2023-24 NBA Fantasy: Rookies You Need to Watch

Scoot Henderson

As the NBA season inches closer, we delve into the rookies making headlines. Who should you look out for in your fantasy drafts? Find out here!

Fantasy basketball aficionados, listen up! The 2023-24 NBA season is just a few weeks away, kicking off on October 24th, and you’ve got exactly one month and counting to get your draft boards ready. And let me tell you, this rookie class has some jaw-dropping talents that you absolutely can’t ignore. Victor Wembanyama, anyone? This 7-foot-3 French sensation is already predicted to go in the second round of early drafts! Let’s break down who you need to keep your eye on this season.

The One to Rule Them All: Victor Wembanyama

Okay, you’ve probably heard of Wembanyama by now. I mean, the kid’s buzz rivals that of LeBron James. Just think about that for a second. Now, don’t expect a smooth, flawless transition into the NBA rookies always have their stumbles. But if you’re willing to roll the dice a bit, this guy could seriously be your fantasy golden ticket.

His selling points? Oh, just some casual rim protection, handling, and a knack for sinking baskets. But here’s the twist: the Spurs might hold him back a bit to keep him fresh. So you gotta weigh that in your decision. Still, he’s a must-have, especially considering how he’s expected to push the boundaries of what a rookie can do.

A Second Wind: Chet Holmgren

Remember Chet Holmgren? He was the No. 2 pick last year but had to sit out due to a foot injury. Well, he’s back and expected to be a game-changer for the Thunder, who seriously need help at the center. Holmgren is known for his defensive capabilities block shots, anyone? Fantasy managers should definitely keep an eye out for him.

Top 5 Rookies to Consider

PlayerTeamStrong PointsWeaknesses
Victor WembanyamaSpursRim protection, ball-handlingMinutes could be managed
Chet HolmgrenThunderShot-blockingHype not as high as Wembanyama
Brandon MillerHornetsScoring, ReboundsCrowded roster
Amen ThompsonRocketsAll-around statsShooting concerns
Scoot HendersonTrail BlazersBall-handlingTurnovers
Victor Wembanyama

Other Stars in the Sky: Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson

Then we have Brandon Miller, a former Alabama hero, who was drafted by the Hornets. This guy led college basketball in a ton of stats last season. However, Charlotte already has some serious talent, so Miller may not get the limelight right away.

And speaking of talent, the Trail Blazers have picked up Scoot Henderson. This guy’s the future for Portland, mark my words. With rumors about Damian Lillard possibly leaving, this could be Henderson’s team sooner than we think.

The Thompson Twins: Amen and Ausar

Both Thompson twins, Amen and Ausar, are making waves. Amen has joined the Rockets, a team hungry for wins but packed with young talents. Meanwhile, Ausar is set to be a cornerstone for the Pistons. Both could offer decent all-around stats, but their shooting remains a concern.

Late Round Sleepers

Don’t Ignore These Gems

  • Taylor Hendricks, Jazz: Could be the first forward off the bench.
  • Cam Whitmore, Rockets: Red flags but high potential.
  • Gradey Dick, Raptors: Great shooter but a likely secondary role.

Question Marks but Worth a Look

  • Jarace Walker, Pacers: Competing for a starting spot.
  • Anthony Black, Magic: Excellent size but may lack minutes.
  • Cason Wallace, Thunder: Defense could earn him a spot.

Final Thoughts

Remember, in fantasy basketball, sometimes the rookies can offer the highest risk but also the highest reward. This year’s crop is a goldmine of talent. So, whether you’re a seasoned fantasy manager or new to the game, make sure you don’t overlook these newbies. Your league championship could very well depend on it.

General Sport Observer Marc Defaou
reviewed by: Marc Defaou (Sport Expert)

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