

Clubs in 777 Partners’ Portfolio

  • Sevilla
  • Genoa
  • Hertha Berlin
  • Standard Liege

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for them. They’ve faced criticism and even protests, especially from the fans of Standard Liege. So, this isn’t just about a new owner it’s about the ethos and management style they bring with them, with its pros and cons.

Rewinding the Clock: How We Got Here

The man of the hour, Farhad Moshiri, who owns a staggering 94.1% of Everton’s shares, has been chit-chatting with 777 Partners. This comes after a deal with MSP Sports Capital didn’t pan out. To give credit where it’s due, Moshiri has pumped in over £750m into Everton since 2016.

Moshiri’s Highlights at Everton

  • Poured in £750m since 2016
  • Kickstarted the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium project
  • Expanded Everton’s global presence

The Fans’ Two Cents

Despite the cash inflow, Moshiri hasn’t won everyone over. Protests erupted last season at Goodison Park, with fans calling for a change in ownership. They felt the club wasn’t reaching its potential.

Everton flag

Fine Print

  • The deal is expected to be finalized in Q4 2023.
  • The thumbs-up is still needed from the Premier League, FA, and the Financial Conduct Authority.

What’s in it for Everton?

Fresh investments, baby! We might finally see some big signings, better youth development, and maybe just maybe more trophies in the cabinet.

Soundbites: What the Big Shots are Saying

Moshiri was pretty explicit about why he’s chosen 777 Partners:

I believe they are the best partners to take our great Club forward, with all the benefits of their multi-club investment model.

On the flip side, Josh Wander of 777 Partners chimed in, saying

We are committed to partnering with the local community over the long term.

Arguably the most significant part of this takeover is the completion of the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium. This is a mega project, folks.

What to Expect in the New Stadium

  • Cutting-edge facilities
  • Bigger seating capacity
  • Fan zones to make your matchday special
  • Previous fan protests against 777 Partners
  • Managing interests in multiple clubs without a conflict

New owners might mean new energy and money, but let’s not forget, a club is nothing without its fans. How 777 Partners wins over the die-hard Evertonians is the real question.

Wrapping Up: A New Chapter or a Plot Twist?

The takeover by 777 Partners is easily one of the biggest things to happen to Everton in a long time. It could be a gateway to a whole new era or a maze of new challenges. It’s an exciting yet precarious time, full of promise and fraught with questions.

So, what’s your take? Are you all for this change, or are you still on the fence? Drop your thoughts in the comments and let’s get the conversation rolling!

Football Expert Sam Mollnet
reviewed by: Sam Mollnet (Footbal Expert)

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