Mary Earps: From Humble Beginnings to England Women’s Player of the Year


Football, as they say, is a game of dreams. For Mary Earps, Manchester United’s shining star between the sticks, those dreams have taken tangible form in recent times. The announcement of Earps as England Women’s Player of the Year is not just a testament to her skills but also her unwavering dedication to the sport.

The Backstory: Who is Mary Earps?

Born with a passion for the sport, Earps began her journey on the local grounds, slowly climbing up the ranks through sheer perseverance and determination. The footballing world first took notice when she donned the gloves for the national side in 2017. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

World Cup Heroics

Australia and New Zealand witnessed the prowess of Mary Earps during the Women’s World Cup. Each save, each command she gave, echoed with the promise of a player destined for greatness. Despite the heart-wrenching 1-0 defeat to Spain, her individual brilliance did not go unnoticed, culminating in the prestigious Golden Glove award.

The Road to Recognition

The path to becoming England Women’s Player of the Year wasn’t devoid of challenges. Pitted against footballing stalwarts like Lucy Bronze and Alex Greenwood, the competition was fierce. Yet, it was Earps, with her consistency and pivotal saves, who won the hearts of fans and critics alike.

An overwhelmed Earps took to social media, expressing

Wow, feel so humbled and grateful to be named England Women’s Player of the Year! Bit emotional actually! Thank you to everyone that voted for me and thank you to my incredible team-mates.
emotions of the best player

Parallel Universe: Men’s Football

On the men’s front, young Bukayo Saka from Arsenal was turning heads. With his nimble feet and strategic gameplay, he rightfully earned the title of England Men’s Player of the Year, further solidifying his reputation as a player to watch.

Turbulent Skies over Old Trafford

However, success stories often come with their share of speculations. For Mary, it’s her association with Manchester United that’s under the scanner. Rumors are rife about her future, especially with the contract set to expire next summer.

Dilemmas Surrounding Mary Earps’ Future at Man Utd

Current Contract StatusNearing its end by next summer
Recent Transfer DecisionsRecord offer from Arsenal declined by Manchester United
Immediate Club ProspectsA cloud of uncertainty, potential January move
Outside InterestArsenal and other top clubs on the prowl

Despite the allure of lucrative deals and newer challenges, Earps’ commitment to Manchester United is commendable. But the real question remains: For how long? Will Earps renew her bond with United? Or will the call of newer pastures, perhaps a club like Arsenal, be too strong to resist?

Looking Ahead: England’s Endeavors

With individual accolades and club futures aside, the immediate focus is on national duty. England’s impending fixtures against formidable teams like Scotland and the Netherlands are on the horizon. All eyes will be on Earps, anticipating another round of spectacular performances.

In Conclusion

Mary Earps’ story is one of grit, talent, and an undying love for football. As the chapters of her career unfold, fans around the world wait with bated breath, eager to witness the magic she brings to the pitch. Whether at Manchester United or elsewhere, Mary Earps is, without a doubt, a name that will resonate in football history.

Football Expert Sam Mollnet
reviewed by: Sam Mollnet (Footbal Expert)

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