Mohamed Salah’s Close Call: A Tense Moment on the Pitch

Mohamed Salah

In a recent World Cup qualifier game that took an unexpected turn, Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s renowned forward, found himself at the center of a chaotic scene. The match, played between Egypt and Sierra Leone, was concluding with Egypt leading 2-0 when a startling incident unfolded.

Pitch Invasion Drama

As the game approached its 89th minute, a pitch invader broke onto the field, heading towards Salah. The stewards, donned in bright yellow jackets, sprang into action, intercepting the invader near Salah. Social media footage revealed the intensity of the situation as stewards tackled the individual, even resorting to physical force to restrain him.

Military Escort for Salah

In a somewhat surreal scene captured on video, a shirtless Mohamed Salah was escorted from the pitch by men in military uniforms. Amidst this, some fans attempted to seize the moment for selfies with the football star.

Despite the commotion, Salah, aged 31, maintained his composure, appearing undisturbed as he was led away. His calm demeanor amidst the turmoil was noticeable and spoke volumes of his professionalism.

Efforts to Seek Official Comments

CNN reached out to various football authorities, including the Confederation of African Football, FIFA, the Egyptian FA, and the Sierra Leone soccer federation, for comments on the incident. However, there was no immediate response.

Salah’s Social Media Silence on the Incident

Interestingly, Salah hasn’t directly addressed the pitch invasion on his social media platforms. He instead chose to post an unrelated image on Instagram, capturing a moment with a young mascot prior to the game.

The match itself was eventful beyond the pitch invasion. Sierra Leone ended the game with nine players following two red cards. On the Egyptian side, Trézéguet shone with a brace, securing Egypt’s 2-0 victory. This win continued Egypt’s strong start in the qualifying campaign.

Mohamed Salah is escorted off by military officers

Egypt’s Dominant Position in Group A

  • Impressive Start: Egypt sits undefeated at the top of Group A, showcasing a strong performance in their qualifying campaign.
  • Previous Triumph: Before facing Sierra Leone, Egypt thrashed Djibouti with a decisive 6-0 win.
  • Future Prospects: The team’s current form indicates a promising journey ahead in the World Cup qualifiers.

Salah’s Return to Club Duties

Post-match, Salah’s focus shifts back to his club responsibilities. He is set to return to Liverpool for a highly anticipated Premier League match against Manchester City.

At the time of this report, Liverpool had not publicly commented on the incident involving their star player.


The incident during the Egypt-Sierra Leone match was a stark reminder of the unpredictability and potential risks present in high-profile sports events. Salah’s composed response to the unexpected situation and his subsequent return to club duties underline the resilience and professionalism athletes often need to exhibit. As the World Cup qualifiers progress, Egypt’s strong performance, coupled with their star player’s undeterred focus, sets a promising stage for their journey ahead.

Football Expert Sam Mollnet
reviewed by: Sam Mollnet (Footbal Expert)

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