Erik ten Hag to Manage FA Cup Final Amid Uncertainty Over Man Utd Future

Erik ten Hag to Manage FA Cup Final Amid Uncertainty Over Man Utd Future

Despite mounting doubts surrounding his future at Manchester United, Erik ten Hag will be entrusted with leading the team in the upcoming FA Cup final.

Manchester United remains firm in its decision not to dismiss ten Hag before the final match, despite increasing pressure from former players urging for an immediate change.

The recent 4-0 defeat against Crystal Palace has intensified the scrutiny, prompting former United striker Michael Owen to advocate for ten Hag’s immediate dismissal. Paul Scholes echoed Owen’s sentiments, suggesting that assistant coach Steve McClaren could potentially perform better.

Manchester United’s Decision on Ten Hag’s Future

Telegraph Sport has learned that Manchester United has no intention of dismissing Ten Hag prior to the FA Cup final against Manchester City on May 25.

This decision offers the Dutchman a glimmer of hope, albeit slim, as he may retain his position with an improbable triumph at Wembley. However, following the recent loss to Crystal Palace, Ten Hag’s tenure appears increasingly uncertain.

Insiders at Old Trafford affirm that a conclusive verdict regarding Ten Hag’s fate will not be reached until the season’s conclusion, post the FA Cup final. Nonetheless, several players believe his departure is imminent.

Reportedly, Ten Hag’s communication with the squad has been problematic, with concerns raised about his motivational and empathetic skills.

United’s management had abandoned hopes of Ten Hag’s team securing a Champions League spot long ago. While this aspiration is now mathematically unattainable, the club faces the risk of missing out on European qualification entirely.

With only three Premier League matches remaining, United sits eighth in the table. They confront title contenders Arsenal before facing in-form Newcastle United and concluding the season against Brighton.

Securing Europa League or Europa Conference League qualification seems a daunting task for United, with stiff competition from Newcastle and Chelsea. Winning the FA Cup would guarantee Europa League qualification; however, overcoming City after a challenging semi-final against Coventry City remains imperative.

Former player Owen expressed skepticism about United’s prospects, anticipating further struggles in their remaining fixtures.

Analysis and Critique of Managerial Performance at Manchester United

“I just wonder there’s just so much at stake, even if it’s only for four games, I wonder whether the board might just have to try to do something here and now and be quite radical about it.

“He cannot, simply cannot, manage this team next season. He’s not good enough. I’ve thought it for ages, and he’s just not good enough to manage Manchester United.”

On the influence of McClaren, Owen said: “There is no way his fingerprints are anywhere near that team. He is a brilliant coach and that team is not being coached at all.”

Scholes, who also played under McClaren, added: “He’s not touching that team. The manager must not be letting him touch that team because everyone thinks we were a great team that attacked everybody (Manchester United) but Steve McClaren put sessions on to make sure we stopped other teams, getting the distances and angles right.

“There’s not actually that many bad players at United is there? It looks like they’re not being coached, when it looks like being the manager’s fault. It looks like the fight has gone out of them.”

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