Manchester United’s Struggle: Is This Team Truly Among the Worst?

Manchester United's Struggle: Is This Team Truly Among the Worst?

As Manchester United pursued an equalizer against Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday, the initially clear skies quickly darkened, ushering in thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. These changing weather conditions serve as a poignant metaphor for the Red Devils’ season—a season that began with aspirations to compete with top teams like Arsenal and Manchester City, but has instead spiraled into frustration and another disappointing campaign.

Manchester United Against Arsenal: A Missed Opportunity to Spoil

In recent years, clashes between Manchester United and Arsenal represented showdowns for supremacy. However, in their latest encounter, Erik ten Hag’s team played the role of potential spoiler in Arsenal’s title chase—a role they failed to fulfill successfully.

“This is one of the worst Manchester United teams ever,” declared Robbie Savage, a former midfielder for the Red Devils, as he witnessed his old team’s unsuccessful attempts to secure an equalizer against the Gunners.

Ultimately, Leandro Trossard’s goal in the first half sealed the deal, allowing Arsenal to exit Old Trafford with a crucial victory. This win propelled them to the top of the Premier League standings and set the stage for a title showdown with Manchester City on the season’s final day.

Reflecting on the match, Roy Keane, a past captain of Manchester United, expressed his disappointment on Sky Sports, especially with the team’s performance in the last 30 minutes. “I bet Arsenal couldn’t believe how bad United were today,” he commented, highlighting the gap between the two sides’ performances.

A Critical Analysis

In his pre-match comments, Erik ten Hag emphasized the need for Manchester United to demonstrate resilience and atone for their recent 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace. However, according to Roy Keane, the team displayed none of the desired fight.

“Watching the last thirty minutes, you see poor decision-making, a lack of accountability, and players literally stumbling without anyone holding them to account,” Keane remarked, pointing out the team’s lackluster performance.

He further criticized the team’s overall performance, describing it as “terribly bad.”

Although a close defeat to a top contender like Arsenal might not seem disastrous for a team that started the day in eighth place, trailing the leaders by 29 points, the broader picture is more concerning. This loss marked their 14th in the Premier League this season—the highest in the top half of the league—and put their qualification for European football next season in jeopardy.

With a record-tying nine home losses at Old Trafford this season and 82 goals conceded across all competitions, the most since the 1970-71 season, the pressure is mounting. Wayne Rooney, speaking on Sky Sports, suggested that while the management might be scrutinized, the players themselves must also take a hard look at their efforts.

“For some, it appears they are merely counting down to season’s end rather than playing for Erik ten Hag,” Rooney observed, questioning the commitment level shown by the players.

Ten Hag’s Future and Challenges at Manchester United

Erik Ten Hag’s tenure at Old Trafford faces uncertainty with only a year remaining on his contract amidst rising speculation. The presence of new co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who attended last Sunday’s match, has fueled rumors of potential changes in management. Despite these challenges, Ten Hag, the former Ajax manager, cites the extensive injuries his team has faced. “Every manager can always do better,” he remarked post-game, likening the situation to “swimming with your hands on your back while trying to keep your head above water.” As Manchester United gears up for the FA Cup final against a formidable Manchester City, Ten Hag acknowledges the need for a stronger display to end the season on a positive note.

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reviewed by: Sam Mollnet (Footbal Expert)

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