England win the UEFA European U21 Championship

England win the UEFA European U21 Championship

The 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship witnessed a sensational final as England’s young lions, known as the Three Lions, secured European glory with a magnificent 1-0 victory over Spain’s La Furia Roja. Under the astute guidance of head coach Lee Carsley, England displayed remarkable tactical changes and offensive brilliance, ultimately claiming their first European title since 1984.

Tactical Changes and Lineups

Lee Carsley’s strategic acumen played a pivotal role in England’s success, as he decided to deploy an unorthodox 4-2-3-1 formation for the final clash. The lineup featured Anthony Gordon leading the attacking line, with Emile Smith Rowe, Morgan Gibbs-White, and Curtis Jones forming an attacking trio. Providing support were Cole Palmer and Angel Gomes, skillfully orchestrating the midfield to create scoring opportunities.

On the defensive front, James Garner and Max Aarons played crucial roles as wingbacks, ensuring solidity at the back while contributing to offensive movements. Levi Colwill and Taylor Harwood-Bellis showcased their authority as full-backs, thwarting Spain’s advances. James Trafford, the young and talented goalkeeper, demonstrated remarkable composure under pressure, making crucial saves to safeguard the English goal.

Starting Lineups

The table below illustrates the starting lineups of both teams for the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship final:

ForwardAnthony GordonAbel Ruiz
MidfielderEmile Smith RoweSergio Gómez
MidfielderMorgan Gibbs-WhiteOihan Sancet
MidfielderCurtis JonesRodri
MidfielderCole PalmerÁlex Baena
MidfielderAngel GomesAntonio Blanco
DefenderJames GarnerAitor Paredes
DefenderMax AaronsJon Pacheco
DefenderLevi ColwillVíctor Gómez
DefenderTaylor Harwood-BellisJuan Miranda
GoalkeeperJames TraffordArnau Tenas

The Final Showdown

As both nations entered the Adjarabet Arena for the conclusive battle, all the young players looked keen to portray their astounding skills on the big stage. Spain started the match composed, showcasing their signature short-passing game. However, as soon as Cole Palmer gained possession in the 4th minute, England initiated a relentless offensive onslaught, testing the Spanish defense with their attacking prowess.

Cole Palmer, England Midfielder: 

We knew we had to be bold and take the game to Spain. Lee Carsley’s tactics gave us the confidence to attack with purpose, and it paid off with Curtis’ goal.

England’s tactical changes proved effective, as they dominated the initial 20 minutes, putting La Furia Roja’s defenders on high alert. Spain’s defenders found themselves stretched to the limit, attempting to withstand the relentless waves of the English offense. However, La Furia Roja gradually found their footing and began to pose a threat to the English defense.

Sergio Gómez, Spain Midfielder:

England’s attacking trio caused us some trouble early on, but we managed to regroup and find our rhythm as the match progressed.

In the 34th minute, England was rewarded for their relentless efforts when Cole Palmer’s well-delivered free-kick found Curtis Jones, who skillfully headed the ball into the net, leaving Spain’s goalkeeper, Arnau Tenas, bamboozled. This crucial goal provided England with a lead that would prove decisive in the final outcome.

Curtis Jones, England Midfielder: 

Scoring in a final is a dream come true. I’m grateful to my teammates for the opportunity, and it’s an honor to contribute to our victory.

As the second half commenced, Spain launched a spirited effort to find an equalizer. They probed the English defense with determination but faced stiff resistance from Lee Carsley’s well-organized backline. Spain’s relentless pursuit of a goal resulted in a few fouls and a disallowed goal in the 53rd minute.

Santi Denia, Spain Head Coach: 

Our players fought valiantly to equalize, and we created some good chances. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the back of the net.

With six minutes added to injury time, the intensity of the match reached its zenith. Spain desperately sought an opening, while England exhibited composure in possession to frustrate their opponents. In the final moments of the match, Spain’s Abel Ruiz made a daring run towards the English goal, only to be brought down in the box by Levi Colwill, resulting in a penalty for Spain.

Abel Ruiz, Spain Forward: 

It was a tense moment for me, but I believed in my abilities. Unfortunately, my penalty was saved, and we couldn’t force an equalizer.

However, England’s heroic goalkeeper, James Trafford, showcased nerves of steel as he saved Ruiz’s penalty and subsequent attempts, securing England’s historic victory.

Amidst the dramatic conclusion, Morgan Gibbs-White was shown a red card following his involvement in a late incident, further adding to the intensity of the match.

Morgan Gibbs-White, England Midfielder: 

It was an emotional rollercoaster, and I regret the actions that led to my red card. Nevertheless, I’m delighted we emerged victorious.

Lee Carsley’s Triumph

Lee Carsley’s triumphant journey as the head coach of the England Under-21 team in the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship was nothing short of remarkable. Despite facing numerous challenges and harsh criticism throughout the tournament, Carsley’s strategic brilliance and ability to inspire his players became the driving force behind England’s success.

Carsley’s bold decision to alter the team’s formation and tactics for the final proved to be a masterstroke. He opted for an unorthodox 4-2-3-1 formation, with Anthony Gordon leading the attack and a dynamic midfield trio of Emile Smith Rowe, Morgan Gibbs-White, and Curtis Jones. This tactical change caught Spain off-guard and provided England with a significant advantage in the final showdown.

Throughout the championship, Carsley’s adaptability as a coach was evident as he made crucial adjustments to counter various opponents. He instilled a sense of unwavering belief in his players, empowering them to showcase their skills on the grand stage. The players’ commitment and dedication were exemplary, executing Carsley’s game plan with precision and passion.

Curtis Jones’ decisive goal in the 34th minute, set up by Cole Palmer’s well-delivered free-kick, sealed England’s victory. The players displayed tremendous teamwork and cohesion, making the country proud with their stunning performance.

Lee Carsley’s triumphant leadership and tactical acumen in the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship not only brought England the coveted title but also left a lasting impact on the development of young footballers in the country. His legacy as a coach will undoubtedly inspire future generations of players to strive for greatness on the football pitch.

Post-Match Reactions

After the dramatic final, both teams and their coaching staff reflected on the intense match and the overall tournament experience.

Santi Denia, the head coach of Spain’s Under-21 team, expressed pride in his team’s journey throughout the championship. Despite the disappointment of not winning the final, Denia commended his players for their hard-fought battle against England. He acknowledged England’s great skill and determination, which proved to be the decisive factors in the match.

The final was a display of tenacity and resilience from both teams, and Denia recognized the learning opportunities that came from the experience. He remained optimistic about Spain’s future prospects, vowing to return even stronger in future competitions.

The post-match reactions from both teams highlighted the competitive spirit and camaraderie that exists in the world of football. While England celebrated their well-deserved victory, Spain gracefully accepted defeat and looked forward to using the experience as a stepping stone for their future endeavors.

The 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship will be remembered as a tournament that showcased the talents of young footballers from various nations. It served as a platform for these aspiring stars to gain invaluable experience and grow both as individuals and as a team.

As the tournament concluded, the footballing world celebrated the exciting performances and the emergence of promising talents. For both England and Spain, the journey does not end here, and fans eagerly await the continued development of these young players as they progress in their respective footballing careers.

The 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship will undoubtedly be remembered for its thrilling matches, breathtaking goals, and the triumph of England under the adept guidance of coach Lee Carsley. It will remain a milestone in the careers of these young footballers, leaving a lasting impact on the sport’s future.


The 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship was a riveting showcase of talented young players, leaving football fans in awe of their skills and potential. England’s triumphant victory in the final was a pivotal moment in their footballing history, stirring excitement and motivation among aspiring players and loyal supporters. As the tournament concluded, all eyes turned to the promising players who graced the tournament, eager to witness their continued growth and impact on the future of the sport. The championship served as a stepping stone for these young stars, providing them with a platform to shine on the international stage. With their remarkable performances, these players have undoubtedly left a lasting impression, and their journey in the beautiful game has only just begun. The world eagerly awaits the next chapter in their careers, anticipating the bright futures that lie ahead for these rising football stars.

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reviewed by: Sam Mollnet (Footbal Expert)

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